Which Test Won: A/B Testing a Countdown Timer

We love our buds at Which Test Won, the masters of a/b testing, since we’re all geeky and into testing and data. Sign up for their emails, their testing is awesome!

And this one rocks too.  Would you say Version A with a countdown timer or Version B without a timer won?Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.05.30 PM

Version A of course!

This one included a countdown timer on the page selling the jacket. Hokey? Some might say. But hokey just got Miss Etam, a leading Dutch women’s outfitter 8.6% lift in conversions. And not surprisingly a few hours befor the timer was going to finish the lift went nuts.

A total of 50,000 viewers saw the test. It ran for two weeks and achieved 99% confidence.

The agency that performed the test for their client De Nieuwe Zaak felt that the limited time offer was the winner. If people didn’t “act now” they’d be bummed, as a result a great result for their client. Oh and they tested the timer as a visual and as text and the visual won.


Thanks Which Test Won!

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