We Decided to Push Our Launch Out a Week…

Using our Mashups you'll be able to compare metrics across applications!

Using our Mashups you’ll be able to compare metrics across applications!

Hey there, Dasheroo here. As you can image we’ve been working our asses off trying to get our official company/product/everything launch out the door for the best business dashboards we can provide. But if you are familiar with all of the twists and turns that software development brings you, you run and run and run and find stuff you need to fix. Which is what happened.

Specifically we wanted to make sure for launch you could compare metrics across different applications. Like Facebook Reach and Google Analytics Sessions; maybe something really cool you did on Facebook had a direct affect on your website traffic Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.24.09 PMresulting in sales. You’d want to see that right? So we’re QA-ing the hell out of it because we didn’t work this hard to launch with a sub-optimal feature for you.

So we’ll restart the countdown to launch and set it for now to 5/5/2015. BTW, did you know we have a countdown widget?


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