[VIDEO] Dasheroo + Infusionsoft = Awesome Data Dashboard!

Not sure if you heard, Dasheroo brings in all of your Infusionsoft metrics into a nifty Dasheroo data dashboard!

And our man Alf is at it again with a short and sweet how-to video for understanding how to set it up and what you’ll get in your dashboard. You’ll get access to where your contacts are coming from, how much revenue is being driven by each channel and best of all you’ll see all of this right next to all of the other awesome metrics Dasheroo brings in from Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Instagram and 30+ other applications you’re probably using to run your business.

What are you waiting for? Get a free month of Infusionsoft metrics on your dashboard by signing up here! Use promo code: infusionsoft-trial. After your trial is over it’s just $19/month!

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