What Types of Companies can Benefit from a Business Dashboard?

Do you often find yourself pondering the benefits of using a business dashboard? Do you have questions about what this could do for your company?

When it comes to using a business dashboard to track key insights, companies typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Those that swear by the benefits of a business dashboard
  • Those who don’t know the first thing about this
  • Those who believe it’ll cause them more harm than good

If you’re on the outside looking in, there’s a good chance you’re in this position because you’ve not yet taken the time to learn more about the benefits.

Additionally, you’ve yet to take a closer look at how this could bolster everything from your social media plan (such as your Twitter strategy) to the way you accept and track payments (Stripe integration is super cool).

While no two companies are the same, I’ve personally worked with several types that were able to benefit from a business dashboard. Let’s examine an overview of each type:

1. Small Startups

Every year, hundreds of thousands of companies are born. Most of these startups don’t have the resources to hire one employee after the next, but they do have access to a variety of tools that can save them time and money.

For example, my involvement with a startup coffee company has taught me some valuable lessons on the importance of using tools, such as Dasheroo, to boost productivity and decrease the need for additional manpower.

2. Growing Companies

Once a company makes its way out of the startup stage, it’s time to focus on growth (among other goals).

These companies are always looking for ways to take revenue and profit to the next level. This often comes down to having a clear understanding of what’s working, what’s not, and which strategy adjustments make the most sense.

Note: here’s a case study of a company that fits into this category.

3. Big Organizations with Tons of Data

Finally, there are big organizations – those with hundreds or thousands of employees – that are surrounded by tons of data.

You have to think big here. Brands like Discover and VerticalResponse come to mind.

These companies have a stronghold on their industry, but still realize the importance of making the most of every piece of data that’s available to them.


If nothing else, here’s what you need to remember: every type of company – regardless of size, industry, or revenue – can benefit in some way from a business dashboard.

Dasheroo gives you the opportunity to get started for free, so you might as well see what this type of tool can do for your company. You may be surprised at the transformation it brings!

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