Track YouTube Analytics to Understand Your Video Marketing Performance

Did you know that 81 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool? Not only is this a large number, but it’s one that has been on the rise over the past few years.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to video marketing or have been using this strategy since YouTube entered the picture in 2005, it’s critical to understand your performance.

Rather than track YouTube analytics on your own, integrate your account with your Dasheroo dashboard. This allows you to track a variety of metrics, with these three among the most important:

1. Lifetime Overview

How have your videos performed on YouTube since day one? With this, you can obtain a summary of the most important data, such as total uploads, subscribers, and views.

If you only need a snapshot of your performance, this is the right place to start.

2. Engagement

Just the same as any other social media platform, engagement is essential to your success. You can post as many videos as you want, but if you’re not getting a response you’re missing out on the full power of YouTube.

Engagement includes:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Favorites


Views and engagement go together hand in hand, so you’ll want to keep a close watch on this metric as well.

In short, you’re able to view the daily total views of a specific video for a selected date range. You also have the ability to display the number of new video views across your entire channel.

With a system in place for tracking YouTube analytics, you’ll better understand which videos have the highest engagement and views. Subsequently, you can create new videos just like them.

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