Track Our Startup: What’s DaaS? + Infusionsoft ICON16 + Slideshows

Another week goes by and a ton of stuff is happening! With releases happening every other week, (sometimes every week!) we’re on our software toes. James is even asking to “go dark” and not talk to anyone for a few weeks so he can solve some opportunities our Sales Director Mimi is bringing to the table. A great problem to have I’ll say.

We’re knee deep in DaaS meetings. What’s DaaS? It’s our own Dasheroo term for “Dashboards-as-a-Service”. If you have a SaaS product and you want to incorporate Dasheroo dashboards into it, we’ll oblige! You can imagine a lot of marketing SaaS companies that have priorities other than upgrading their marketing dashboards might love this. If you’ve got one of those companies give us a call!

Dasheroo dashboards slideshow

You’ll be able to easily show off your Dasheroo dashboards on a rotating slideshow!

Scrollable Insights you ask? Working on it! If you want to see more data within a given insight on your dashboards and you want to scroll within an insight, we’re in the process of defining with that is so our engineering team can give us the thumbs up or down.

Slideshows is one of our most requested features is that you can rotate your dashboards automatically on a big screen.

We’re going to change up pricing at some point to a per-user model. Why? We need to make money! Will we stop our free offering? No way. You’ll always have access to that. This does pose some architecture re-jiggering that our product and engineering folks are working on as it relates to roles & permissions requirements. More on that as we know it.

We’re still working on our next integrations for Hubspot, Sendgrid and Mixpanel. Working hard.

Janine wrote a great article on, When Your Business Partner is Your Partner (wonder who she’s referring to there?) and 5 Phrases Great Leaders Never Say. Check out if you say any of them!ICON16 hosted by Infusionsoft

We’re heading to ICON16 on March 1-3, Infusionsoft’s amazing annual conference for small businesses. If you’re going to it in Phoenix, drop me a line, love to meet you there. Did you know we integrate with Infusionsoft? You can get a 1-month free trial of all of our Infusionsoft dashboards!

We’re knee deep in our investor deck, we are having a ton of meeting with interested people. Nuff said.

Back to work!

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