Track Our Startup: Upcoming Releases + Premium Support

We’ve been working hard on the next feature release for your Dasheroo dashboards and frankly it’s been a b*tch! We’ve had to push it forward a few times already.

  • For those insights where we
    Dasheroo dashboards currency

    Track your Dasheroo dashboards with the currency from a specific country.

    list Recent Tweets or Posts, Highest Engagement posts, recently sent email marketing campaigns you’ll be able to scroll the last 10, 25 or 50 line items!

  • You’ll also be able to export a dashboard to Google Drive (connect your drive account, choose the folder where you want the export to go)
  • We’ve added additional insight types for Push API (and then Zapier when we’re ready) so you’ll get a bar chart, leaderboard, pie and funnel chart and a table for all that data you’re tracking.
  • You’ll also be able to set the currency code at the org level for any insight that you track currency like Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords.

We’re shooting for next week on this awesome stuff but we’ll let you know when it happens!

A lot of people ask us “how do you make money offering free dashboards?” Well we hope that users “graduate” from the free plan to the paid plans. We’ve been blowing out the self-service help since we simply can’t answer every single inquiry that comes our way. And we try not to have too many “gotchas” with our code. We try get a lot of bugs squashed in our QA process, our man Court is the best. So we’re moving to more of self-service approach to support to see how that works. Alf has been creating a ton of videos and inputting every question we’ve been asked into a searchable database as our first line of support.

We have set up a triage queue and new workflows in Zendesk to better serve our Grande + Venti customers with priority customer support.

Movin’ on!

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