Track Our Startup: Dasheroo Dashboards Make Some Lists!

Dasheroo dashboards in EntrepreneurThanks to Sujan Patel Dasheroo was included in an amazing Entrepreneur article, 11 Marketing Tools Worth Trying in 2016. Our dashboards also got a great mention by Roundpeg in their blog post Tracking Your Social Media Efforts. Finally a wonderful write up by Campaign Monitor 100 Awesome Marketing Tools You Should Know. We’re pretty darn lucky. Thanks guys!

We’ve been heads down on the following:

  • Swapping out (or not having any) logos for your PDF exports. Agencies are going to love this.
  • Getting Dasheroo for Agencies release released!
  • Q&A for the Alerts feature.
  • Figuring out how to charge for premium apps (most everything we have now is free and we need to feed ourselves.)
  • Figuring out how we “push” our dashboards into other applications. Some companies like ours better than theirs, go figure.

All of this while working on a set of new insights for existing apps (Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics) that we already connect to as well as our next new application Infusionsoft! More on all of this as it happens.

Our LinkedIn Issue has been fixed. Sorry about the issue and thanks to the users who were affected (Social Media Delivered!)

Meetings Galore

We had a ton of great meeting last week including Hubspot, Workday, Inspiria and Gnip, to name a few. All for great reasons, we’re growing. We also had our monthly board meeting which was super productive.

We’re preparing for a few releases before the holidays so we better get going!

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