Track Our Startup: Alerts + Zapier + 1 Tight Sales Process

I think this is the busiest team Dasheroo has been since we started the company!! Our product and engineering teams are killing it with the rate of releases for your dashboards we’re doing. Our poor QA manager Court has been buried, in a good way!

Alerts ReleasedDasheroo dashboards alerts feature

Our new ALERTS feature hit the streets last week, you may notice a new tile at the top of your dashboards. You can also create an alert by clicking the “settings”. This feature is great if you need to know quickly if you’ve reached a specific threshold on one of your metrics.

Zapier Makes You Happier

If you haven’t noticed our Zapier integrations it’s a really big one. Why? Because you can use Dasheroo with literally hundreds of applications using this awesome connector, applications we don’t offer natively. For now you can pump data into a line graph, more data visualizations to come.

Dasheroo dashboards powered by Zapier

Just a few applications you can track in a Dasheroo line graph.

We’re still working on new integrations, namely Hubspot, Sendgrid and MixPanel. More on that as we get closer to releasing.

Sales Process Tightening

Our amazing salesperson Mimi has been doing a great job using our CRM system to identify and qualify inbound leads. We’re literally putting all of the steps she takes into a Google Sheet to see where we can shave off time and make her quicker at what she does. I’d invite everyone to do this now so you’ll benefit from it all year!

I’ve been brushing up an investor deck to go on the road, exciting times for Dasheroo.

Back to work!

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