Track Our Startup: Talking to Customers Gives Us Clarity

Dasheroo talks to customers about dashboards

Josh’s feedback from talking to customers.

Lately we’ve been questioning the dashboard roadmap we laid out a half year ago to see if it matches where we’re at as a company now,which is a very different place! So Josh took to the phone (huh?) to actually talk to a variety of our customers to see who they are and what they’re trying to accomplish with their business and Dasheroo.

He specifically asked them about their current experience, what they liked and what they thought we needed to fix. And then asked them what they’d like to see in the future with Dasheroo. Of course these users were engaged enough with our product to actually spend time talking to us so next steps would probably be to try to get the users that are not engaged with Dasheroo to find out why and what they’d like to see. But it’s been a great eye-opening experience! Thanks Josh!

Dasheroo Dashboards - Google Analytics traffic

We’re so close, check out our Dasheroo dashboard for Google Sessions. Isn’t it pretty?

We’re a step closer to enabling users to push a dashboard into Google Drive. This is a real time-saver for people who copy and paste a bunch of data!

We got a nice mention inn Marketers Paradise, 7 Marketing Tools You Should Try This Week. Thanks guys!

Our Trek to 1000 Google Sessions/Day!
Our organic channel (search) traffic has been on fire since we really started paying mind to it last year. As a result it’s doubled in just a few months! Direct channel traffic has been growing like crazy too. Since we don’t spend an ad dollars (just a few on Facebook) these two channels growing is exactly what we need to see, great word of mouth! We’re almost there, last Monday we hit 937 sessions (visits) and based on our 10% conversion rate we’ll almost hit 100 new users in a day. Woohooo! Great job, great product, great sales, great marketing.

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