Track Our Startup: New Feature – YouTube Analytics!

We split up the release from hell to give you a few more insights sooner rather than later. So we focused on a few YouTube Dasheroo: YouTube Analyticsanalytics that Dasheroo users have been asking for.

  • YouTube Engagement Rate: (likes + shares + comments + favorites) / number of subscribers
  • YouTube Total Views: We took the existing metric for Total Views from the Overview insight and created a standalone insight.
  • YouTube Total Subscribers: We took the existing metric of Total Subscribers from the Overview insight and made it a standalone insight.

More on the super release as we finally wrestle it to the ground.

We got some nice mentions at Social Media Marketing World this week, we were supposed to go but due to difficult circumstances we weren’t able to attend. That show rocks and thanks for the mention!Jeremy Maher, Infusionsoft

If you didn’t see our Partner Spotlight, our first was Jeremy Maher from Infusionsoft. It’s a great product, if you don’t know about it our integration with them, check it out here.

We constantly track everything, and lately we’ve found that we’re getting a lot of users inviting people to their org. Have you done that yet? It’s pretty slick, you can share and collaborate with your clients, teammates or your boss.

On a positive note, we continue to grow! We’re getting an average of over 60 new users a day and they’re coming at us with some awesome user feedback. We’re also getting some killer engagement rate with our product. A HUGE percent of new users add an insight to their dashboards almost instantly so we’re pretty happy about that.

Alf our VP of customer success sends out this very cool email to everyone with the subject line: Here’s how Dasheroo is Working for Me with a 2 simple questions, what do you like?, what can be improved? Do you know we get back about one per week, here’s an example of what people say:

Dasheroo Email: Here's how Dasheroo is working for me

So do this yourself, you’ll get very valuable feedback!

Gotta get back to work. Cheers.

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