Track Our Startup: iOS Mobile App Released + Stripe + Dreamforce!

Dasheroo's mobile app for business dashboard

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Releases abound here at Dasheroo! The all-new Stripe dashboard feature released and we couldn’t be happier. Our Dasheroo iOS business dashboard mobile app is finally released as well. Now you can easily view your dashboards on your iPhone. Android to come soon. Get to the Apple Store and download it free! I told you about the 6 new projects we’re working on and we’re still working those. I can’t even keep up…

Sales are starting to roll in since we launched billing a short time ago, while Mimi closed a few larger deals.

We’ve been writing like crazy. My new article is out: How The Power of Conversation Can Grow Your Business. It’s a great example of how actually talking to people makes great sales. Startup Lessons Learned: Be Fluid and Pivot! is out. I talk about the importance of being able to change on a dime in any business, especially startups. Janine writes another good one for; When To Inject “Fun” Into Your Customer Experience.

WOneCon Constant Contact partner evente’ll be exhibiting at Dreamforce in a few weeks, that’s’s annual event. Josh and I are busy getting together our presentation since we’ll be demoing theatre style at the conference!

We’re going to Las Vegas for OneCon, a three day event in October where Constant Contact Solution Providers and Authorized Local Experts from all over the world are invited to network and learn from each other, Constant Contact executives, and small business experts. And since we’re an integrated partner where you can get your Constant Contact dashboard free right in your Dasheroo account.

In our never-ending attempt to gain placements in the SERPS we’ve got a new landing page for the keyword “small business dashboard”. We’re making pages for all of the keywords we want to be found for.

John at Dasheroo

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