Track Our Startup: Infusionsoft KPIs are Coming

As usual we’ve been heads down on a ton of stuff here at Dasheroo. I won’t bore you with a long intro paragraph about it, I’ll just get into it.

Working On It

Infusionsoft websiteOn the integrations side we’re working on giving you a dashboard to track KPIs for our next application integration…wait for it…Infusionsoft! It’s pretty cool, you’ll be able to track everything from ecommerce metrics to sales opportunities to email marketing engagement rates. And all of this right next to all of the other applications you get your business dashboard to track. We’re excited. This will be a premium data source so you’ll have access to it if you have Grande or above plans. If it’s good enough for Daymond John from Shark Tank it’s awesome enough for us!

And remember our release schedule is on or around a two week cycle, we’re trying to get as much live before the end of the year as possible.

Josh has been working on a data refresh plan. See, we get users that sign up, take us for a spin and may never come back, but we still are pounding on Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, whatever data source you can have on your dashboards, to update that data. It’s a cost to us, so we’re figuring out how to limit any exposure we might have there in terms of cost. Not sexy project for you but hella sexy for us!

Dasheroo Internal…

We finally got published on Social Media Examiner. I wrote a step-by-step guide on How to Connect With Influencers on Social Media and it’s getting shared like wildfire. Janine’s Inc article 5 Content Marketing Myths to Boot Immediately is a great read. Small Business Computing published Ask These 5 Questions Before Taking Venture Money as well! Thanks guys!

We’re taking on a massive project of how we use internally. It’s a bear of a project but definitely the right time for us. More on our trials and tribs as we encounter them.

Finally we’re working pretty hard at taking our learnings from our first year and applying them to our go-to-market strategy…round 2. We’re knee-deep in really defining target markets, price points, pricing plans and competition moving forward. It’s been a great project to dig into.

Fun NuggetGoogle Analytics Logo - Dasheroo dashboards

Search on “Google Analytics Logo” on Google. Who holds the number 2 spot for the images? You guessed it. Thanks for creating an awesome logo Alf! You rock!! Never underestimate the power of creating great images and naming them properly.

Whew, there’s more but I gotta get back to work!

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