Track Our Startup: Infusionsoft CRM Analytics + Appexchange + A Newbie!

TDasheroo's Infusionsoft CRM dashboard: Contactshis past week we spent a lot of time readying our stuff for the Infusionsoft CRM analytics release. We’re pretty excited about it since it’s our biggest integration to date, almost 30 metrics from one data source! Plus they’ve been really cool to work with. Check out all of the great insights you can have on your dashboards from Infusionsoft. Oh, let us know if you don’t see one! By the way, Jeremy Maher is awesome to work with at Infusionsoft!

Push, Don’t Pull

Our product manager Nivi gave us the coolest demo of what she, James and Andrew have been working on, our “push API.” What is it? It’s the ability for outside developers to push their data into our dashboarDasheroo's app on Salesforce Appexchangeds. Pretty cool since we’re “pulling” data from data sources now. More on that soon but the outcome? We’ll be able to give you access to data from more apps quickly.

From Lightning Component to an App!

We got listed as an “APP” on the Salesforce Appexchange. This is a very cool thing since now we’ll be seen by more people.
If you use Salesforce go ahead and download our app to your Salesforce instance.

We’re working on an integrations release currently in progress and contains enhancements to Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Ads, GA and Stripe.

New About Page

Alf launched our new about page which features case studies (TCU and Zurb, more to come!) and a new and improved layout. That led to the discussion of when we’re doing a new website which will be soon. We’ve grown out of our current one! Speaking of, we’re also talking about a new WordPress blog theme to go along with it. We’re growing up!Derrick Reedy Dasheroo Marketing


We hired ‘Derrick the Intern’ full time to help with the mountains of marketing and sales support much needed. He’s jumped in and taken on social media, email marketing, sales support and anything we can throw at him! Welcome aboard Derrick!

We’ve got a board meeting to get ready for so I gotta run!

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