Track Our Startup: HubSpot + New Platform Features on the Horizon

The team here has been busy with our new HubSpot dashboards release. We now have 13 new insights crossing CRM, sales and marketing for any HubSpot user. You can get a free month to try it out. Then it’s available for anyone who has our Grande or Venti plans.

Dasheroo dashboards: Notes

This is a “notes” feature you’ll be able to add to your dashboards!

Janine and I attended Infusionsoft’s ICON event in Phoenix. What a great team of people there and an awesome show for any business to get the need-to-know for all things marketing, sales, CRM and e-commerce related. Way to go guys! If you didn’t know we have Infusionsoft insights for Dasheroo. Check them out here, you can also have a free month trial just like HubSpot.

We’ve been working on our next P release, P is for Platform so that means features we’re working on happen across the entire product. Dasheroo users have been asking to include notes within a given dashboard. When we release this you’ll be able to add text that could be bold or italics and you can add a link! Pretty cool.

Another part of our P release is testing the ability to scroll within an insight. So say for instance you have 25 email marketing campaigns you wanted to see the results of. Right now we give you the ability to see the last 10. But if you segment your lists and happen to send more than 10 in a given week, you have to go to the native app. We’re testing the ability to let you scroll through 10, 25 and 50. You can imagine how we can then take that into your Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram Analytics and anything you do a bunch of times. Great job to James and his awesome team.

We continue to march down the investing path. It’s not a great time to be raising money. We’re also talking to strategic partners. We read this great interview with Heidi Roizen that really talks about choosing the right VC, we really like her:-)

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