Track Our Startup: Exceeded Monthly KPIs + New Release on the Way

We’ve got a ton going on between all of the work our engineering team has been doing AND beating each KPI we track! Read on!

We’ve been busy trying to get release #27 out the door. If you remember it’s some new integrations with the likes of SendGrid and some new insights for Facebook Ads and a few other apps. Court and Nivi have been knee-deep in testing mode, great work guys. We’re hoping to get it out by next week so sit tight.

Dasheroo new UI for dashboards

Dasheroo’s new UI on the way soon!

I also can’t wait until we release our new UI. It’s super slick.
Josh has been working super closely with the awesome partner team at Zapier (that amazing company that gives you hundreds of metrics on your Dasheroo dashboard) posted a great blog post announcing our integration with them. They’ll be sending an email out to all of their hundreds of thousands of users soon.
We’re going to start working on a multi-stat insight for Google Sheets, a highly requested feature from our users, pretty cool huh? You’ll be able to compare one KPI to another all in one chart!
We’ve been at work behind the scenes on a stats refresh issue. Some of our customers are noticing that updates aren’t happening hourly but maybe ever few hours so we’re looking into all of our providers to make sure the problem isn’t widespread.
We made our monthly number, I should say numbers! We exceeded all of our KPIs: our new user KPI, our new paying customer KPI and our revenue KPI, and we couldn’t be happier. We shoot to increase our KPIs 10-15% each month and so far so good! More on KPIs.
On to June!

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