Track Our Startup: Dreamforce ’15 Countdown is ON

We’re in release heaven here in Dasheroo. In just a month we’ve released PayPal, Stripe, an iOS app plus a TON of under-the-hood much needed stuff that you don’t see but it makes the expectation you have the things should just work, happen.

Dasheroo's Dreamforce booth 2015.15 Days to Dreamforce 15 (#DF15)

We selected our booth (ok “pod”) right next to MixPanel and VistaPrint at’s annual event here in San Francisco! And you can bet we’re wearing our orange! We’ll be demoing something pretty nifty at DF15 so stop by if you’re there. You can get free expo hall passes here we’re told.

Upcoming Dashboards and Insights

We’re hoping to add to our ecommerce-billing-payments dashboards with a Shopify dashboard in the coming weeks. So those of you selling stuff and using this great tool for your shopping cart will be able to see your metrics.

We’re diving back into our Google Analytics Dashboards and coming up with insights for Google Analytics E-commerce Insights. We’re sticking with the question “how much am I making off of my marketing” dashboards. Following onto that will be Google Analytics Campaigns and Goals insights. Now you’ll be able to see right from Dasheroo if all of those efforts you’ve been working on are paying off in terms of sign ups or cold hard cash!

My new scintillating article is out entitled Who Are You? Why Ignoring Your About Page is a Terrible Idea and Janine wrote her new article, 3 Ways to Move Your SEO Needle.

Talk to you in a week for more of your business analytics updates!

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