Track Our Startup: Dasheroo for Agencies In December

It’s been another crazy week here at Dasheroo, building more for your dashboards by the minute, but that’s the life of a startup isn’t it?

We’re Working On It

We’re working on p20 and i20 releases. Remember “p” is for features we develop across our platform and “i” is for new integrations? We’ve got both in flight right now and it’s super nuts

And remember our release schedule is on or around a two week cycle so we’ll try for this week but it might be next due to the holiday. Speaking of have a wonderful Thanksgiving if that’s what you’re celebratin’.

On the backend Andrew and James continue breakthrough after breakthrough of getting us to optimize how we “call” for data from Twitter. You guys rock, thank you!

Dasheroo for Agencies…It’s ComingDasheroo dashboards for Agencies

I’ll call Dasheroo for Agencies in “beta”. It’s not visible to the masses yet but if you’d like to see a demo of it fill out this form and Mimi will get to you, we love all feedback. We’ll be releasing it with the ability to swap out the company logo for a few paid plans on the PDF dashboard export but you won’t be able to swap the logo out of the product, YET. That will be worked on shortly. Call it “white-label-ish”. And you’ll be able to manage all of your client’s dashboards from one Dasheroo location, a huge time-saver!

Dasheroo Gets Ink!

Our partner Emma wrote this article about a customer we found for them! We think it mighta been cooler to mention us more being that we found them a new customer but that’s the way the Oreo crumbles! Emma, you’re welcome 🙂 How university marketers can score a 60% open rate. SalesforceIQ was kind enough to include us in 12 Tools That Help Salespeople Work Faster and More Effectively. The wonderful Anita Campbell wrote 10 Ways Smart Business Owners Use a Business Dashboard for the site and included Dasheroo, how cool is that?!
I’m working on a 2016 revenue plan that is a big, bad, bear. We’re also working on a ton of content, we got accepted to write for Social Media Today and Janine was asked to write for Relevance by Chad Pollitt, there’s some really great content there! That was really cool, thanks Chad! Don’t forget to read the rest of her article she writes 2x/week for, I know I’m biased but they’re pretty cool.
Have a great Thanksgiving! John at Dasheroo.

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