Track Our Startup: 7 Days to Launch, Hair’s Officially on Fire

Well, we got through some pretty spirited conversations as a team in the past week about what’s going to make the cut for our launch, and what’s left on the editing room floor (at least for now). It’s not an easy process. Because we’re an “agile development” shop we try for as much as possible but at the 11th hour you might find your software-self scaling back to deliver a stable, awesome product. Josh, James, Court and Andrew, and our Boston, Sibera, Malaysia friends, you guys are rockin’ it…right down to the wire.

So in lieu of of launching late, on April 28th we’re giving you 4 GINORMOUS things:Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.18.47 PM

  • Mashups – Yup, we’re bringing it back. Tracking metrics across different applications. Think Google Analytics sessions vs. Facebook reach, is there a correlation? Now you can see, ‘cuz you’ll have it in one insight.
  • Dashboard Templates – Pre-built business dashboards so you can have a cross-app dashboard up and running in a minute. Going gaga for Google? Get your ‘Google Gone Wild’ dashboard in a snap!  Silly about social media? Bam! Get your Social Butterfly dashboard, the top Insights across your top social networks instantly. Fun!
  • Bundles – Easily choose the most popular insights (we recommend) within an app and you’ve got yourself a dashboard in less than a minute!
  • Wider data ranges – 180 day date range view of your data, up from 60. What’ll it be next?


What a wild week it’s been. Great meetings thanks to Viveka Von Rosen, Linked Into Business guru, Bryan Eisenberg from Idealspot (an Austin bro with a super product), Matthew and Adam Toren who run a host of businesses including iSmallBusiness, Kidpreneurs and, a great conversation with our bud John Jantsch over at Ducttape Marketing, Dave Kerpen, Likeable Local and finally Melonie Dodaro, Top Dog Social Media. You guys have been awesome in providing some amazing feedback as real leaders in the social media industry. Thank you very much.

A special thanks to Viveka, because of your lovely Tweet we got over 60 users in one day. A special sumpin’ sumpin’ is coming your way lady, thanks!

Love to the boys at the SF Chamber of Commerce. Josh Jacob and Craig Vandermause instantly got what Dasheroo is all about and now we’re new members! Round 2 guys?

We’re launching a brand new web site that looks awesome thanks to Alf! We’re working up a blog post, press release, some emails and social posting to get the word out. If you can help us we’d really, really like it. We’d rather have you tell your friends and have us spend our money on developing a great product, not advertising 😉

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