Track Our Startup: We Met, We Ate, We Conquered

Uchi restaurant in Austin with team Dasheroo.

Two bottles of Wakatake were harmed during this dinner, and our co-founder John photobombed us!

What a week it’s been. The team came together for an awesome full day meeting in that great city of Austin, where our co-founder James resides with his awesome family. BTW, it was our awesome board member’s idea. Dang, that’s a whole lotta awesome!

Everybody gave our board members an update on the product, where we’ve come since beta (did you know we released 15 times in 15 weeks since then?) and where we’re going.

At the meeting we talked about:

  • When we’d rip the beta label off the product.
  • What we’ll be giving for free (which will be a lot!)
  • What other apps we’ll be offering up
  • What nifty features we’ll be offering (this stuff is pretty exciting although a bit nerve racking for the team)
  • Our back end systems for scalability so we can handle a lot of customers concurrently
  • All of the pre-and post launch activities, PR, trade shows, etc.
  • What people we need to hire (A new A++ developer starts in 2 weeks and we just got a full time QA star!)
  • Where we’re at with funding – and it’s so very close!
The Continental Club Austin, TX

We can’t believe this was on the wall when we got there! Our kinda town!

Whew! All of this will be consolidated and you’ll know where we are on the road to launch in the coming few weeks. We’ll also be releasing new apps and Insights on the road to launch. No need waiting to give you some great new features and apps for your business dashboards, right?

Kudos to James for many things, two of which we’ll mention here: giving us a nifty color-coordinated gantt chart for how he sees his team (of now 6!) delivering what we think is going to be a kick-ass product for you. Secondly we are forever indebted to you James for bringing in amazing BBQ from Stiles Switch BBQ.  We’re converts.

Finally, all the way from San Francisco we come to Uchi, perhaps the best sushi we’ve all ever had. Wow. Finally finally, we love you Continental Club. Don’t know how that Dasheroo sticker got on the wall but man it really spices up the place!

(*Sticking stickers on walls is not condoned by Dasheroo.)

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