Startup Lessons Learned: The Culture of Customer Success

I love Italy, my wife and I enjoy visiting every year. There’s one thing – in addition to the awesome pizza – that astounds me about screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-4-39-47-amthe country; the culture of service. It got me thinking: in this day and age of doing everything in a faceless business world, how can you have great service and ‘customer success’?

On the Isle of Capri there is a wonderful wine bar, Capannina Bar, it’s been there forever. It’s one of the only places open all year round. The island closes to tourists November to March so the locals need a place to go. On a recent visit, we were walking down the tiny street and we saw our friend Benny who is the bartender. She was delivering glasses of wine and chips to a local store owner for them and their customers. Wow, that’s double service, not only is Benny serving the store owner, the store owner is ordering wine for their customers. And it just comes natural to them. Try ordering a ‘to go’ delivery of drinks from your bar and see what happens!

What To Do?

As a business who develops apps we unfortunately don’t have a bunch of Bennys around. So how do you go above and beyond expectations to service customers who you may never talk to let alone see? It’s vital to instill a culture of customer success.

Here’s what we focused on at Dasheroo:

  • Alf, our VP of Customer Success, answers emails fast! Expectations these days are, you get an automated email then in about a day you might get someone to get back to you. Not Alf, he knows data is important to make decisions and people need answers…fast. We use Zendesk.
  • If anyone wants to talk to us we set up a Grasshopper phone system (cheap!) and it’s so flexible. You can forward to a live phone within certain hours or only allow folks to leave messages. When someone leaves a message an email is sent to multiple people so we can get back to them fast. Mimi, our Sales Director is like lightning.
  • Alf proactively reaches out to people who seem to need some help with Dasheroo (they created an account but are inactive) with Calendy. They can schedule time with him to go over any questions they have and make sure they get the most value from Dasheroo!

What is your service culture? Please share!

Track Our Startup: Upcoming Releases + Premium Support

We’ve been working hard on the next feature release for your Dasheroo dashboards and frankly it’s been a b*tch! We’ve had to push it forward a few times already.

  • For those insights where we
    Dasheroo dashboards currency

    Track your Dasheroo dashboards with the currency from a specific country.

    list Recent Tweets or Posts, Highest Engagement posts, recently sent email marketing campaigns you’ll be able to scroll the last 10, 25 or 50 line items!

  • You’ll also be able to export a dashboard to Google Drive (connect your drive account, choose the folder where you want the export to go)
  • We’ve added additional insight types for Push API (and then Zapier when we’re ready) so you’ll get a bar chart, leaderboard, pie and funnel chart and a table for all that data you’re tracking.
  • You’ll also be able to set the currency code at the org level for any insight that you track currency like Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords.

We’re shooting for next week on this awesome stuff but we’ll let you know when it happens!

A lot of people ask us “how do you make money offering free dashboards?” Well we hope that users “graduate” from the free plan to the paid plans. We’ve been blowing out the self-service help since we simply can’t answer every single inquiry that comes our way. And we try not to have too many “gotchas” with our code. We try get a lot of bugs squashed in our QA process, our man Court is the best. So we’re moving to more of self-service approach to support to see how that works. Alf has been creating a ton of videos and inputting every question we’ve been asked into a searchable database as our first line of support.

We have set up a triage queue and new workflows in Zendesk to better serve our Grande + Venti customers with priority customer support.

Movin’ on!

New Dasheroo Release: Zapier Gives You Hundreds of Apps for Your Dashboards

Today we’re excited to let you all in on something we’ve been working on and will continue to enhance our integration with Zapier! It’s simple: for now you’ll be able to access hundreds of applications that Zapier connects to and pull the data right into a trending line graph on a Dasheroo dashboard.

You can do things like:

  • Track how many new Zendesk tickets are coming in from your support queue
  • Add the number of new Pipedrive deals to your Dasheroo dashboards
  • Monitor the number of new Chargebee subscriptions you’re getting
  • Track the number of new campaign opens on ActiveCampaign within a Dasheroo dashboard
  • Update Dasheroo line graph with the total number of new Asana Tasks
  • Visualize the total number of new payments from QuickBooks Online in a Dasheroo dashboards
  • View the number of new leads you’re getting from Insightly within Dasheroo
  • Track your call volume from CallTrackingMetrics on Dasheroo
  • And literally thousands of other uses!

Here’s what I did:

Zapier Dasheroo integration

I filled out a few more fields and got:

Zapier Dasheroo Dashboards

Cut me some slack it was an old campaign 🙂

So out of the gate any application that has an “trigger” in Zapier you can bring data into a dashboard. Think Quickbooks, Zendesk, Asana and hundreds of others. Go play!

Go watch the video!

Our New Push API is Live: Why Does It Matter to Your Dashboards?

We’ve been talking about our new PUSH API for a while now, Andrew one of our most amazing developers has been bustin’ it to get this going. For people that aren’t sure what that means in our case it’s when a user wants to “push” data into our nifty-looking charts and graphs. Why is this important? In 2015 there were 1,876 vendors represented across 43 categories in marketing technology alone let alone any other SaaS category! We simply don’t have the manpower to get data from all of them for your dashboards. But there are a lot of developers in the world that could do it.

Dasheroo Push API ImageWe’re starting off by enabling a single data point (say “revenue”) on a line graph (other charts to come!).

Where Would You Find It

Users can find the Push API from the insight library as a separate app provider tile, 

Once the insight is added to the dashboard, you’ll be given details about the URL where your data needs to be sent. Based on the data , the new insight on your dashboard will get populated.

How We’re Using Push API for You

In the coming weeks we’ll be using the Push API with a partner called Zapier. If you don’t know Zapier you should! You can go to them to do a ton of integrations with applications you use.

For example using Zapier you can have two apps you use talk to each other like:

  • Save your Eventbrite attendees into a Google Spreadsheet automagically.
  • Tweet posts from a Facebook page
  • Save Instagram photos to Dropbox

So out of the gate any application that has an “trigger” in Zapier you can bring data into a dashboard. Think Quickbooks, Zendesk, Asana and hundreds of others.

So look for a bunch of new integrations in a few weeks as we roll this out more.

Track Our Startup: We Released Speed!

So last week we went to Austin and if you read our blog post about it, it was awesome! So onward and upward to our launch where we rip the “BETA” label right off of the product!

Ok, so you might be tired of hearing about Sheets but we’re telling ya, it’s a bear of a project to get right. We’re almost there, hang in with us and you’ll have them for your business dashboards soon!


This past week we did something great that you can see and feel, we made our service an order of magnitude speedier! The app is faster on a global scale and we increased capacity and throughput and now your dashboards will load and update faster.

​It’s been go-go tested on Virgin America and it’s smokin’ fast. Thanks to James and the team for dealing with it. We had to take the site down for a bit to make it happen, but it’s gonna help make sure that no mater where you are, in any of the more than 60 countries we have users (we love you!), or in the air, that your business dashboards will be faster than ever.


As of March 15 we will be up to 8 developers, yes! We’ll be looking for a content marketing person, but it may be part time.

Internal Tools

We’ve been all using Slack lately, it’s a really great communications tool. You can have different channels so that conversations are steered towards people who care about that channel. You can subscribe to channels that are not private and you can communicate 1:1 with anyone. Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.18.20 PM

The really cool thing about Slack is that you can hook it up to 3rd party apps. So for instance we see real-time if any support query comes in through Zendesk. We see real time when our developers are checking code and contributing to Pivotal Tracker, the tool we use to bang out features. So the business is all transparent and happening real-time. Thanks Slack.

Raising Money

We’re just a few bucks away from closing our first round! If ya know of anyone email Johnny. He’s been fierce at this.


  • We got into the list of 40 spectacular tools to reduce churn, thanks guys!
  • A few of us are heading to Social Media Marketing World SMMW15 in late March. If you want to hook up Tweet us (@GetDasheroo) with #SMMW15.
  • You can now see all of the Insights we offer by application on our website.
  • We’re looking to launch in early Q2 and we’re using this launch template to help us make sure we’re not missing anything.

That’s a bunch of stuff to be working on so we better get back to Slack!

Track Our Startup: Working on Google Sheets!

Our new Google Sheets business dashboard InsightWhile some of you were wooing your significant others on that Hallmark-fabricated holiday Valentine’s Day, we were busy with a flurry of excitement around our new Instagram business dashboards as well as lots more new users!

Speaking of, we had the best week ever for sign ups and engagement. The Google Analytics Marketplace really went wild sending us good people that like what we do. Our engagement metrics increased by over 10% which is awesome. Oh, engagement to us is that you’re in our app looking at your stats.

Next up is going to be Google Sheets. We’ve talked about how difficult this one is because there are so many ways businesses use Sheets, but we really think out of the gate we’ll get something really valuable for you Sheets users.

More excitement? Our team has moved Sheets onto our “staging” environment (fancy name for the server it goes on before it goes “live”) so we can get knee-deep into QA-ing this thing. We’ll be looking to release this by next week.

We’ll also be revisiting Facebook and Twitter for some new features, one is the ability to look at more than 5 posts when you’re looking at your most recent posts.

We’re working on a way to inform you that we’ve got new features and fixes (they come out all the time) so when you “refresh” you know what new stuff you’ll be getting. So we’re working on a way for you guys to know what’s going on more than an email.New Feature: Extending the custom date ranges to 60 days!

We were able to sync our org to our new Zendesk org so that we can start to track all of our communications with you through one interface. Hopefully this will go smoothly as we roll it out, but you know how software is. Also, to that guy from Zendesk who sat right in front of us on an empty beach this weekend…Boo 🙁

We are working on bumping up the ability for you to look at data outside a 30-day date range. On our staging environment we’re testing a 60-day range which is awesome!

We’re still working on closing up a round of funding. We’ll announce who, what, where and when, as we launch this sucker, but it’s pretty exciting!

And lastly and most importantly, we’re getting ready for our first board meeting in Austin, but more importantly the tasty BBQ.