Track Our Startup: Bug Fixin’ Your Business Dashboards

Dasheroo Engineering list of to-dos - KPIsAt Dasheroo we’ve been a bit busy getting ready for our next business dashboard release, and cleaning up after our last one, a theme you keep hearing over and over but that’s the life of a SaaS software company isn’t it?

Gone Fixin’

As with any software release there are usually a set of bugs that need fixing; bugs that were never expected but now irritate the
helloutta the masses. That’s what our product and engineering team has been working on since our mammoth release of SendGrid, Google AdWords and the Push API.

James and his team have started to go down a pretty gnarly punch list of things that need doing. You can see that it’s quite extensive. The most important one is Make dashboards load faster. Much faster. Dasheroo business dashboards: Google Analytics

So that’s what we’ve been working on, along with doing research at some next nifty integrations for your business dashboards, Quickbooks being one of them! Stay tuned on that one.

Where Are New Users Coming From?

Google drives the lion’s share of traffic for us here at Dasheroo. And since we are doing a small amount of advertising to drive leads for sales Facebook is a great source of leads that want business dashboards. You should know that Facebook runs your ads on the Facebook Audience Network. It’s basically Facebook serving ads on third party sites at a pretty low cost. For some it’s great since it’s a low cost, for us it was serving a ton of mobile ads and we weren’t getting a conversion.

Zapier continues to be a very active hose for new users and we launched with them the end of May. If you haven’t checked out all of the great things you can put on your dashboard do it!

Dasheroo business dashboards feedbackUser Feedback

We’ve been getting a ton of great feedback, users telling Alf what they want on a daily basis. Keep them coming in the door, we choose by how many requests we’re getting! Just a sample of a few on a given day –>

Cheers, John.


VIDEO: Track KPIs by Adding Zapier Zaps to Your Dashboard

Tracking KPIs has never been easier with a Dasheroo dashboard. What’s even better? Dasheroo now integrates with Zapier so that you can track KPIs from applications like Insightly, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Quickbooks and more!

We’re so excited about it Alf, our VP of Customer Success felt obligated to create this fantastic video showing you how to add a Zap to your Dasheroo dashboard in minutes!

And if you want to know more about KPIs in general, check out our guides for Customer Service KPIs, Marketing KPIs and more!

Track Our Startup: Instagram Changes + Zapier Grows Your Dashboard

Advil MemeWe’re heads down here at Dasheroo with testing on our next release and it’s not without difficulty. New Insights for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are giving us a bit of a headache…Advil to the rescue!

Changes Abound at Instagram

Instagram has changed their API policies which is giving a lot of companies like ours yet another headache. As a result they’ve taken back some of the data they have been providing to us. For this reason we are not allowed to offer the Instagram competitive insight which affects about 500 of our users. Sorry, we still have some great Instagram stats you can’t get for free at companies like Iconosquare!

Faster Updates to Your Dashboards

Some of our users have experienced stats updating a bit slow. We’ve identified the issue and over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be increasing throughput just a bit each day so we can monitor any scalability issues.

Zapier Makes Dasheroo Happier

Since we re-launched our Zapier integration with more data visualizations we not only are getting a huge spike of users using the Zapier integration and we HAD OUR BIGGEST DAY OF USERS EVER, but we also have a huge spike using our native integrations as well, pretty cool, I’d say. Thanks for the love Zapier! Alf our VP of Customer Success has been VERY busy needless to say.
Oh, why use Zapier? Look, we get hundreds of requests to integrate with different 3rd party applications and while we want to do every one of them, it’s simply not possible. BUT, Zapier has integrated with a TON of 3rd party applications and they make it very easy for you to use them to integrate your data from hundreds of apps right into your Dasheroo dashboard. So give it a whirl!

Show Hundreds of New KPIs In Your Dashboard With Zapier

How many apps do you use to run your business? If you’re like most companies the answer is: “lots!” The obvious challenge is keeping track of everything going on across Google Analytics, Facebook, Dasheroo Zapier IntegrationMailChimp and the dozens of other apps that you use. Who has time to log into all those separate apps each day?

Dasheroo was created to help you visualize and monitor your sales and marketing key performance indicators — all in one place, all on one dashboard.

Today we’re excited to announce our integration with Zapier! In addition to the existing apps we already connect to, now you can access hundreds of additional apps from the Zapier platform to create truly customized dashboards for your business. Best of all? It’s free!

So what kind of things can you track with Zapier and Dasheroo? Glad you asked. Here are just a few ways to create a slick KPI dashboard in minutes:

  • Track new Zendesk tickets coming into your support queue
  • Track new Pipedrive deals in the past 30 daysDasheroo - Zapier dashboard
  • Track daily QuickBooks Online payments
  • Track new Insightly lead growth over time
  • Track inbound call volume from CallTrackingMetrics
  • And so much more!

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to track all of your important business metrics in one spot, Dasheroo is just the app for you. Come check us out today.

Track Our Startup: Dashboard Videos + We’re Innovating!

Dasheroo kicks dashboard buttWe’ve been in a fight with the current release for about 3 weeks now and we promise we WILL kick it’s butt. It’s filled with things like scrolling insights, proper currency display, exporting a dashboard to Google Drive and additional chart displays for your Zapier insights as well as our Push API. There’s just a ton to QA, hang in there Court (our awesome QA manager) and a ton to get done (Alex, Andrew, James, Josh, you guys rock!). We’re hoping to get this out this week but can’t promise.

We are looking ahead to our next release which will include roles and permissions so those folks who need to manage users and what they have access to can do it with ease and a future Sendgrid integration.


Under the headline of “we’re still innovating” James has been working on a side project that involves a super-fast database which processes a TON of data in a fraction of the time we’re doing it now (which is still awesomely fast.) Why do we need this? To scale to the limitless amount of data and ideas that our users have for a dashboard and we’ll need to figure it out now. The sooner the better! We’re super excited about this project.

Dashboard Videos

Alf our VP of Customer Success has been on a video tear, where does he find the time?? If you’ve never seen one of Alf’s videos they are awesome and personable, no robots or voice overs here folks!

3 Min. Tip : Stocks on your Dasheroo Dashboard with IFTTT & Google Sheets

Dasheroo Alert Notifications

Zapier Setup Guide for your Dasheroo Business Dashboard

Setting up the Dasheroo Salesforce App and Lightning Component


Got a lot of stuff in flight so we gotta run!

Track Our Startup: Upcoming Releases + Premium Support

We’ve been working hard on the next feature release for your Dasheroo dashboards and frankly it’s been a b*tch! We’ve had to push it forward a few times already.

  • For those insights where we
    Dasheroo dashboards currency

    Track your Dasheroo dashboards with the currency from a specific country.

    list Recent Tweets or Posts, Highest Engagement posts, recently sent email marketing campaigns you’ll be able to scroll the last 10, 25 or 50 line items!

  • You’ll also be able to export a dashboard to Google Drive (connect your drive account, choose the folder where you want the export to go)
  • We’ve added additional insight types for Push API (and then Zapier when we’re ready) so you’ll get a bar chart, leaderboard, pie and funnel chart and a table for all that data you’re tracking.
  • You’ll also be able to set the currency code at the org level for any insight that you track currency like Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords.

We’re shooting for next week on this awesome stuff but we’ll let you know when it happens!

A lot of people ask us “how do you make money offering free dashboards?” Well we hope that users “graduate” from the free plan to the paid plans. We’ve been blowing out the self-service help since we simply can’t answer every single inquiry that comes our way. And we try not to have too many “gotchas” with our code. We try get a lot of bugs squashed in our QA process, our man Court is the best. So we’re moving to more of self-service approach to support to see how that works. Alf has been creating a ton of videos and inputting every question we’ve been asked into a searchable database as our first line of support.

We have set up a triage queue and new workflows in Zendesk to better serve our Grande + Venti customers with priority customer support.

Movin’ on!

Track Our Startup: Alerts + Zapier + 1 Tight Sales Process

I think this is the busiest team Dasheroo has been since we started the company!! Our product and engineering teams are killing it with the rate of releases for your dashboards we’re doing. Our poor QA manager Court has been buried, in a good way!

Alerts ReleasedDasheroo dashboards alerts feature

Our new ALERTS feature hit the streets last week, you may notice a new tile at the top of your dashboards. You can also create an alert by clicking the “settings”. This feature is great if you need to know quickly if you’ve reached a specific threshold on one of your metrics.

Zapier Makes You Happier

If you haven’t noticed our Zapier integrations it’s a really big one. Why? Because you can use Dasheroo with literally hundreds of applications using this awesome connector, applications we don’t offer natively. For now you can pump data into a line graph, more data visualizations to come.

Dasheroo dashboards powered by Zapier

Just a few applications you can track in a Dasheroo line graph.

We’re still working on new integrations, namely Hubspot, Sendgrid and MixPanel. More on that as we get closer to releasing.

Sales Process Tightening

Our amazing salesperson Mimi has been doing a great job using our CRM system to identify and qualify inbound leads. We’re literally putting all of the steps she takes into a Google Sheet to see where we can shave off time and make her quicker at what she does. I’d invite everyone to do this now so you’ll benefit from it all year!

I’ve been brushing up an investor deck to go on the road, exciting times for Dasheroo.

Back to work!

Track Our Startup: Easy Onboarding + Custom Data Dashboard

You may have heard that we have a Zapier integration that we’re pretty happy about. Why? We’ve got a ton of great users who want us to integrate with their applications but we just can’t do it all. So with Zapier, you can take a trigger from any app that they integrate with and point it to a Dasheroo graph…voila! You’ve done the integration yourself.

What Else is Going On?

We released a new onboarding process. We wanted to do a few things with it, namely make it easy to understand, easy to connect your data dashboard to  your data sources and easy to get to a custom data dashboard!

Now when you first come in to Dasheroo you’re met with the following screen designed to get you to the right place as well as highlighting our custom data feature for your dashboards:

Dasheroo data dashboard onboarding process

We also wanted to make it easier to find our custom dashboards – Now when you add an insight or connect to a new data source you’re met with a new screen:

Dasheroo custom data dashboard

So you can easily get your data into your dashboard from our Push API, a webhook or our new Zapier integration. Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve also redesigned our template gallery where we’ll be adding even more dashboard templates for you to start off with.

Dasheroo dashboards template gallery

You Want More? 

We launched with Infusionsoft dashboards, and since those insights are only included in our paid plans (not free!) we’ve decided to give you a free month so you can kick the tires. You need to use promotion code: infusionsoft-trial.

We’re planning an integration with Hubspot soon, we’re not ready yet but we’re working on it. We’ve also got Sendgrid you’ll be able to add to your dashboards as well.

Janine wrote a zinger for Inc. “The Door Isn’t Always Closed, ‘No’ Just Means ‘Not Yet‘”, she got published 0n for “3 Tips to Securing Inbound Links” and I got a piece on for “Nail Biting, Be Gone: 3 Ways to Avoid a Big Mistake When Making a Big Decision“. Check ’em out, they’re worth a quick read.

We’re planning on raising another round of funding. We’ll let you know how that goes. The environment ain’t great but we’ve got something great going on, at least our users think we do! We’re even thinking of extending our A round to get the right folks in.

We’ve got another board meeting to get ready for this week, here we go.

New Dasheroo Release: Zapier Gives You Hundreds of Apps for Your Dashboards

Today we’re excited to let you all in on something we’ve been working on and will continue to enhance our integration with Zapier! It’s simple: for now you’ll be able to access hundreds of applications that Zapier connects to and pull the data right into a trending line graph on a Dasheroo dashboard.

You can do things like:

  • Track how many new Zendesk tickets are coming in from your support queue
  • Add the number of new Pipedrive deals to your Dasheroo dashboards
  • Monitor the number of new Chargebee subscriptions you’re getting
  • Track the number of new campaign opens on ActiveCampaign within a Dasheroo dashboard
  • Update Dasheroo line graph with the total number of new Asana Tasks
  • Visualize the total number of new payments from QuickBooks Online in a Dasheroo dashboards
  • View the number of new leads you’re getting from Insightly within Dasheroo
  • Track your call volume from CallTrackingMetrics on Dasheroo
  • And literally thousands of other uses!

Here’s what I did:

Zapier Dasheroo integration

I filled out a few more fields and got:

Zapier Dasheroo Dashboards

Cut me some slack it was an old campaign 🙂

So out of the gate any application that has an “trigger” in Zapier you can bring data into a dashboard. Think Quickbooks, Zendesk, Asana and hundreds of others. Go play!

Go watch the video!

Our New Push API is Live: Why Does It Matter to Your Dashboards?

We’ve been talking about our new PUSH API for a while now, Andrew one of our most amazing developers has been bustin’ it to get this going. For people that aren’t sure what that means in our case it’s when a user wants to “push” data into our nifty-looking charts and graphs. Why is this important? In 2015 there were 1,876 vendors represented across 43 categories in marketing technology alone let alone any other SaaS category! We simply don’t have the manpower to get data from all of them for your dashboards. But there are a lot of developers in the world that could do it.

Dasheroo Push API ImageWe’re starting off by enabling a single data point (say “revenue”) on a line graph (other charts to come!).

Where Would You Find It

Users can find the Push API from the insight library as a separate app provider tile, 

Once the insight is added to the dashboard, you’ll be given details about the URL where your data needs to be sent. Based on the data , the new insight on your dashboard will get populated.

How We’re Using Push API for You

In the coming weeks we’ll be using the Push API with a partner called Zapier. If you don’t know Zapier you should! You can go to them to do a ton of integrations with applications you use.

For example using Zapier you can have two apps you use talk to each other like:

  • Save your Eventbrite attendees into a Google Spreadsheet automagically.
  • Tweet posts from a Facebook page
  • Save Instagram photos to Dropbox

So out of the gate any application that has an “trigger” in Zapier you can bring data into a dashboard. Think Quickbooks, Zendesk, Asana and hundreds of others.

So look for a bunch of new integrations in a few weeks as we roll this out more.