VA Staffer: Dashboards Help Us Save Time, Analyze Results & Act Fast

Dasheroo dashboards user VA StafferWe caught up with a Dasheroo user Jeff Hunter, Founder of VA Staffer, a global virtual assistant marketing agency that specializes in managing social media marketing for a number of clients. We always love when we get more insight on how our users really use our dashboards so we fired a few questions Jeff’s way.

How many employees work at VA Staffer?

Jeff: We’ve got 35 employees in total, 4 here in the US, 1 in India, 1 in Brazil, and the rest are in the Philippines. We’re truly global!

What did you use before you found Dasheroo dashboards?  How long did it take you to gather your metrics?

Jeff: We used the old method of logging into each of application separately, trying to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Stripe, Paypal, email autoresponder performance and list goes on. For us the time it took was a huge problem – probably a good hour or two to dig in, analyze, and then create actionable intelligence based from findings. With Dasheroo, we log in (PS. I LOVE the mobile app), and I can view our company’s key performance indicators immediately.

What were the most important features you needed in a dashboard for VA Staffer?

Jeff: Monitoring our social media dashboard for both social metrics and website growth are by far the most important. The convenience of our received payments for both paypal and stripe are very useful for me to quickly see how we’re doing compared to our forecasting.

Did you gain any new insight using Dasheroo?

Jeff: Absolutely, comparing social media campaigns and email campaigns was a huge benefit for us. It’s great to see how effective campaigns are in an instant, it gives us the intelligence to refocus efforts on what’s working, and not miss opportunities by wasting time researching our own data.

Does more than one team member use Dasheroo? What other functions in the company?

Jeff: We have several team members, and as a virtual assistant marketing agency we’ve rolled it out for a number of our clients. We have clients that have Shopify stores that love the instant dashboard portal, as well as the top products. We also manage several social media campaigns for dozens of clients and we’re able to review performance and offer measurable results with goal setting so it grows our relationships. It’s a huge selling point for our company, since social media is a huge mystery to even the most developed companies who have still failed to master measurement of success.

There you have it, another happy Dasheroo user, thanks Jeff!

Virtual Assistants Are Taking On Social Media Marketing

VA Staffer's review of Dasheroo's free business dashboardsWe’re all too busy to do half of the stuff we really need to do all day, now take into account all of the social media marketing we need to do to grow our business and be relevant. That’s why virtual assistants are so great, they can take anything right off of your plate and social media is a great thing to offload, especially to someone who knows it better than you!

At Dasheroo we often ask our awesome users how they came across us and what they use us for. We try to glean anything we can from what they respond back to us with.

So a few months ago we got a great reply about how this particular user used us but what was even more important than her reply was what was what her signature line said…”Social Media Virtual Assistant”.

So off to Google we ran and searched on that exact keyword phrase and up came a plethora of social media virtual assistants. We made a list of the first 4 pages on Google, asked our trusty intern Derrick to research their contact information and shared a Google Sheet with Mimi, our Director of Sales.

Mimi has been calling these awesome people in a social media dashboard who need a better way to show their clients the payoff of all of the hard work they’re doing and it’s been awesome.

We even got a review written about us by VA Staffer, Virtual Assistant Services.

Morale of the story? Listen to what your customers have to say to you, but also look at WHO THEY ARE, because you could have a segment of a market you never knew you could tackle, right under your nose.