SeaLink Travel Group: Managing KPIs All In One Spot

Sealink Travel Group LogoThe SeaLink Travel Group is one of Australia’s largest travel and tourism businesses and an early adopter of Dasheroo. After learning that the company uses us to track KPIs associated with many of its 11 brands, we reached out to learn more.

Rubina Carlson, SeaLink’s Digital Marketing Coordinator, is tasked with managing five of the company’s 11 brands! With three to four social media networks for each brand, it’s easy to see how Rubina could run into issues with tracking KPIs, time management, and measuring performance.

We touched based with Rubina to discuss how Dasheroo helps each brand outperform the competition. Here’s her story (don’t be surprised if it sounds familiar!)

Loads of Responsibility

Responsibility is a word Rubina Carlson knows all too well. Managing five top performing brands – including SeaLink Kangaroo Island, Captain Cook Cruises PS Murray Princess, Kangaroo Island Odysseys, Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours, and Adelaide Sightseeing – is no simple task.

From managing social media accounts to optimizing paid advertising campaigns (AdWords and Bing), every day is packed full of data, statistics, and of course, many questions from some of the company’s 600+ employees.

With so much on her plate, Rubina found herself spread thin and unable to work in an efficient manner.

Her Challenges

Managing data for one brand is difficult enough. Doing so for five brands can be a next to impossible task.

With a strong focus on digital marketing, SeaLink must take advantage of the KPIs that are available. This means three things:

  •      Measuring what is and isn’t working.
  •      Assessing the strategy daily (if not hourly).
  •      Optimizing for better results.

And when all this is done, there are still monthly reports to be created for the management team.

Then Came Dasheroo…

Before implementing Dasheroo, Rubina struggled to find enough time in the day to manage each brand, optimize, and track key data. But ever since discovering Dasheroo, things have changed.

She said, “I came to learn more about Dasheroo after reading rave reviews in a large Facebook group for Australian digital marketers. While I checked out a few competitors, it was the features and price that caught my eye.”

After creating the dashboard, Rubina experienced what she had been missing. Soon enough, her monthly reporting time dwindled from three days to three hours. Best yet, the reports included more detailed information, including targeted data for each social media platform and campaign.

Rubina discussed a variety of other benefits provided by Dasheroo:

  •      Ability to create a dashboard for each brand.
  •      Easy to review and understand the data.
  •      Direct impact on marketing programs.
  •      Data visualization tool that makes the information easy to digest.

When asked about her favorite feature, Rubina shared the following:

“I enjoy the fact that Dasheroo supports every platform we use. This guarantees that I can review the most important data for each brand, all in the same place.”

What’s Next?

In the months to come, the SeaLink Travel Group plans on implementing sharing as a means of getting more employees involved.

And of course, just like many of you, Rubina and the rest of her team are looking forward to Alerts.

“Dasheroo has allowed me to more efficiently and effectively manage five brands that are essential to SeaLink’s success. In the future, we’ll definitely look into additional integrations.”

Virtual Assistants Are Taking On Social Media Marketing

VA Staffer's review of Dasheroo's free business dashboardsWe’re all too busy to do half of the stuff we really need to do all day, now take into account all of the social media marketing we need to do to grow our business and be relevant. That’s why virtual assistants are so great, they can take anything right off of your plate and social media is a great thing to offload, especially to someone who knows it better than you!

At Dasheroo we often ask our awesome users how they came across us and what they use us for. We try to glean anything we can from what they respond back to us with.

So a few months ago we got a great reply about how this particular user used us but what was even more important than her reply was what was what her signature line said…”Social Media Virtual Assistant”.

So off to Google we ran and searched on that exact keyword phrase and up came a plethora of social media virtual assistants. We made a list of the first 4 pages on Google, asked our trusty intern Derrick to research their contact information and shared a Google Sheet with Mimi, our Director of Sales.

Mimi has been calling these awesome people in a social media dashboard who need a better way to show their clients the payoff of all of the hard work they’re doing and it’s been awesome.

We even got a review written about us by VA Staffer, Virtual Assistant Services.

Morale of the story? Listen to what your customers have to say to you, but also look at WHO THEY ARE, because you could have a segment of a market you never knew you could tackle, right under your nose.

3 Must-Reads: AMAZING SEO Tips from the Experts

This week we focused our learning on search engine optimization SEO tips that can help any business grow their website traffic. We’re gonna take some of their tips and put them to work for Dasheroo!

HowScreen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.49.48 PM to Create Viral Content That Generates 2,500 Visitors Per Day

Neil Patel is a genius when it comes to creatively getting more visitors to your site using brilliant SEO tactics. In this article you’ll get a very detailed bunch of statistics on what makes your content viral with some practical tips on how to make it go viral.

Snuggle up with a binkie it’s a long (and thought provoking!) read.


ShGreat article from on republishing contentould you re-publish your content to other blogs, Medium or LinkedIn? A data-driven answer

Guillaume Decugis, CEO of Scoopit publishes this awesome case-study of how he re-published content to different sites and what came out of it. A highly recommended read for us at Dasheroo since we re-publish some of our own content.


5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO with Social MediaSocial Media Examiner article

This is a great article that gives you practical how-to’s on what to include in your social media marketing and what Google likes to rank for.

Happy learning!

Why Your Inbox is Your Social Media Marketing Hub

Our inbox is NUTS with social network emails!

Our inbox is NUTS with social network emails!

We just got back from Social Media Marketing World #SMMW15, and it was great. We met a ton of people and learned a bunch. But we started to think about how old school email still plays a huge role in social media marketing even WITH all of the social media marketing we’ve got.

  • On LinkedIn, if you send an inMail or a connection request an email is sent to your personal inbox. You might not check LinkedIn but a few times a week but you’re checking your email all the time.
  • On Twitter if someone connects with you, favorites or RT’s one of your Tweets, guess what? You get an email! Then from that email you can follow that person back. One of the great ways to get in front of someone for just little work is just “favorite” their Tweet. They’ll also give you suggestions in your inbox for who to follow, thanks Twitter!
  • Pinterest lets you know if one of your Facebook friends joins Pinterest, they constantly mail you with suggestions of what your friends are pinning, or if any of your friends pins something to your board.
  • Instagram will give you email notifications if someone Likes or Comments on your photos if you set it up that way.
  • YouTube will email you when someone subscribes or when a channel you subscribe to uploaded a new video.
  • Google+ will tell you when someone has added you or remind you if you’ve been invited to an event.
  • Facebook, well, they just want to own the world don’t they 😉

Hey maybe we’re biased because we love email and founded and worked at VerticalResponse but hey, you can’t disregard that the medium is still rockin’.

Track Our Startup: 28 Days to Launch Business Dashboards!

Your YouTube data right in your Dasheroo business dashboards!

Your YouTube data right in your Dasheroo business dashboards!

We have been heads down getting ready to launch, and boy have we been working our dashy little butts off! We’ve got about 3 more releases left before our big launch (our stake in the ground for “hey, we’re here and we’re real!”)

Ok, here’s the rundown:

Next Release – YOUTUBE!

We’re gearing up for our next release this week (we try to do them every two weeks) and this one includes:

  • YouTube Insights – Recent videos, most viewed videos, engagement, views by video and more!
  • RSS feed – This cool widget will let you track feeds of content you want to keep an eye on.

We’re also always fixing bugs and working on stuff that you can’t see to make Dasheroo more robust for your business dashboards.

Next Up – Facebook Ads Insights? Perhaps!

We did some initial data-gathering for our next app integration for Facebook Ads since we’re having some issues with Google+. We’re not there yet but look for more deets on this next week.

We’re also going to be changing our calculation for Twitter engagement, adding Favorites to the score since that’s how more people are looking at it.

And we’re knee-deep in figuring out how to give you a great interface for bundling apps in a dashboard!

Dasheroo business cards from Moo

We handed out a buncha Moo biz cards at #SMMW15!

#SMMW15 – Social Media Marketing World, San Diego

We went to this amazing show that highlighted the fact that what we’re doing is so necessary for small businesses, agencies, consultants and more. We heard from @tedrubin @meloniedadaro @kimgarst @marismith, @jenns_trends, @suebzimmerman @lutzfinger @joepulizzi and one of our faves @ducttape that social media marketing is growing and has never been better for businesses to get them to prosper. Check out the first in a few posts about the show.

We also wanted to get Dasheroo in front of a lot of pretty influential people in the industry as we’re getting ready for launch, and we were really successful at that.

Josh Feinberg our newest Dasheroo memberOur Newest Addition…Josh!

We just announced that our buddy Josh Feinberg is joining Team Dasheroo. Why do we love Josh? Well this team has worked under his Product Guru-ness for the last 13 years so we’re super-excited to have him on board as a co-founder. And no we don’t only hire people with J-names.



Lessons Learned SMMW15: Don’t Bore Me

John on the U.S.S. Midway in San Diego at the SMMW15 show!

John on the U.S.S. Midway in San Diego at the SMMW15 show!

Team Dasheroo went to the infamous Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) conference with a BANG! We wanted to meet and learn from the pros and network with everyone who cared about social media since that’s what we decided to build business dashboards for first. Turns out it was about 3200 people that cared enough about it to spend a cool $1k per person. Fierce! Thanks to Michael Stelzner (amazing guy) and his awesome team for a fantastic show.

We went to a few sessions that really touted the fact that on social media you need to be real, you need to be fun and you need to be personable.

Be Real

Ann Handley, Marketing Profs, really drove this point home with dozens of examples of great companies that are being “real” on their websites and with their email marketing campaigns. It was all about being real as a business and people falling in love with who you are. Pretty powerful stuff and something we all take for granted. Thanks Ann!

"Be fun!" says Sue B. Zimmerman!

“Be fun!” says Sue B. Zimmerman!

Be Fun

Sue B. Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert, really drove this point home. Instagram as a medium is visual and should be fun but should always tie back to what you’re all about. If you’re an enterprise software company and you post pics of your kitty with no tie-in, it’s not good.

  • It’s all about a great bio and thoughtful content to be a success on Instagram! @SueBZimmerman
  • Don’t overpost or underpost to Instagram, you’ll lose followers and engagement! @SueBZimmerman #SMMW15

Be Human

Ted Rubin who owns the hashtag #RonR, or return on relationship, had a fantastic session where he talked about how for him it’s personal with his content. He loves crazy socks, he takes pics of his crazy socks and posts them. People now come to expect images of his socks! Melonie Dodaro, LinkedIn expert, also had a few things to say about it as well.

  • Reach and frequency is great, but a community is power” well said @TedRubin #SMMW15
  • Interact, engage, look people in the eye, and build relationships.
  • Social has made marketing hard and tools make it look too easy. Don’t forget the people! Great session already with @TedRubin #SMMW15
  • Don’t worry about ur company LI page, focus on your personal profile. people want to deal with people, not a logo. @MelonieDodaro #SMMW15
  • Wanna rank high 4 ur profile on linkedin? Optimize keywords as a person not a ‘thing’ as u would on google. @MelonieDodaro #SMMW15

So bottom line? Don’t hide behind who you really are on social media and you’ll have a ton of fun with your followers!

The New Facebook Ad Relevance Score

Facebook had a rolling launch of their Facebook Ad Relevance Score feature. What’s this new score-of-the-minute all about? We went to Facebook to unearth the deets.

From Facebook:
Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback we expect an ad to receive from its target audience. 
So Facebook shows your ad 500 times and gives it a score from 1-10, 10 being an ad that people like, 1 being an ad that people hide. A low score probably means that your ad isn’t targeted to the proper audience. Positive interactions with an ad are a click, a like a video view or a conversion. And the relevance score only really pertains to campaigns that have an actionable intention (i.e. not awareness or branding campaigns.)
In the example below the relevance score was a 7 out of 10 however the negative feedback is coming in as “Medium”. So we went to look at who was targeted for this ad.
Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.09.19 PM


In the targeting we find that we’re targeting people in the U.S. age 21-65+ with a few interests.

The target for this Facebook Like ad campaign.

The target for this Facebook Like ad campaign.

So off to Facebook Insights we went to see if there’s anything we can uncover. Fascinating! We don’t really have that many fans in the 18-34 age range so maybe if we tighten up our targeting to reach 34-65+ we’ll get a better relevance score and get in front of better fans!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.21.33 PMBottom line? It’s yet another thing to look at as you’re spending budget with Facebook and it’s a good test to see if you can get more out of your marketing bucks.


CoSchedule – Automatically Publish Blog Posts to Social

Since we blog all the time we’re constantly on the lookout for cool apps that help us save time.  And since that’s the business we’re in (saving you time) we love it when we come across a good one!

We’re avid bloggers, we try to do it once a day, although lately we’ve been taking Saturday’s off, and we actively publish our blog posts to all of the social networks that make sense for us. So naturally we look to automate as much as humanly possible. Well we ran across CoSchedule and thought it might be too good to be true and you know what? So far it is!

CoSchedule calendar view that we love!

Our Dasheroo blog & social calendar using CoSchedule in our WordPress account!

1. It’s a plug-in for WordPress which is our blogging platform.

2. It’s a visually-appealing calendar where we can see all of the upcoming posts and which social networks it’s going out to.

3. When the post goes live, it automatically posts to the social networks we connect with in the visual format we want (text, image, link)

4. It auto-posts it out when the scheduled post goes live.

We had a slight issue setting it up that we’ll blame on the crappy go-go connection we had on a Virgin America flight, but the customer support people (using got right to me and cleared up any issue I had. Thanks guys!

So now we don’t have to get up and run to post this stuff to each social network. We use and love Hootsuite which is an alternative if you don’t mind the format that the RSS feed pulls it in. We also use it for bulk uploading posts for the month. We want to get as much out of our previous posts as possible and Hootsuite is great for that!

Alert: Changes Could Decrease Your Facebook Likes Count

FYI all you Facebook marketers: Facebook recently announced that it’s making some changes that may negatively impact your Facebook Likes count.

What’s going on? Facebook is doing some long needed clean-up of accounts, subtracting any that have been manually deactivated or accounts owned by people who have passed away (sorry, but it’s true. They call it ‘memorialized’).

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 4.49.01 AM

They’re not saying how many of the 1,000,000,000+ accounts will be subtracted, but they did say they are going to do it over the next several weeks. Meaning: It’s coming, and it could be 2 weeks or 10 weeks, maybe even more if they throttle it.

Of note is the ‘manually’ deactivated part. This means only people that went in and chose to deactivate their Facebook account will be subtracted. Folks that just aren’t active, like not logging into their account for months, if not years, will not be subtracted. But who knows, after this first clean-up, they may consider this as well. They are really into ‘active’ users, and claim almost 1.4 billion monthly actives as of January 2015.

So consider this a heads-up. Hopefully your ‘Likes’ growth will more than offset this impact, but keep a close eye on it, and consider it as you gauge and report on your Facebook metrics!

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

We haven’t talked about any changes that LInkedIn has made lately and there’s been a bunch. What we want to focus on here is how you can create your LinkedIn profile to be better, to be found quicker and more successful for you in the long run.

1. Your Website Name

Did you know that you can customize the name of your website in your LInkedIn Profile? Easy peasy! Just to go Edit Profile > Contact Info > Website. Here you’ll choose “Other” for the name and you’ll be able to name it yourself!

LinkedIn Profile: How to enhance it!

Go to Edit Profile > Contact Info > Website > Choose “other”


2. Include Media

Now for each part of your profile you can include media! This is a great added value to LInkedIn members.

LinkedIn Profile: How to add media to it.

Use on or many of the media choices Linkedin gives you!Enh

For instance we chose to add our video to our own John’s LInkedIn profile:

LinkedIn Profile: Adding video to your profile.

Now the video image appears right at the bottom of this gig!

Now people who visit his profile can see the explainer video of what Dasheroo does!

3. Be Generous With Your Title (But Don’t Lie)

Your title doesn’t have to just be VP, Excellent Company in LInkedIn. You can even get some keywords in there. When we looked at our co-founder John’s title for one of his gigs it reads: Co-founder & Board Member – Advisor on Online Marketing Strategy, Branding & Customer Acquisition. GREAT JOB! He incorporated keywords into the title.

There you have it, 3 quick ways to re-visit your LInkedIn profile and make it better.