Startup Lessons: The Power of a Single Positive Mention

Here at Dasheroo we’re increasing organic traffic and signups each month with zero paid media. It’s a combination of our freemium model, solid SEO and inbound marketing, and what we hope is a great product and user experience that people will share. We’ve also done a ton of influencer marketing to get our product off the ground and continue influencer outreach. We track our activity very carefully, and can pretty much plot our growth trend.

But all that said, it’s awesome when we get an unexpected – and very much appreciated! – mention from a big influencer. In this case, it was from our friends at Social Media Examiner. Talk about an influence, their blog and email reaches hundreds of thousands of marketers and is very well read and highly respected.

The article was How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard and we were fortunate to be the first of four options they recommend:

Dasheroo article from SME resulting from influencer marketing.

The power of a single positive mention!

On that day, August 8th, and for several days after that our new user signups went through the roof:

Dasheroo new users from influencer marketing!

We estimate that that one positive mention drove almost 1,000 incremental new users. And of course it’s not all about new users – our signup conversion rates doubled! We also saw an immediate spike in sales and agency leads for Mimi, our agency salesperson, to follow up on and close.

Lesson learned: Work your ass off and do good things, people will talk about you and stuff like this can happen! Influencer marketing is no joke.

Next, we’re making sure to run cohorts on this audience segment to carefully track how they convert and retain over time. This will help inform us as to the audience match, product focus and potential of partnering with them on future activities.

Track Our Startup: New Release On the Way

As we told you last week we’ve been busy on our next release for your dashboards due out later this week. What’s new? A bunch!!

New Features for Tracking KPIs On The Way!

The biggest request we get from those who track KPIs on a Google Sheets dashboard is support for tracking multiple KPIs on one sheet. Well in the next release you’ll be able to support FIVE!!

You’ll also get access to these new features right from within your dashboards so every time we do a release it will be even easier to find out all the goodies you’ll have access to.

We’ll also have a few Quickbooks Online insights to add to your dashboards. Now you’ll be able to track KPIs like your P&L right from Dasheroo.

We’re also working to get our Active Campaign dashboard out so you can track all of your marketing KPIs in one spot. That will likely make the release after this one. Great job guys!

We’ve been doing pretty good with our SEO lately. We use a tool called SEM RushSEM Rush - Dasheroo SEO which we really like. It gives us great competitive intel for keywords that other businesses in our space are ranking for. We can easily see where we are plotted next to other businesses. In the chart on the right you can see that we are ranking for the most organic keywords that drive the right targeted traffic. Can you tell we love our graphs and charts here at Dasheroo? 🙂

Alf, our VP of Customer Success, has been busy recovering from the awesome onslaught of user questions and suggestions (which we love) from the Social Media Examiner article last week. It was an awesome article, How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard, thanks again @SMExaminer! We also had a record number of purchases we’ve ever had in a week.

Back to work!

Track Our Startup: Up Next? Google Sheets & Quickbooks Online

social media examiner article: track KPIs in a dashboardThanks to a HUGE mention in a Social Media Examiner article entitled: How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard, we got hundreds of users, a ton of quality leads (Mimi had 8 demos yesterday!) and we’re half way to our new customer goal and it’s only the 10th. Thanks Brandon Olson! He’s the Content Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of our email marketing partners.

UP Next?

Josh and Nivi have been working with James and our developers closely to gear up for our next release which will probably include a bunch of Google Sheets improvements. This will be great to add more metrics to a Google Dashboard along with Google Analytics KPIs and Google Adwords KPIs. We’re also working on a whole new integration with … Quickbooks Online! More on that as we finish up development but it’s going to be cool, very cool.

After that one of our most requested integrations will be released and that’s Active Campaign. For those of you who don’t know them they’ve got a killer marketing automation product which includes email marketing and CRM.


Nivi is going to spent this week looking at the Microsoft Excel API. Even though we’re huge Google Sheets users, there’s a ton of you who still heavily use Microsoft. Sigh.

Austin Food Truck: Muy Delicious

There’s Chef Rabin of Muy Delicious!

Austin Food Truck!!

Our own Director of Sales Mimi and her husband have opened up an awesome FOOD TRUCK in Austin called Muy Delicious and boy does it live up to its name. Food trucks are popular there, all kinds of amazing chefs have opened them. What to eat? The Giddy Up’s Burger is to die for, the chicken Rich Ranch Tacos are amazing and My Butler’s Boneless Chicken Wings are a must-eat. If you’re in Austin on Manchaca Rd., you need to stop.

Bye for now!

Social Media Examiner: Monitor KPIs In a Single Dashboard!

Social Media Examiner: Set Up a Single Dashboard to track KPIsWe just got HUGE ink in a great article from Social Media Examiner and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s all about tracking KPIs from a single spot. It’s an awesome read: How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard.

Writer Brandon Olson who is the Content Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of the world’s leading email marketing providers, walks you through how to choose the right tool for your business (so yes our competition is in there, we like them!) how to connect Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn social media KPIs.

And it’s not a surprise Brandon also talks about how to tie in Google Analytics KPIs as well as an email marketing dashboard.

Also check out his other Social Media Examiner article: How to Generate Leads With Social Media Quizzes

Track Our Startup: Officially Beating Our Numbers!

We have one more week of QA and bug fixing to go before we release what we call the mammoth release from hell. We’re shooting to be dev complete by end of the week and ideally target a launch for next week, but as we all know it totally depends on the QA findings. Get ’em Court! Oddly enough we’re also working on the next few releases but this one has to go out the order it was placed.

Dasheroo signupsWe got some killer mentions last week at Social Media Marketing World, that awesome event put on by Social Media Examiner. Thanks Chris Penn and Jen Newmeyer, you guys rock!

We’re are beating (and have continued to beat) our ‘New User’ KPI for the past 4 months and this month is no slouch! We are also doing great where users connect to a 3rd party application (like Google Analytics and Facebook) for our ‘engagement’ KPI this month. It’s great to get new users but having them be engaged with the product is what we’re really after. Most importantly we’re beating our revenue number for the past few months and with a freemium model that’s very cool.

We’re getting some great traction on Salesforce Appexchange installs as well, around 1-2 per day. That’s pretty good considering we don’t spend anything on marketing. If you don’t know about it, you can see your Dasheroo dashboards right within your Salesforce account. Pretty nifty.

We’re also having some pretty cool strategic meetings with bigger companies both from a partnership and customer perspective. We’ll tell you more when we can!

Gotta run, coffee time!

Dasheroo Mentions from Social Media Marketing World!

We wanted to be at Social Media Marketing World (SMMW16)  an awesome event put on by Social Media Examiner SOOO badly but circumstances arose where we couldn’t. If you’ve never been to that show and you’re in online marketing, it’s a MUST GO! We did find out that we were mentioned at the show because we’ve got a great social media dashboard. Here are just a few.

Martech RoundupChris Penn is the Vice President of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, a data-driven PR and marketing agency, a renowned speaker and an Internet Marketing Professor so he knows a bit about analytics. He speaks at SMMW each year and this year he published his blog post using the 2016 Martech Roundup graphic. It’s eye opening and also and eye sore! Luckily Dasheroo made this massive list. However, Chris culled it down to 4 and Dasheroo was on his list, thanks Chris!

We found from Jen Newmeyer’s (Charityjen) blog post about what she learned on day 2 of the show.  She attended that master of all tools for social media marketing Mr. Ian Cleary’s (Razor Social) session Essential Tools for Marketer’s Toolbox who mentioned us in his Analytics Tools roundup. Thanks Ian and thanks Jen!

Nate Kennedy who runs a successful digital marketing agency, called Optimized Assets published this Slideshare called 4 Helpful Tools You Need to Use to Track Valuable Data, thanks for including us Nate!

Track Our Startup: Neil Patel Speaks Dashboards + SME Ink!

Team Dasheroo is heading off to ICON16, Infusionsoft’s annual event in Phoenix. We’re pretty excited to see all of the great Infusionsoft customers and all of the amazing sessions that are going to be held. No doubt there will be a lot of folks who need dashboards for all of those metrics. If you are going to be there let us know!Neil Patel - SEO Pro

We’re teeing up our next round of premium apps, HubSpot is on the way!

We Got Some Press!

Thank you to Neil Patel for your article 75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without AND Engage Like The Pros: 27 Social Media Tools You Ought to Use. Holy moly we got some great traffic to our site and some great signups. We are loving you right now Neil. Neil is just an amazing quality individual that WILL help you with your SEO and marketing in general. Check him out.

Janine wrote a great article for her column 5 Phrases Great Leaders Never Say and I was lucky enough to be published in Social Media Examiner How to Prospect Using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s got about 3,500 shares already so it’s doing pretty well IMHO.

We are knee-deep in talking to investors and strategic partners, discussing the importance of business dashboards, more on that as it develops. It ain’t easy out there right now for a startup but we’re sure trying! I’m getting back to it now.

3 Must-Reads: AMAZING SEO Tips from the Experts

This week we focused our learning on search engine optimization SEO tips that can help any business grow their website traffic. We’re gonna take some of their tips and put them to work for Dasheroo!

HowScreen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.49.48 PM to Create Viral Content That Generates 2,500 Visitors Per Day

Neil Patel is a genius when it comes to creatively getting more visitors to your site using brilliant SEO tactics. In this article you’ll get a very detailed bunch of statistics on what makes your content viral with some practical tips on how to make it go viral.

Snuggle up with a binkie it’s a long (and thought provoking!) read.


ShGreat article from on republishing contentould you re-publish your content to other blogs, Medium or LinkedIn? A data-driven answer

Guillaume Decugis, CEO of Scoopit publishes this awesome case-study of how he re-published content to different sites and what came out of it. A highly recommended read for us at Dasheroo since we re-publish some of our own content.


5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO with Social MediaSocial Media Examiner article

This is a great article that gives you practical how-to’s on what to include in your social media marketing and what Google likes to rank for.

Happy learning!

3 Must-Reads: How to Improve Your Content Marketing

We are all about the inbound marketing here at Dasheroo and that means a ton of content. Since we’ve got a few years in the business behind us we figure we can shed some learnings we’ve had over the years and now. And there are a ton of great experts we follow so this week we thought we’d share some articles we thought were pretty cool, all about content marketing. Cheers!


How to Increase Your Content’s SharabilityScreen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.01.53 AM

Andrianes Pinantoan writes an amazing article about how Canva’s blog increased their visitors to 800,000 in just 60 days, you won’t believe your eyes!


The Content Marketing Challenges Sinking Your ShipScreen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.28.25 PM

Barry Feldman offers this great quote “Content marketers want shortcuts to success, but there are none.” With this article you’ll see if you match one (or more!) of the 6 problems your content marketing team might be facing. Then you can do something about it!


6 Ways to Grow Your Blog AudienceSocial Media Examiner articl

In this great read, Kristi Hines walks us through ideas on how to show off more of you content on your blog to how to extract content ideas from your visitors.