Track Our Startup: Dashboard Release Update + Awesome Mention!

We were talking about breaking up the next dashboard release we’ve been trying to push out into pieces so the parts that are ready can get to you and we can still keep working on the parts that aren’t. Unfortunately that actually becomes more work to re-test everything all over again so we’re staying the course! In the meantime we might be able to push a few features that were not part of this release to you…stay tuned.

Dasheroo dashboard of a spike in traffic

Our Dasheroo dashboard of the spike in traffic we got from Neil Patel’s blog mention!

Thanks to Neil Patel we got a huge spike in traffic from his article 7 Simple On-site Changes That’ll Increase Your Social MediaTraffic. And this is a great example of exactly what he’s talking about in his article, tracking!

If you don’t know who Neil is, crawl out from under the marketing rock from which you’ve been hanging and check him out. He’s got an amazing blog, he’s an awesome marketing consultant who founded amazing companies like Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics and he can help you get to the top of the rock with your keywords. Thanks for the shoutout Neil!

Speaking of SEO we’ve been pretty hard at work writing content for the keywords we want to be known for and it’s been working. We’ve been climbing for some pretty highly trafficked keywords like Google Dashboard and Twitter Analytics to name a few.

We’re reading for our monthly board meeting this week, but it’s kinda easy for us…why? Cuz we keep all of our continuously updated KPIs in … wait for it … A DASHBOARD!

Track Our Startup: Neil Patel Speaks Dashboards + SME Ink!

Team Dasheroo is heading off to ICON16, Infusionsoft’s annual event in Phoenix. We’re pretty excited to see all of the great Infusionsoft customers and all of the amazing sessions that are going to be held. No doubt there will be a lot of folks who need dashboards for all of those metrics. If you are going to be there let us know!Neil Patel - SEO Pro

We’re teeing up our next round of premium apps, HubSpot is on the way!

We Got Some Press!

Thank you to Neil Patel for your article 75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without AND Engage Like The Pros: 27 Social Media Tools You Ought to Use. Holy moly we got some great traffic to our site and some great signups. We are loving you right now Neil. Neil is just an amazing quality individual that WILL help you with your SEO and marketing in general. Check him out.

Janine wrote a great article for her column 5 Phrases Great Leaders Never Say and I was lucky enough to be published in Social Media Examiner How to Prospect Using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s got about 3,500 shares already so it’s doing pretty well IMHO.

We are knee-deep in talking to investors and strategic partners, discussing the importance of business dashboards, more on that as it develops. It ain’t easy out there right now for a startup but we’re sure trying! I’m getting back to it now.

3 Must-Reads: AMAZING SEO Tips from the Experts

This week we focused our learning on search engine optimization SEO tips that can help any business grow their website traffic. We’re gonna take some of their tips and put them to work for Dasheroo!

HowScreen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.49.48 PM to Create Viral Content That Generates 2,500 Visitors Per Day

Neil Patel is a genius when it comes to creatively getting more visitors to your site using brilliant SEO tactics. In this article you’ll get a very detailed bunch of statistics on what makes your content viral with some practical tips on how to make it go viral.

Snuggle up with a binkie it’s a long (and thought provoking!) read.


ShGreat article from on republishing contentould you re-publish your content to other blogs, Medium or LinkedIn? A data-driven answer

Guillaume Decugis, CEO of Scoopit publishes this awesome case-study of how he re-published content to different sites and what came out of it. A highly recommended read for us at Dasheroo since we re-publish some of our own content.


5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO with Social MediaSocial Media Examiner article

This is a great article that gives you practical how-to’s on what to include in your social media marketing and what Google likes to rank for.

Happy learning!