5 Metrics to Track for Your Beginner Marketing Dashboard

You may not be new to marketing, but the idea of using a marketing dashboard could be foreign. But don’t be scared. Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you away from this game changing tool.

As you setup your beginner marketing dashboard and begin to use it to your advantage, pay close attention to the following five metrics.

1. Email Marketing List GrowthDasheroo data dashboard - list growth

With the opportunity to generate a large return on investment, email marketing should be a big part of what you do.

The size of your list at the present time is not nearly as important as its growth. Use your marketing dashboard to track the growth of your list, striving to increase sign-ups month over month.

And it doesn’t matter what email marketing platform you use, they’ll all give you this data.

2. Social Media Engagement

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, there is more to social media than posting updates dasheroo data dashboard: social media engagementand waiting for something good to happen. You need to implement a strategy that boosts engagement.

For instance with Facebook engagement includes:

  • Liked
  • Shared
  • Commented
  • Clicked

Make sure your charts are going up and to the right and if it isn’t dig in and find out why!

3. Google Analytics UsersDasheroo data dashboard: Google Anaytics userss

Traffic, traffic, traffic. A big part of your online success is based on your ability to drive users to your website.

Sync your new marketing dashboard with your Google Analytics account to track users. This shows if your traffic is increasing or decreasing, while also lending data on how visitors are finding your website.

4. Social Media FollowersDasheroo data dashboard: Twitter Followers
Much the same as social media engagement, it’s important to understand how many people are following you on social media. Is your reach growing?

From day to day, from month to month, you can track your number of followers on each social platform. Positive movement is what you are looking for.

5. Ecommerce

Are you selling a product (or products) online? If so, accurate data can be the difference between success and failure. A marketing dashboard can help Dasheroo data dashboard: Ecommerceanswer questions such as:

  • Where are consumers coming from?
  • How much time are consumers spending on your website?
  • How many items are they buying at a time?
  • How much is the average consumer spending?

Whether you use Shopify, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Stripe or Paypal you can easily access this data!

Experiment and Adjust

Your beginner marketing dashboard will not look the same for long. Once you understand what you can track, once you understand how this impacts your business, you can then begin to make changes.

The most important thing right now is getting started. Sign up for Dasheroo to learn more, it’s free!

Texas Christian University: How We Use Dasheroo to Measure KPIs

Dasheroo customer Texas Christian UniversityWhen we found out that Texas Christian University used Dasheroo to track their KPIs with our dashboards we couldn’t wait to talk to them to find how how and why. So we reached out to the TCU Assistant Director of Student Activities Brad Thompson. Here’s his story (and it’s probably a lot like yours!)

What’s Their Problem Anyway?

Brad Thompson is responsible for collaborating with the school’s marketing team, along with 30+ student volunteers, to launch more than 600 events per year. And with limited resources, this is a colossal undertaking.

As the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Brad is always looking for ways to build a bigger brand, generate more awareness, and more efficiently communicate with staff, students, and other on campus personnel.

Every week, Brad sends 10k to 20k emails while also managing a robust social media presence. His focus is simple: to increase student involvement.

Show Me The Money!

Within any university environment, there is regular questioning regarding KPIs, marketing efforts, budget, and return on investment (ROI). Brad had no data to back up his hard work. Having access to data helps with the following:

  •      Justifying implemented marketing strategies.
  •      Introducing new marketing channels.
  •      Calculating and communicating return on investment.
  •      Forecasting.
  •      Bringing credibility to what Brad is working so hard to do!  

What Did They Find Out?

Despite his best efforts, Brad was unable to find a solution to his biggest challenges. During the summer of 2015, however, he came across Dasheroo.

He said, “I found Dasheroo over the summer, right after their  launch. I had been dreaming of an business analytics dashboard for over three years and had yet to find anything. I had trials with a couple other providers, but ultimately found that Dasheroo offered the features I need and is also the easiest to use.We are now obsessed with Dasheroo!”

After connecting with Dasheroo, Brad soon experienced its true power. Early on, he used a Dasheroo dashboard to learn more about the email marketing service, Emma (an integrated partner of Dasheroo).

From there, the university jumped on board with Emma, thanks in large part to its Dasheroo integration.

Brad noted a variety of other benefits provided by the Dasheroo dashboard:

  •      It’s a simple integration, clean, and access to all metrics in one spot.
  •      It gives the ability to pull up information anytime, anywhere, with all data continually updated, even on a mobile device.
  •      It integrates with their much used applications; Emma, Facebook ads, Google Analytics, and other platforms.

With a focus on email marketing, Brad and his team have found the Emma integration to be a lifesaver.

“For email marketing, the response metrics are huge. Furthermore, we want to grow our site beyond students, and once again, a targeted email marketing strategy can assist with this.”

When asked about his favorite feature, Brad didn’t waste a minute:

“I love that we have all of our data in once place. We really value data collection, but it’s spread across so many platforms that it gets to be overwhelming. Dasheroo puts our data together, making it both intuitive to understand and easy to act on.”

Now What?

Moving forward, the TCU Student Activities department plans on doing more marketing for public events.

While most their current efforts revolve around Facebook, the team wants to expand their approach and touch on other social channels, such as Instagram.

Brad has taken advantage of many features provided by Dasheroo, while also using the dashboard to learn more about Emma. This will lead to the addition of other apps to help with events, surveys, e-commerce and more to have a true marketing dashboard.

“We’ve connected Google Analytics, Facebook, Facebook ads, and Emma. From here, we want to look into a payment integration for paid events, and will consider all Dasheroo integrations that may be able to help.”

New Email Marketing Dashboard: GetResponse

Dasheroo email marketing dashboard for GetResponseWe’ve now hit the last nail on the head when it comes to marketing dashboards for email service providers. If you can think of another one please let us know but we think we have 90% of the market covered!

So for GetResponse you’ll see:

  • Your engagement: track your trending open and click rates by day based on the last 30 emails you’ve sent.
  • Subscribers: view your subscriber growth over time.
  • Dasheroo email marketing dashboard for GetResponseRecently sent emails: A list of the most recently sent emails including the quantity sent, # opens, # clicks, # bounces and # unsubscribes, handy!
  • Bounces and unsubscribes: track your trending bounce and unsubscribe rates by day based on the last 30 emails you’ve sent.It’s the one graph where “down and to the right” makes sense!

So get on into your Dasheroo account and set up your new GetResponse dashboard!

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo’s New CMO + Your Custom Data in a Dashboard

This past week has been another record-breaking week here at Dasheroo. We’ve been bringing our newbies from last week, up to speed and finalizing our monolithic billing project. Plus we worked on new hire on-boarding information.

Three More Newbies!

Dasheroo's new CMO and co-founder, Janine Popick.

Janine joins Dasheroo!

OK I’m very excited to announce that we brought on Janine Popick as our Chief Marketing Officer! You may know of Janine from VerticalResponse, the company she founded and ran for a whopping 14 years.  She grew VR from zero to over 1 million users, and pivoted to a freemium model before she sold the company to a big ‘ol public company a couple of years ago. She is also a contributor for Inc.com and will tell our story there as well. As you can imagine, we’re pretty happy to have her. Disclosure time: I’m super lucky she’s also my wife 🙂

Read all about why she decided to come on in her newest Inc.com article: 5 Reasons Why I’m Diving Into a New Startup.

Her first to do is improving our content strategy. Since we’re now officially launched, we decided to make this blog more product centric and talk to what we have to offer. From time to time we’ll also weave in how to use this amazing data we surface for you.

We’re attempting to have either of us write for outside publications. So perhaps this blog post might begin to appear on another site. This establishes us as experts at what we do (cuz people say we are!) and provides inbound links from quality sites. And that leads to improved search engine (SEO) results, so more people can find Dasheroo when they search for terms like ‘business dashboards’.

On top of this news, we’re also jazzed to announce that we’re bringing on the amazing Jenny Noyes who will be an awesome Customer Success Manager. She’ll  be looking at how users interact with Dasheroo and how we can make that experience the best possible. Jenny has a ton of experience working with small business owners for the last 8 years and knows the team well.

We’ve also got Derrick Reedy who is currently interning for the group working on getting us listed on a ton of quality sites as well as helping Mimi identify sales leads.

As a result of all of these hires (we’re up to 13 right now!) we’ve learned a bit about the importance of employee on-boarding

New SEO Strategy

We’ve taken a good hard look at our SEO strategy lately. We try to get noticed for the keywords “business dashboards” when someone searches on Google and now we’re going to take it to another level and try to get noticed for a myriad of keywords like social media dashboard and Google Sheets Dashboard.

We’re also looking to add a few more pages to the site and change-up our internal linking strategy as well. As many of you know SEO is a journey, not a destination. Video: Creating Custom Dasheroo dashboards with your internal data.

New Video

Alf put yet another amazing video together all about getting your internal custom data and shoving it into an insight on your Dasheroo business dashboards. Check this one out, we have 3 or 4 dashboards that take data from our database and we rely heavily on it to track progress.


We’ve been thinking of every which way a user may or may not pay us beyond our free (‘Tall’) version of Dasheroo, and we’re closer than ever. And to make a billing path seem simple is a ton of work, thanks to Josh, Andrew, Court and James for killing it! This Friday we’ll launch billing for any new person that comes to the site. As you know we’re business freemium so we always have a free plan for folks that don’t need too many bells and whistles but for those who do we’ll be charging a nominal starting fee of $19/month.

Cheers, John

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo’s Growth + More Apps + Alerts

Dasheroo By The Numbers

I thought it would be fun to look at where we’ve come in this short period of time.

We’re up to:

  • 45,000 Google Sessions to our site
  • 5,000 Users on the way to 30,000
  • Users in 100 Countries
  • 30,000 Insights created
  • 22 applications we integrate with
  • 12 employees (soon to be 13 next week!)…
  • …Located in 8 Cities
  • Plus, 1 intern!
We have users in 100 countries!

Each pin is a person who got an email and opened it, worldwide!

This is awesome growth since we launched Beta in November. Onward and upward!


We are so excited to bring on new people to Dasheroo we wrote a blog post about it: Startup Lessons Learned: On-boarding New Employees. We love to bring new people into the fold and want to make sure they’re successful from the get-go.

We brought on Kyle Royder, our newest engineer in Austin who will be working on future integrations!

New Applications

To round out our email marketing service providers we’ll be launching marketing dashboards for GetResponse. It’s probably releasing next week.

We’re also looking at e-commerce and billing applications next, like Shopify, Paypal, WooCommerce and Magento since that’s what you told us you wanted.

We’re at the beginning stages of working on a cool new feature called Alerts. What are Alerts? Let’s say you want to know immediately when a metric in one of your dashboards goes over or under a threshold you set. BAM! You get alerted. Pretty cool, right?

Dasheroo's billing

You’ll be able to track how many insights, orgs and dashboards you’re using for your business!


We’re one week closer to billing our customers. We’re still trying to nail down a few things like final pricing or when a user upgrades to a different plan we’d like the ability to charge them immediately. Trying to nail this is one of the most important things because you’re dealing with someone’s money and that’s a delicate thing to get right from a design and messaging perspective.

We’ll be billing new users first then roll into billing existing users. If you’ve got the Grande Plan free for 20 years offer you won’t get billed unless you upgrade to the Venti plan or higher. We’re trying to release this as soon as next Friday.


Ok, gotta get back to work.

John at Dasheroo.

Dasheroo’s Marketing Dashboard Template: Marketing Maven

We’re coming out with new features all of the time, to a) make your life easier and 2) get your business booming fast. Because of this we knew that connecting a single insight-by-insight was a time-wasting pain in the butt. So this is all about selecting a marketing dashboard template for your business.

Of course you can swap out insights and apps to your dashboards and make them customized to your business.

Start with the Marketing Maven when you select your template:

Dasheroo business dashboard templates

So we created a few templates for your dashboards. This post is all about the Marketing Maven dashboard template.

Marketing Dashboard Marketing Maven Template

Once you connect you’ll get:

  • Google Analytics – Top Pages people visit, Top Sources of All Traffic, Total Session and New vs. Returning Users.
  • Twitter – You’ll get a great overview of the total followers, following and Tweets as well as an Engagement insight tracking RTs, Replies, Mentions and Favorites.
  • Facebook – You’ll get an awesome overview including reach, fans, new fans, engagement rate, clicks, shares, likes and comments. You’ll also get a reach insight and an engagement insight.
  • MailChimp – You’ll get insight on engagement as well as opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes on recently sent emails. DON’T USE MAILCHIMP for email marketing? Go ahead and customize with our integrations with Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, Emma, Campaign Monitor, AWeber and soon GetResponse.

Set up your own marketing dashboard, it’ll take you about 5 minutes and you’ll have access to all of this great data in one spot!