5 Simple Ways to Start Using Instagram for Business

Instagram is a ginormous social network and as of right now has hundreds of millions of users! Still dwarfed by Facebook’s way over 1 billion user mark, it’s still an awesome social network you might consider adding to your arsenal of advertising channels to grow your business.

But how would your company use Instagram to help you grow? Isn’t it for skateboarding stunts and puppy shots? The reality is that any business can use Instagram as another way to reach new audiences.

So here are 5 things to consider when you put Instagram to work for your biz:

5 ways to use Instagram for Business: Dasheroo's Instagram page

At Dasheroo we combine what’s happening behind-the-scenes like our Trademark with a bit of sticker fun!


What do you post to Instagram? Where do you begin? How about taking photos of employees working, having fun, your place of business, food you’re serving, a party you’re having or an event you’re hosting. Use some really creative filters to make it look even more interesting.

Instagram is a social network where you shouldn’t be too aggressive trying to “sell” a product or service, a healthy mix of fun mixed with your product or service updates would be a good start.  At Dasheroo we have fun stickers we use in our photos in very fun and interesting places all over the world, and we mix those up with pix of screenshots of our upcoming product releases. It’s a great combo!


Mixing up the fun with your business is essential with Instagram, you want to get your name out there while wanting your followers to have fun. Go ahead and take some fun shots, people using your product or wearing your gear and you’ll be surprised at how many people will like your shots.

5 ways to use Instagram for business

Lagunitas does a great job mixing pleasure with business, but do they follow others? No! 🙁


Following people on Instagram starts to get your name out there. You might want to start out by searching for the same people you follow on Facebook and Twitter and follow them on Instagram. Like their photos and comment on them. You also want to follow those who follow you. Check back every day or two and make sure you’re up to date following folks. This is how you’ll get noticed!


You’ll want to make sure when you publish to Instagram you also publish to Facebook (after all they own Instagram), Tumblr and any other social network you can get mileage out of. And it’s not like Twitter, no need for posting every day, or multiple times a day which actually takes the heat off a little 😉


Make sure you’re using all of the hashtags you think will get you noticed by the audience you want to get in front of. If you’re using hashtags for Twitter and Facebook, use the same ones for Instagram. You might even consider creating a hashtag of your own! Watch out though, if you go too crazy (over 30 hashtags!) your post won’t make it to Instagram. Who has the time?

Instagram for business can be great so set it up and try it for a bit, but make sure you’re putting all of these ideas to work!