Startup Lessons Learned: SaaS Conversion Metrics

Ben Chestnut Sales funnel

We love Ben Chesnut’s (Mailchimp) reversed sales funnel!

We’re big into measurement here at Dasheroo. We use tools like Mixpanel, Optimizely, Google Analytics and our own businessdashboards to measure results and instrument improvements. This is particularly true in what we call the ‘auto-convert’ side of the house. These are the type of low ARPU users that we need to move through the conversion funnel without the need of sales assistance.

So I thought I’d share our current sales funnel metrics. First, as a business freemium model we do not pay for advertising! Our traffic is driven by inbound marketing – search engine optimization, lots of content marketing, an active social media presence and co-marketing with our partners like Salesforce, Infusionsoft and Shopify. Plus that great viral growth from positive word of mouth and just a great product.

Once these people visit our site, here’s how our conversion funnel stacks up:

  • 10.4% of users sign up for a free account. Yes, over 10%! That is amazing, as at other freemium businesses we’ve run we would have been thrilled to get 2-3%! And this isn’t just a blip, we have maintained this signup conversion rate for months.
  • 65% connect an application and create a dashboard (this is trending up, April was 70%). That means that healthy signup rate is also driving qualified users!
  • And that 65% connect & create their dashboard 2 minutes or less. Wow, that’s pretty fast.
  • 2.1% convert to a paid account. Our goal is 3%, so we have some work to do!
  • with a ‘DTP’ (Days to Pay) of 29 days (this is trending shorter; April was 26.5 days)
  • And an ARPU of $24.26

What’s important is to establish both what your SaaS conversion metrics are, and then set and measure against goals. At the very start of your SaaS business you may not know exactly what the goals should be, but you should definitely know what the conversion metrics are. Then measure and instrument your business to show month over month, or at least quarter over quarter gains. What are your metrics for your SaaS business, share them!

Track Our Startup: New Feature – YouTube Analytics!

We split up the release from hell to give you a few more insights sooner rather than later. So we focused on a few YouTube Dasheroo: YouTube Analyticsanalytics that Dasheroo users have been asking for.

  • YouTube Engagement Rate: (likes + shares + comments + favorites) / number of subscribers
  • YouTube Total Views: We took the existing metric for Total Views from the Overview insight and created a standalone insight.
  • YouTube Total Subscribers: We took the existing metric of Total Subscribers from the Overview insight and made it a standalone insight.

More on the super release as we finally wrestle it to the ground.

We got some nice mentions at Social Media Marketing World this week, we were supposed to go but due to difficult circumstances we weren’t able to attend. That show rocks and thanks for the mention!Jeremy Maher, Infusionsoft

If you didn’t see our Partner Spotlight, our first was Jeremy Maher from Infusionsoft. It’s a great product, if you don’t know about it our integration with them, check it out here.

We constantly track everything, and lately we’ve found that we’re getting a lot of users inviting people to their org. Have you done that yet? It’s pretty slick, you can share and collaborate with your clients, teammates or your boss.

On a positive note, we continue to grow! We’re getting an average of over 60 new users a day and they’re coming at us with some awesome user feedback. We’re also getting some killer engagement rate with our product. A HUGE percent of new users add an insight to their dashboards almost instantly so we’re pretty happy about that.

Alf our VP of customer success sends out this very cool email to everyone with the subject line: Here’s how Dasheroo is Working for Me with a 2 simple questions, what do you like?, what can be improved? Do you know we get back about one per week, here’s an example of what people say:

Dasheroo Email: Here's how Dasheroo is working for me

So do this yourself, you’ll get very valuable feedback!

Gotta get back to work. Cheers.

Dasheroo Partner Spotlight: Infusionsoft

Jeremy Maher, InfusionsoftFrom time to time we like to introduce our Dasheroo customers to the partners we integrate with. This week we are delighted to focus our spotlight on Infusionsoft, the awesome CRM, sales, ecommerce and marketing tool that enables you to manage all of your important KPIs for your business.

Jeremy Maher, an entrepreneur and Infusionsoft’s Referral Partner Manager, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us! For more information about our partnership with Infusionsoft check it out, or watch the video.

Who is Infusionsoft’s primary customer?

Our primary customers are small business owners who are looking to get organized, remove repetitive manual admin tasks, make sure none of their leads slip through the cracks and utilize our marketing automation to get customer referrals on autopilot.

Why would you say customers like Infusionsoft more than a competitor you have?

Our software is unique. Another reason is our culture.  We are known for amazing customer service because we align each customer with a coach offering free telephone and chat support.  Our software is also very robust and allows small business owners to work ON their business and not IN their business.

What are your top 3 killer features?

1) Automate marketing follow-up so the business owner or employees don’t have to do all of it. We use intelligent behavioral marketing, so the email messages can change depending on how the client reacts.  This gives the business owner the ability to send personal email without having to type them up all the time.

2) Keep everything organized so no one slips through the cracks and all the leads, prospects and client’s information is in one place.  We have a full contact management system that keeps the database organized.

3) Ecommerce – Unlike most systems that only do the contact management, we also have an ecommerce platform.  This allows business owners to provide invoices, quotes, recurring payments and allows the client to pay online.  Infusionsoft is the ecommerce, contact management and marketing, so when that client pays online or through another channel, it can update the contact record and change the marketing.  This way the client doesn’t get an email a day or two later asking them to purchase when they just bought a few days ago.

How much might someone pay to use Infusionsoft?

Our monthly amounts normally range from $199-$299/mo.  We also provide a coach to implement and help with marketing best practices.  The cost for that ranges from $699-$1699 depending on the business needs.  We set up several things that we have found to be the most vital to small business success. To learn more feel free to call me directly at 480-499-6849 or email

What’s awesome about working there?

We have an amazing culture here.  I run a small business on the side and Infusionsoft not only accepts that, but encourages it. We truly care about small businesses and our culture shows that. I get to help small business owners every day.

What’s your hobby?

Living in Arizona makes it nice and easy to golf all the time : -)

P.S. Check out Dasheroo’s free trial of Infusionsoft metrics in your Dasheroo dashboards!

[VIDEO] Dasheroo + Infusionsoft = Awesome Data Dashboard!

Not sure if you heard, Dasheroo brings in all of your Infusionsoft metrics into a nifty Dasheroo data dashboard!

And our man Alf is at it again with a short and sweet how-to video for understanding how to set it up and what you’ll get in your dashboard. You’ll get access to where your contacts are coming from, how much revenue is being driven by each channel and best of all you’ll see all of this right next to all of the other awesome metrics Dasheroo brings in from Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Instagram and 30+ other applications you’re probably using to run your business.

What are you waiting for? Get a free month of Infusionsoft metrics on your dashboard by signing up here! Use promo code: infusionsoft-trial. After your trial is over it’s just $19/month!

5 Metrics to Track for Your Beginner Marketing Dashboard

You may not be new to marketing, but the idea of using a marketing dashboard could be foreign. But don’t be scared. Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you away from this game changing tool.

As you setup your beginner marketing dashboard and begin to use it to your advantage, pay close attention to the following five metrics.

1. Email Marketing List GrowthDasheroo data dashboard - list growth

With the opportunity to generate a large return on investment, email marketing should be a big part of what you do.

The size of your list at the present time is not nearly as important as its growth. Use your marketing dashboard to track the growth of your list, striving to increase sign-ups month over month.

And it doesn’t matter what email marketing platform you use, they’ll all give you this data.

2. Social Media Engagement

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, there is more to social media than posting updates dasheroo data dashboard: social media engagementand waiting for something good to happen. You need to implement a strategy that boosts engagement.

For instance with Facebook engagement includes:

  • Liked
  • Shared
  • Commented
  • Clicked

Make sure your charts are going up and to the right and if it isn’t dig in and find out why!

3. Google Analytics UsersDasheroo data dashboard: Google Anaytics userss

Traffic, traffic, traffic. A big part of your online success is based on your ability to drive users to your website.

Sync your new marketing dashboard with your Google Analytics account to track users. This shows if your traffic is increasing or decreasing, while also lending data on how visitors are finding your website.

4. Social Media FollowersDasheroo data dashboard: Twitter Followers
Much the same as social media engagement, it’s important to understand how many people are following you on social media. Is your reach growing?

From day to day, from month to month, you can track your number of followers on each social platform. Positive movement is what you are looking for.

5. Ecommerce

Are you selling a product (or products) online? If so, accurate data can be the difference between success and failure. A marketing dashboard can help Dasheroo data dashboard: Ecommerceanswer questions such as:

  • Where are consumers coming from?
  • How much time are consumers spending on your website?
  • How many items are they buying at a time?
  • How much is the average consumer spending?

Whether you use Shopify, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Stripe or Paypal you can easily access this data!

Experiment and Adjust

Your beginner marketing dashboard will not look the same for long. Once you understand what you can track, once you understand how this impacts your business, you can then begin to make changes.

The most important thing right now is getting started. Sign up for Dasheroo to learn more, it’s free!

Track Our Startup: HubSpot + New Platform Features on the Horizon

The team here has been busy with our new HubSpot dashboards release. We now have 13 new insights crossing CRM, sales and marketing for any HubSpot user. You can get a free month to try it out. Then it’s available for anyone who has our Grande or Venti plans.

Dasheroo dashboards: Notes

This is a “notes” feature you’ll be able to add to your dashboards!

Janine and I attended Infusionsoft’s ICON event in Phoenix. What a great team of people there and an awesome show for any business to get the need-to-know for all things marketing, sales, CRM and e-commerce related. Way to go guys! If you didn’t know we have Infusionsoft insights for Dasheroo. Check them out here, you can also have a free month trial just like HubSpot.

We’ve been working on our next P release, P is for Platform so that means features we’re working on happen across the entire product. Dasheroo users have been asking to include notes within a given dashboard. When we release this you’ll be able to add text that could be bold or italics and you can add a link! Pretty cool.

Another part of our P release is testing the ability to scroll within an insight. So say for instance you have 25 email marketing campaigns you wanted to see the results of. Right now we give you the ability to see the last 10. But if you segment your lists and happen to send more than 10 in a given week, you have to go to the native app. We’re testing the ability to let you scroll through 10, 25 and 50. You can imagine how we can then take that into your Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram Analytics and anything you do a bunch of times. Great job to James and his awesome team.

We continue to march down the investing path. It’s not a great time to be raising money. We’re also talking to strategic partners. We read this great interview with Heidi Roizen that really talks about choosing the right VC, we really like her:-)

Track Our Startup: Neil Patel Speaks Dashboards + SME Ink!

Team Dasheroo is heading off to ICON16, Infusionsoft’s annual event in Phoenix. We’re pretty excited to see all of the great Infusionsoft customers and all of the amazing sessions that are going to be held. No doubt there will be a lot of folks who need dashboards for all of those metrics. If you are going to be there let us know!Neil Patel - SEO Pro

We’re teeing up our next round of premium apps, HubSpot is on the way!

We Got Some Press!

Thank you to Neil Patel for your article 75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without AND Engage Like The Pros: 27 Social Media Tools You Ought to Use. Holy moly we got some great traffic to our site and some great signups. We are loving you right now Neil. Neil is just an amazing quality individual that WILL help you with your SEO and marketing in general. Check him out.

Janine wrote a great article for her column 5 Phrases Great Leaders Never Say and I was lucky enough to be published in Social Media Examiner How to Prospect Using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s got about 3,500 shares already so it’s doing pretty well IMHO.

We are knee-deep in talking to investors and strategic partners, discussing the importance of business dashboards, more on that as it develops. It ain’t easy out there right now for a startup but we’re sure trying! I’m getting back to it now.

Track Our Startup: What’s DaaS? + Infusionsoft ICON16 + Slideshows

Another week goes by and a ton of stuff is happening! With releases happening every other week, (sometimes every week!) we’re on our software toes. James is even asking to “go dark” and not talk to anyone for a few weeks so he can solve some opportunities our Sales Director Mimi is bringing to the table. A great problem to have I’ll say.

We’re knee deep in DaaS meetings. What’s DaaS? It’s our own Dasheroo term for “Dashboards-as-a-Service”. If you have a SaaS product and you want to incorporate Dasheroo dashboards into it, we’ll oblige! You can imagine a lot of marketing SaaS companies that have priorities other than upgrading their marketing dashboards might love this. If you’ve got one of those companies give us a call!

Dasheroo dashboards slideshow

You’ll be able to easily show off your Dasheroo dashboards on a rotating slideshow!

Scrollable Insights you ask? Working on it! If you want to see more data within a given insight on your dashboards and you want to scroll within an insight, we’re in the process of defining with that is so our engineering team can give us the thumbs up or down.

Slideshows is one of our most requested features is that you can rotate your dashboards automatically on a big screen.

We’re going to change up pricing at some point to a per-user model. Why? We need to make money! Will we stop our free offering? No way. You’ll always have access to that. This does pose some architecture re-jiggering that our product and engineering folks are working on as it relates to roles & permissions requirements. More on that as we know it.

We’re still working on our next integrations for Hubspot, Sendgrid and Mixpanel. Working hard.

Janine wrote a great article on, When Your Business Partner is Your Partner (wonder who she’s referring to there?) and 5 Phrases Great Leaders Never Say. Check out if you say any of them!ICON16 hosted by Infusionsoft

We’re heading to ICON16 on March 1-3, Infusionsoft’s amazing annual conference for small businesses. If you’re going to it in Phoenix, drop me a line, love to meet you there. Did you know we integrate with Infusionsoft? You can get a 1-month free trial of all of our Infusionsoft dashboards!

We’re knee deep in our investor deck, we are having a ton of meeting with interested people. Nuff said.

Back to work!

Track Our Startup: Easy Onboarding + Custom Data Dashboard

You may have heard that we have a Zapier integration that we’re pretty happy about. Why? We’ve got a ton of great users who want us to integrate with their applications but we just can’t do it all. So with Zapier, you can take a trigger from any app that they integrate with and point it to a Dasheroo graph…voila! You’ve done the integration yourself.

What Else is Going On?

We released a new onboarding process. We wanted to do a few things with it, namely make it easy to understand, easy to connect your data dashboard to  your data sources and easy to get to a custom data dashboard!

Now when you first come in to Dasheroo you’re met with the following screen designed to get you to the right place as well as highlighting our custom data feature for your dashboards:

Dasheroo data dashboard onboarding process

We also wanted to make it easier to find our custom dashboards – Now when you add an insight or connect to a new data source you’re met with a new screen:

Dasheroo custom data dashboard

So you can easily get your data into your dashboard from our Push API, a webhook or our new Zapier integration. Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve also redesigned our template gallery where we’ll be adding even more dashboard templates for you to start off with.

Dasheroo dashboards template gallery

You Want More? 

We launched with Infusionsoft dashboards, and since those insights are only included in our paid plans (not free!) we’ve decided to give you a free month so you can kick the tires. You need to use promotion code: infusionsoft-trial.

We’re planning an integration with Hubspot soon, we’re not ready yet but we’re working on it. We’ve also got Sendgrid you’ll be able to add to your dashboards as well.

Janine wrote a zinger for Inc. “The Door Isn’t Always Closed, ‘No’ Just Means ‘Not Yet‘”, she got published 0n for “3 Tips to Securing Inbound Links” and I got a piece on for “Nail Biting, Be Gone: 3 Ways to Avoid a Big Mistake When Making a Big Decision“. Check ’em out, they’re worth a quick read.

We’re planning on raising another round of funding. We’ll let you know how that goes. The environment ain’t great but we’ve got something great going on, at least our users think we do! We’re even thinking of extending our A round to get the right folks in.

We’ve got another board meeting to get ready for this week, here we go.

3 Ways to Manage a Sales Team KPIs

As a company owner or sales manager, you are faced with many challenges. Among these is establishing a system for holding your sales team accountable and measuring their KPIs. And most sales people want to be held accountable, they want clear goals and support in order to make these goals.

You aren’t alone if you find yourself asking your reps:

  • How are things looking in regards to a particular prospect?
  • How many new leads have you added to the sales funnel this week?
  • Are you on track to hit your quota?

You don’t ask these questions to be difficult. You ask these questions to ensure that your team is on the right track at all times. And you probably want to help guide them if they need it.

If you are seeking ways to hold salespeople accountable, here are three strategies to stick to:

Transparency is a Must

Dasheroo Salesforce

Being transparent is key for a successful sales process.

This holds true both for you and your sales reps. When everybody is transparent, when every bit of information is out in the open, it is much easier to stay on the same page.

If this is one of your biggest challenges, make a concerted effort to share more information with your team. You can do this in many ways. From group and individual meetings to sharing data via a sales dashboard (more on this below), the lines of communication should be open at all times.

At Dasheroo our sales “team” ok Mimi publishes her sales notes after she talks to a client in Salesforce so that our product team can see what a prospect likes or doesn’t and in Basecamp so the entire company can see what prospective customers are saying. This way we’re guided to produce what we keep hearing from customers.

Set Clear Goals and Track Progress

Dasheroo Infusionsoft CRM KPIs

Dasheroo’s Infusionsoft dashboards enables you to track over 30 different sales KPIs!

How can a salesperson succeed if they don’t know what they are chasing? It is imperative to set clear goals and track progress in the appropriate manner.

Can you answer these questions:

  • Have you set a quota for each member of your team?
  • Are you tracking progress based on number of contacts made, leads added to the funnel, sales, and revenue generated?
  • Is every salesperson aware of exactly what is expected of them?

If you can’t answer these questions, neither can your sales reps.

A great way of tracking these metrics is with your CRM provider. Great products that come to mind are Infusionsoft and Salesforce. Dasheroo provides dashboards for both of these CRM providers.

Identify Key Metrics
To make life easier, you can provide your sales team with the KPIs they should be tracking. You should also always keep an open mind if a sales rep makes a suggestion. After all, they are the people on the “front line.”

Identifying key metrics starts by answering questions such as:

  • What is the best way to generate interest in a product or service?
  • Which strategies have been proven most effective for attracting prospects?Sales Opportunities KPIs
  • How do you find the right people, the decision maker?

You can answer these questions and identify the most powerful metrics by implementing, tracking, and relying upon a sales dashboard.

For example, your dashboard may display an uptick in leads with an increased amount of social media activity. In this case, it’s a good idea to encourage more time on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A sales dashboard can also be used to track opportunities by stage. Take for instance a company that uses Salesforce as its CRM software of choice.

Not only does this help salespeople better understand their funnel, but it allows them to share information, data, and metrics with managers and other team members.

It’s not always easy to hold salespeople accountable, but it’s far from impossible. Do you have any other tips to add to this list?