Startup Lessons: The Power of a Single Positive Mention

Here at Dasheroo we’re increasing organic traffic and signups each month with zero paid media. It’s a combination of our freemium model, solid SEO and inbound marketing, and what we hope is a great product and user experience that people will share. We’ve also done a ton of influencer marketing to get our product off the ground and continue influencer outreach. We track our activity very carefully, and can pretty much plot our growth trend.

But all that said, it’s awesome when we get an unexpected – and very much appreciated! – mention from a big influencer. In this case, it was from our friends at Social Media Examiner. Talk about an influence, their blog and email reaches hundreds of thousands of marketers and is very well read and highly respected.

The article was How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard and we were fortunate to be the first of four options they recommend:

Dasheroo article from SME resulting from influencer marketing.

The power of a single positive mention!

On that day, August 8th, and for several days after that our new user signups went through the roof:

Dasheroo new users from influencer marketing!

We estimate that that one positive mention drove almost 1,000 incremental new users. And of course it’s not all about new users – our signup conversion rates doubled! We also saw an immediate spike in sales and agency leads for Mimi, our agency salesperson, to follow up on and close.

Lesson learned: Work your ass off and do good things, people will talk about you and stuff like this can happen! Influencer marketing is no joke.

Next, we’re making sure to run cohorts on this audience segment to carefully track how they convert and retain over time. This will help inform us as to the audience match, product focus and potential of partnering with them on future activities.

3 Easy Ways Put Influencer Marketing To Work For Your Biz

Stalking influential people in your industry can be fun and dangerous. Kidding. Seriously though, if there is one thing you should know it’s the people writing and talking about companies like yours to the masses.

But first the most important part, you need to start with a great product. If you have a crappy product you can get in front of all of the influential people all the time but if they hate the product they’ll either never talk about it or worse yet, say bad things about it.

So here are three easy ways we’ve found to unearth people you need to talk to.

Search Keywords on Google

Say you sell gluten-free barbecue sauce and it’s really, really good. Well gluten-free diets are all the rage and it helps with celiac disease, right? So you wouldn’t search “bbq sauce” as a keyword you might search “gluten free experts,” “gluten free books” or “celiac disease experts.” There you’ve got a list of experts or authors to go after.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.09.35 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.09.56 AM

Search Your Competition on Google

If you see that your competition is getting some great placement on blogs when you search for them on Google (we searched on Annie’s gluten-free bbq sauce” below), contact that blog owner and tell them you’d like to send them your gluten-free bbq sauce. Follow up with them to ask them what they think and if they might possibly write about you.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.20.09 AM

Search LinkedIn with Keywords

People are using LinkedIn more and more so they’re found when searching in Google so they’re using the keywords that are important to their business. A cursory search on “gluten-free experts” returned exactly what we wanted! Now it’s time to reach out, connect and try to get in front of the experts!


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.14.25 AM


It’s ok to be a stalker, you’re stalking methodically to target the exact person who might want to help you get the word out. After all your passion is in what you make and if you make a great product people should want to tell the world.