YouTube Analytics: Here’s What You’re Missing

As the number one video sharing website in the world, every marketing professional should have a YouTube strategy that drives traffic, increases engagement, and boosts brand recognition.

Here are some YouTube statistics that prove the power of this social platform:

  • YouTube has more than one billion users.
  • YouTube can be navigated in more than 75 languages.
  • More than half of all YouTube views are on mobile devices.

Some companies have dabbled with YouTube marketing in the past. Others, however, have ignored it altogether.

Regardless of your past experience and future goals, you should never overlook the power of reaching your audience via video.

And anything can be turned into a video can’t it? You can have a “how-to” video on setting up a tent, a recipe video for making apple pie, a video on the proper way to wash a dog and a video on how to grow tomatoes indoors, the possibilities are endless!

To ensure that your marketing strategy is trending in the right direction, it’s imperative to study your YouTube analytics data on a regular basis. In addition to basic data – such as the number of video uploads and views – there are other details that deserve your attention. Here are some you may have overlooked in the past:

YouTube Analytics: Watch TimeScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.23.33 AM

Don’t focus all so much time on number of views that you overlook the importance of watch time. We define this as follows:

“The total time that users spent watching your videos, in minutes.”

Taking this one step further, if you find that your watch time spiked during a particular period, review your video library for a better idea of the cause.

For instance, How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors During the Winter had 239,000 views. It would be great to know if there was a spike in watch time one year after he posted it. Then he could look to Google Analytics to see what site may have mentioned him to drive more traffic to his video.

You can look at your Dasheroo “Most Viewed Videos” dashboard to uncover the answer. From there, you’ll want to spend more time and money marketing that particular video.

YouTube Analytics: EngagementScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.23.47 AM

This means something different on every social platform. With YouTube, focus on the following:

  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Likes (and dislikes)

For our tomato video our host would want to know if people are liking it, commenting on his content and sharing it with their friends and followers. If he used Dasheroo he could tell quickly what is going on with his video and see that he has a ton of thumbs up, a few thumbs down and the overall number of comments he’s getting. You can also see if you look at his comments he often replies to people asking questions. That sparks more engagement.

YouTube Analytics - How to grow tomatoes indoors

So when engagement begins to pick up, keep the momentum by jumping in on the action and respond to comments. Along with this, you can produce similar videos (since you already know they interest your audience).


When it comes to YouTube analytics, you’ll never be hurting for data. While you focus on the basics, don’t overlook the more advanced details (see above) that can help you tweak your marketing strategy for better results.

Startup Lessons – Mobile Strategy: Acquisition or Engagement?

Scott Adams DilbertMy co-founder and VP of Product Josh and I were meeting with a senior person at Google last week, discussing ways to can work together to add value to Google users (i.e. just about everyone in the world!)

The 3-hour meeting covered a lot of topics and potential opportunities. It’s really more of a matter of WHERE do you focus – Chrome Store, Google Play, Add-on Gallery, Apps Marketplace, Android for Work, you get it.

So when we were on the topic of Android for Work, Google’s new initiative to build a huge marketplace for mobile apps for the enterprise, one question he asked was obvious: “At Dasheroo, what’s your take on your goals for mobile? If you had to choose one, is it a growth or engagement play?”

Josh and I simultaneously replied: “Engagement. Folks start on the desktop, build their dashboard and then check on their KPIs when they’re on the go.”

And that is currently true. But it also uncovered an opportunity in our approach to developing a sound mobile strategy. Mr. Google shared some stats with us on the growth of mobile search that is resulting in an action, an install, you name it, right from a mobile device. And it’s impressive growth (sorry, held to secrecy on the exact number).

Android for Work isn’t going to be our #1 focus, it’s a very enterprise-focused offering right now and we’re not ready yet. But on the drive back to San Francisco, Josh and I got to talking more about how to engage non-users when they access us via mobile.

Currently, we serve up a responsive view of our website. Sure, you can sign up for an account by filling in a couple fields, but the mobile and mobile app experience is read-only. That’s a start and satisfies most current users, but with the number of mobile searches approaching (% here) we’re soon going to be leaving money on the table!

By the time we got from San Mateo to ‘Frisco, we had a new plan roughed out: any new user (i.e. not current Dasheroo users) who hits our website from a mobile device should get a unique experience that makes it easy to add one KPI: “Add your #1 KPI now!” At least in the near term, it’d be a mountain to climb to expect a  new user to build an entire dashboard with 10-12 Insights, so why not tap into the sense of immediate gratification and simplify more by offering social signup.

If our user uses their Google account, pop the Google Analytics Total Sessions Insight; a nice, single metric report that is the most popular Insight we offer. Or if they select to signup with Facebook, immediately return the one of the most popular Facebook analytics insights, Facebook Engagement? It’s informative and easy to view on a smaller screen. And if they want to add more right then? Go to town! But at least this quick win helps both sides of the coin – growth of accounts via mobile and immediate engagement.

Hey, at Dasheroo we have a lot of priorities in the hopper right now, so we need to execute on those before jumping onto this one, but it is a priority.

What’s your approach to using mobile as mainly a growth (acquisition) or engagement play? Let me know!

3 Easy Ways Put Influencer Marketing To Work For Your Biz

Stalking influential people in your industry can be fun and dangerous. Kidding. Seriously though, if there is one thing you should know it’s the people writing and talking about companies like yours to the masses.

But first the most important part, you need to start with a great product. If you have a crappy product you can get in front of all of the influential people all the time but if they hate the product they’ll either never talk about it or worse yet, say bad things about it.

So here are three easy ways we’ve found to unearth people you need to talk to.

Search Keywords on Google

Say you sell gluten-free barbecue sauce and it’s really, really good. Well gluten-free diets are all the rage and it helps with celiac disease, right? So you wouldn’t search “bbq sauce” as a keyword you might search “gluten free experts,” “gluten free books” or “celiac disease experts.” There you’ve got a list of experts or authors to go after.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.09.35 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.09.56 AM

Search Your Competition on Google

If you see that your competition is getting some great placement on blogs when you search for them on Google (we searched on Annie’s gluten-free bbq sauce” below), contact that blog owner and tell them you’d like to send them your gluten-free bbq sauce. Follow up with them to ask them what they think and if they might possibly write about you.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.20.09 AM

Search LinkedIn with Keywords

People are using LinkedIn more and more so they’re found when searching in Google so they’re using the keywords that are important to their business. A cursory search on “gluten-free experts” returned exactly what we wanted! Now it’s time to reach out, connect and try to get in front of the experts!


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.14.25 AM


It’s ok to be a stalker, you’re stalking methodically to target the exact person who might want to help you get the word out. After all your passion is in what you make and if you make a great product people should want to tell the world.

Why Your Inbox is Your Social Media Marketing Hub

Our inbox is NUTS with social network emails!

Our inbox is NUTS with social network emails!

We just got back from Social Media Marketing World #SMMW15, and it was great. We met a ton of people and learned a bunch. But we started to think about how old school email still plays a huge role in social media marketing even WITH all of the social media marketing we’ve got.

  • On LinkedIn, if you send an inMail or a connection request an email is sent to your personal inbox. You might not check LinkedIn but a few times a week but you’re checking your email all the time.
  • On Twitter if someone connects with you, favorites or RT’s one of your Tweets, guess what? You get an email! Then from that email you can follow that person back. One of the great ways to get in front of someone for just little work is just “favorite” their Tweet. They’ll also give you suggestions in your inbox for who to follow, thanks Twitter!
  • Pinterest lets you know if one of your Facebook friends joins Pinterest, they constantly mail you with suggestions of what your friends are pinning, or if any of your friends pins something to your board.
  • Instagram will give you email notifications if someone Likes or Comments on your photos if you set it up that way.
  • YouTube will email you when someone subscribes or when a channel you subscribe to uploaded a new video.
  • Google+ will tell you when someone has added you or remind you if you’ve been invited to an event.
  • Facebook, well, they just want to own the world don’t they 😉

Hey maybe we’re biased because we love email and founded and worked at VerticalResponse but hey, you can’t disregard that the medium is still rockin’.

Track Our Startup: 28 Days to Launch Business Dashboards!

Your YouTube data right in your Dasheroo business dashboards!

Your YouTube data right in your Dasheroo business dashboards!

We have been heads down getting ready to launch, and boy have we been working our dashy little butts off! We’ve got about 3 more releases left before our big launch (our stake in the ground for “hey, we’re here and we’re real!”)

Ok, here’s the rundown:

Next Release – YOUTUBE!

We’re gearing up for our next release this week (we try to do them every two weeks) and this one includes:

  • YouTube Insights – Recent videos, most viewed videos, engagement, views by video and more!
  • RSS feed – This cool widget will let you track feeds of content you want to keep an eye on.

We’re also always fixing bugs and working on stuff that you can’t see to make Dasheroo more robust for your business dashboards.

Next Up – Facebook Ads Insights? Perhaps!

We did some initial data-gathering for our next app integration for Facebook Ads since we’re having some issues with Google+. We’re not there yet but look for more deets on this next week.

We’re also going to be changing our calculation for Twitter engagement, adding Favorites to the score since that’s how more people are looking at it.

And we’re knee-deep in figuring out how to give you a great interface for bundling apps in a dashboard!

Dasheroo business cards from Moo

We handed out a buncha Moo biz cards at #SMMW15!

#SMMW15 – Social Media Marketing World, San Diego

We went to this amazing show that highlighted the fact that what we’re doing is so necessary for small businesses, agencies, consultants and more. We heard from @tedrubin @meloniedadaro @kimgarst @marismith, @jenns_trends, @suebzimmerman @lutzfinger @joepulizzi and one of our faves @ducttape that social media marketing is growing and has never been better for businesses to get them to prosper. Check out the first in a few posts about the show.

We also wanted to get Dasheroo in front of a lot of pretty influential people in the industry as we’re getting ready for launch, and we were really successful at that.

Josh Feinberg our newest Dasheroo memberOur Newest Addition…Josh!

We just announced that our buddy Josh Feinberg is joining Team Dasheroo. Why do we love Josh? Well this team has worked under his Product Guru-ness for the last 13 years so we’re super-excited to have him on board as a co-founder. And no we don’t only hire people with J-names.



Track Our Startup: 35 Days to Launch + New Insights

We're tracking our own launch plan with the Dasheroo Google Sheets integration!

We’re tracking our own launch plan with the Dasheroo Google Sheets integration!

Last week we told you we released our new Google Sheets integration for your business dashboards. We hope you get in there and check it out, we’ve seen a ton of users already using it to track things like sales, revenue, task lists and more.

New Release: Insights + 60-Day Date Ranges!

In an effort to make our current Apps more robust in most releases we try to give you more ways to view your data or more data to view! In this release it’s a bit of both.

Facebook – Since we’re sure many of you love to see Facebook Likes, Shares, Comments and Clicks in one Insight, sometimes it works better visually to see them individually, so we split them all out to give you four separate Insights.

Highest engagement and Recent posts Insights now display more than five.

Google Analytics – Pie chart for Social Sources and Top Sources by Medium & Device Type.

Twitter – Highest engagement and Recent Tweets Insights now display more than five

For many of our Insights (not all) you’ll now be able to choose a date range of up to 60 days, up from 30. For lotsa technical reasons, this is a tough problem to solve. Some of our Insights will not support the date range so you might get a message for those in particular.

Launch – 35 Days and Counting

This past week we’re knee deep in our launch deets. We even have a Google Sheet we’re tracking to.

We’ve got a ton of marketing to do, a new website, and doing about 2-3 releases more until that day to make it a real wow for our users. Thanks for all of the awesome feedback.

Speaking of feedback, John has been emailing anyone who signs up asking them why they chose to sign up and where they heard about us. An astonishing amount of people want to give that feedback right away so we’re pretty excited about it.

Next Up

We’ll be trying to get as many features in as possible which includes, but is not limited to (sounded all legal there didn’t we?)

  • More Insights for our current apps
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • And a few other surprises we’ll tell you about as we get closer to launch!

Austin (nothing to do with #SXSW)

We moved into our Austin office, now James can stop talking to himself! Just kidding James. We welcomed Court our QA guru and Andrew, our amazing platform engineer. They’re busy setting up their development environments and getting to work on helping to pull in features for the launch. We’re so happy to have them as part of the team!

Our Austin team, hard at work!

Our Austin team, hard at work!

John is still shaking the money tree and getting closer than ever to close the first round of funding…GO JOHNNY! We’re also hiring developers in Austin (we’ll talk to you wherever you are though) and a Content Marketing/Social Media guru anywhere. Tell your friends!

Track Our Startup: Austin Here We Come!

We’ve been talking about Google Sheets for a few weeks now, it’s finally in QA and we’re banging away on it. What does that mean? Here are a few “what ifs” we ask the code:

  • What if there is an empty cell in a sheet, how do we handle that?

    Pie chart of future application integrations for Dasheroo.

    What’s cool about this Insight? It’s our own Google Sheet of what applications you’re requesting!

  • What if a user doesn’t put a value in the x-axis?
  • What if there are 40,000 rows of data?
  • What if the user doesn’t understand what we’re asking you to do?

All of these and hundreds more “what ifs” get vetted by our team but it’s tedious and it’s what we need to do to make sure you get what you need when you’re looking at your business dashboards.

What else are we working on?

All hands are on Sheets, we’ve had a ton of sick days, (took a few of us “out” for a month!) but we’re still working on a few other Insights. As you can see with the graph we’re showing (it’s in Google Sheets by the way 🙂 ) we’ll be looking at Google+ and YouTube next to see what requirements are. We know Pinterest is a biggie but rest assured if you’ve requested Pinterest, we’ve applied to be an official partner. More on that as we hear from them.

John is busy shaking the money tree and having some great meetiScreen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.46.25 AMngs with potential future partners. We’d love to tell you who but unfortunately for us, if we tell ya we gotta kill ya and that’s just not good for anyone.

We’re pretty stoked about going to Austin for our board meeting. We’re looking to build a team out in Austin because we like those nice people, what they eat and their music. Plus they’re just damn smart!

Gotta get back to QAing Sheets!