Google Sheets, a Google Dashboard, and Your Sales Team

You can learn a lot through the implementation of a Google dashboard. From analytics to AdWords, there’s always another piece of data calling your name.

Recently, at Dasheroo, we released a new Google Sheets feature that you’re going to be excited bout. Here’s what we had to say about it:Screen-Shot-2016-08-25-at-8.30.52-AM

“Now you can track multiple KPIs on ONE chart in your dashboard, up to 5 in fact. So if you want to see how one metric is performing right alongside others, this is the way to do it.”

We can think of many ways this feature will come in handy, especially in regards to your sales team.

With multi-metric tracking, you have the opportunity to track up to five different metrics in one chart. It really is that simple. Take a look for yourself and add this one to your Google dashboard.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few ways it can be used to track sales performance and improve results.

1. Track Sales Revenue by Rep

You have many people on your sales team. You know some are performing up to par, while others are lagging behind the group.

With this Google Sheets feature, you can track your salespeople’s revenue against each other.  This allows you to see who’s performing best and who needs to pick up the slack.

2. Track Sales Over Time

At the end of each month (or any other interval), you can use this feature to see how each salesperson is performing as compared to the past.

Is one salesperson consistently making more sales than the month before? Is another experiencing a slow and steady drop-off? Tracking them all in a single graph makes it easy to identify quickly who is doing what.

3. Product Sales

What product performs best for your company? What product is on the verge of being discontinued?

If you can’t answer this question, it may be because you’ve yet to track product sales over a particular period of time.

Our newest feature makes it simple to track up to five product sales, giving you a clear idea of which ones generate the largest percentage of revenue.

Getting started is as simple assigning up for an account, creating a Google dashboard, and using this feature to track a variety of sales data. What are you waiting on?

Track Our Startup: Performance Boost + August Rocked!

Well now that our last release is behind us here at Dasheroo, there’s a new one coming! We’re going to be adding a new pricing tier between FREE and $19 so be on the lookout for that. We’re also working on performance for your dashboards, killing some nasty bugs some users have experienced (sorry!), and our new integration with one of our most requested apps, Active Campaign, CRM for small business.

We think that we boosted performance for loading your dashboards by anywhere from 10-20%. So you should see your dashboards loading at a quicker pace. Thanks James! He’ll be looking at a few other places in our code where we can optimize performance. Everybody needs a speedy dashboard.quickbooks online logo - dasheroo dashboards

We’re doing some research on what new insights for QuickBooks Online users might want. We even asked our own internal accountants to weigh in. More on that as we know more.

Thanks to Nivi for reaching out to all customers who have asked for multi metric tracking in a Google Sheet. If you don’t know about it, it’s awesome.

Our summer started slow but man did it end on a high note. We got the most new customers in a given month ever. And Mimi killed it with her sales number as well. Way to go!

September is gearing up to be bigger and better so we have to get back to work!

New Release: New Google Sheets Feature + QuickBooks Online!

We’ve been talking about it and it’s finally here! Check out all of the new insights and dashboards Dasheroo has to offer.

New to Google Sheets Dashboard

Now you can track multiple KPIs on ONE chart in your dashboard, up to 5 in fact. So if you want to see how one metric is performing right alongside others, this is the way to do it.

Google Sheets multi KPI dashboard

QuickBooks Online (QBO)

We familiarized ourselves with yet another integration that we think is strategically important, QuickBooks Online! After all it is one of the leading small business accounting software packages out there. We already show you what’s happening with Sales and Marketing on your dashboards from a myriad of integrations, but tracking money out and revenue in for marketing and sales is also important. So to start we’re giving you three insights from QuickBooks to add to your Dasheroo dashboard.

  • Profit and Loss – View a trending line of income and expenses for your business in the given time period.QBO Income and Expenses Dasheroo dashboard
  • Customer Balance – View the amount owed by your customers broken down by due and past due.QBO Past Due Dasheroo dashboard
  • Income and Expenses – View your high level profit and loss details for the given time period.QBO Income & Expenses dashboard

What’s New?

Ever wanted to know what we’ve been working on right from within the Dasheroo application? I know, sometimes you’re too busy to get yourself to the blog…well we’ll get you there! Just click on “What’s New” in the app and you’ll see exactly what we’ve been up to.

Dasheroo - What's New Feature

More to come!

Track Our Startup: We’re Almost There!

We’ve been talking about our latest software release for a few weeks now. This stuff for sure isn’t easy. You have to merge new code with your existing code without making it “visible” to users until you QA the crap out of it. And that’s what we’re in the midst of, making sure when we do make it visible to you it won’t break your dashboards.

So our awesome team had hopes that we could do that last week but it didn’t happen for a variety of reasons. And it would be more work to release part of it then then whole thing. So you might have to wait a few more days to see all of the awesome work we’ve been doing on Dasheroo.

Remember, we’ve got the ability to track up to five KPIs in a line chart using your Google Sheets dashboard. Pretty cool stuff. That’s the one I’m going to put to good use.

Sales & Marketing

Mimi, our Director of Sales, is working on closing one of our biggest deals yet and we’re pretty excited about it. It will bring us a lot of users which is always awesome. Great job Mimi!

I was recently looking at our YouTube analytics dashboard YouTube Analyticsand saw that we have a ton of views in the past week on Getting Started with Google Sheets. We try to have videos all over our help section of our website since we’re a pretty small team. In fact this particular video had almost 1500 views all time. That’s telling to us, we probably need more videos around using Google Sheets on your dashboards. Alf…’re so good at these 🙂

Are you looking at your YouTube analytics?

Track Our Startup: New Release On the Way

As we told you last week we’ve been busy on our next release for your dashboards due out later this week. What’s new? A bunch!!

New Features for Tracking KPIs On The Way!

The biggest request we get from those who track KPIs on a Google Sheets dashboard is support for tracking multiple KPIs on one sheet. Well in the next release you’ll be able to support FIVE!!

You’ll also get access to these new features right from within your dashboards so every time we do a release it will be even easier to find out all the goodies you’ll have access to.

We’ll also have a few Quickbooks Online insights to add to your dashboards. Now you’ll be able to track KPIs like your P&L right from Dasheroo.

We’re also working to get our Active Campaign dashboard out so you can track all of your marketing KPIs in one spot. That will likely make the release after this one. Great job guys!

We’ve been doing pretty good with our SEO lately. We use a tool called SEM RushSEM Rush - Dasheroo SEO which we really like. It gives us great competitive intel for keywords that other businesses in our space are ranking for. We can easily see where we are plotted next to other businesses. In the chart on the right you can see that we are ranking for the most organic keywords that drive the right targeted traffic. Can you tell we love our graphs and charts here at Dasheroo? 🙂

Alf, our VP of Customer Success, has been busy recovering from the awesome onslaught of user questions and suggestions (which we love) from the Social Media Examiner article last week. It was an awesome article, How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard, thanks again @SMExaminer! We also had a record number of purchases we’ve ever had in a week.

Back to work!

Track Our Startup: Up Next? Google Sheets & Quickbooks Online

social media examiner article: track KPIs in a dashboardThanks to a HUGE mention in a Social Media Examiner article entitled: How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard, we got hundreds of users, a ton of quality leads (Mimi had 8 demos yesterday!) and we’re half way to our new customer goal and it’s only the 10th. Thanks Brandon Olson! He’s the Content Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of our email marketing partners.

UP Next?

Josh and Nivi have been working with James and our developers closely to gear up for our next release which will probably include a bunch of Google Sheets improvements. This will be great to add more metrics to a Google Dashboard along with Google Analytics KPIs and Google Adwords KPIs. We’re also working on a whole new integration with … Quickbooks Online! More on that as we finish up development but it’s going to be cool, very cool.

After that one of our most requested integrations will be released and that’s Active Campaign. For those of you who don’t know them they’ve got a killer marketing automation product which includes email marketing and CRM.


Nivi is going to spent this week looking at the Microsoft Excel API. Even though we’re huge Google Sheets users, there’s a ton of you who still heavily use Microsoft. Sigh.

Austin Food Truck: Muy Delicious

There’s Chef Rabin of Muy Delicious!

Austin Food Truck!!

Our own Director of Sales Mimi and her husband have opened up an awesome FOOD TRUCK in Austin called Muy Delicious and boy does it live up to its name. Food trucks are popular there, all kinds of amazing chefs have opened them. What to eat? The Giddy Up’s Burger is to die for, the chicken Rich Ranch Tacos are amazing and My Butler’s Boneless Chicken Wings are a must-eat. If you’re in Austin on Manchaca Rd., you need to stop.

Bye for now!

Startup Lessons Learned: Customer Segmentation Exercise, Fun!

The other day, I realized with all the hubbub that happens in our small & growing startup Dasheroo, that I had lost touch a bit with just whoour customers are. Sure, I could talk about “here’s how many we have, this % are agencies, that % are consumer brands, here’s the ARPU and this % are outside the US” type crap, but it bugged me I hadn’t done a deeper dive for awhile.

Dasheroo customer segmentation research in Google Sheets

I put our customers into Google Sheets on my Dasheroo dashboard so everyone could see!

So on yet another gorgeous San Francisco day I hauled my dog Dwight, a beer and my MacBook out on our patio for a little customer segmentation project. I took 100 random paying customers that are from our ‘sales assisted’ category, meaning they pay us enough $$ to have a sales person work with them, as opposed to our lower ARPU ‘auto convert’ biz. Not saying the auto convert biz is in any way less important, but I needed to focus where to point or limited resources for outbound sales efforts.

One by one, I hit their websites and built on a Google Sheet with a simple ‘who – where – what’ layout; the customer name, where they are based, and what type of business they are.

OK, maybe it took a beer or so more to complete but as I progressed I got more and more excited. I mean, it’s so easy to go from one sale to the next, always focused on ‘the next’ that you can begin to miss some key trends and customer profile types.

In this case, a few really interesting, and I hope actionable, trends were spotted with my customer segmentation research:

  • Agencies that target the SMB market. Regional in nature, and a good concentration in the Southeast US and Australia
  • These agencies aren’t ‘we’ll do everything for you’, a huge % focus on social media and influencer campaigns and measurement only.
  • A few decentralized departments of pretty large, well known consumer brands.

So what? Here’s what: we’re gonna re-focus our lead gen budget with these geos and a closer match to the ‘social media’ agency markets vs. a more broad targeting. Next, we’re thinking about launching an outbound effort to “land & expand’ to grow within the large consumer brands, working our way across geographic departments first and hopefully further across functional departments within each location!

Sure, I could have ditched this project off to someone else. But sometimes rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands a little dirty with customer segmentation can really help put your focus back where it matters. Next, a similar exercise with our auto convert buyers!

Track Our Startup: Exceeded Monthly KPIs + New Release on the Way

We’ve got a ton going on between all of the work our engineering team has been doing AND beating each KPI we track! Read on!

We’ve been busy trying to get release #27 out the door. If you remember it’s some new integrations with the likes of SendGrid and some new insights for Facebook Ads and a few other apps. Court and Nivi have been knee-deep in testing mode, great work guys. We’re hoping to get it out by next week so sit tight.

Dasheroo new UI for dashboards

Dasheroo’s new UI on the way soon!

I also can’t wait until we release our new UI. It’s super slick.
Josh has been working super closely with the awesome partner team at Zapier (that amazing company that gives you hundreds of metrics on your Dasheroo dashboard) posted a great blog post announcing our integration with them. They’ll be sending an email out to all of their hundreds of thousands of users soon.
We’re going to start working on a multi-stat insight for Google Sheets, a highly requested feature from our users, pretty cool huh? You’ll be able to compare one KPI to another all in one chart!
We’ve been at work behind the scenes on a stats refresh issue. Some of our customers are noticing that updates aren’t happening hourly but maybe ever few hours so we’re looking into all of our providers to make sure the problem isn’t widespread.
We made our monthly number, I should say numbers! We exceeded all of our KPIs: our new user KPI, our new paying customer KPI and our revenue KPI, and we couldn’t be happier. We shoot to increase our KPIs 10-15% each month and so far so good! More on KPIs.
On to June!

Startup Lessons Learned: Want feedback? Just ask!

We’re big fans of survey tools like SurveyMonkey as well as in-app NPS tools like Wootric. They are great ways to get intel to help improve the user experience. But our co-founder and VP Customer Success wanted more! Similar to the email that is sent upon initial signup, asking users where they heard of us, So he created a short & sweet text only email asking 2 simple questions:

Here's Alf's simple & straightforward email

Here’s Alf’s simple & straightforward email

About 1/2 the folks reply directly to the email and the rest click on the link, which pops this pre-formed email:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.34.17 AM

We get about a 4% response to this campaign, which is sent to users about 3 weeks after they sign up. They’ve had enough time to poke around, set up a dashboard or two and see what’s good and not so good. And this feedback is free and awesome! Sure it’s helpful to know what people appreciate but it’s way more valuable for us to know what’s missing for them. And in our case, we had a ton of common criticism about our original Google Sheets integration, specifically about the data set limitations. Here’s an actual email response:

Dasheroo Google Sheets feedback

Who knows, maybe we wouldn’t have thought to pose that question in a survey. We may not have ever found out that someone had an issue with Dasheroo and Google Sheets. But open-ended feedback rules! We’ll continue to build out these campaigns for additional steps in the customer journey to make sure we’re providing the best value and experience possible. What are your procedures and practices for doing the same, let’s learn from each other!

Here’s a Great Example of a Google Dashboard

Google is the king of free tools for marketing professionals. For example, we love the functionality and power of Google’s Keyword Planner. This is a tool we use day after day, and it’s really helped us take our business to the next level.

A Google dashboard is a great way to better understand your business. From traffic to advertising budgets to goals, the amount of data is never-ending.

If the time has come to create your first Google dashboard, here are three elements to include:

Google AdWords

If at any point you decide to spend money on AdWords advertising, it’s essential to track your results down to every last penny. And you want to track the ‘top of the funnel’, that is how much traffic your driving to your website to evenutally…convert.

Answer questions such as:

  • How much are you spending every day?
  • Which keywords are converting best?
  • What is your ROI?

It’s easy to spend money on AdWords. It’s not as easy to make money. By tracking data and results, you increase your chance of success.

Google Analytics

How do you know how much traffic your website is receiving? Do you understand your top traffic sources? What about your most visited pages?

At Dasheroo, we don’t spend money on Google Adwords (yet) but we do track exactly how many Sessions we get, how many users are responsible for those sessions.

On the dashboard below we include Google Users numbers so we can see how many new users vs. existing ones we get. We also use the “notes” feature so everyone is on the same page for what our conversion rates are.

Dasheroo Google Dashboard - Google Analytics

These are the types of questions you can answer by integrating Analytics into your Google dashboard.

Information like this will change the way you do business.

Google Sheets

Here’s what Google has to say about Sheets:

“With Google Sheets, you can create, edit, and collaborate wherever you are. For free.”

What more can you want? You can leave Excel spreadsheets in the past, instead relying on Sheets to create and collaborate. Through secure cloud storage, you can access all of your sheets from anywhere in the world, with any device.

At Dasheroo on our Google Dashboard you’ll find a ton of great KPIs we track.

We want to look at where we are to goal (we use Dasheroo’s countdown insight) and what our conversion rates are.

Dasheroo Google Dashboard - Google Sheets

Google Ecommerce

This is the ‘bottom of the funnel’ if you’re selling retail. You can track exactly how much you sold from all of that traffic you drove using Google Adwords (or not!)

At Dasheroo since we sell based on monthly subscriptions we use Stripe. However we put that information into a Google Sheet so we can track it all on one Google Dashboard. For us FTC means First Time Customer so we’re pretty happy we got to 100%!

Dasheroo Google Dashboard - Google Ecommerce

Final Thoughts

At Dasheroo, we have long been a fan of Google’s many free tools. Furthermore, we want all our clients to realize what these tools can do for them. That’s why we have put so much time into helping you create the perfect Google dashboard! Get yours for free at Dasheroo!