Startup Lessons Learned: Testing Facebook Ads

Dasheroo for Agencies - KPIsRecently we needed to drum up some leads for Mimi, our Director of Sales here at Dasheroo. Where did we turn? Facebook Advertising of course. How easy is it to set up a Facebook Ad in minutes, get it approved in minutes and start to find out what works and what doesn’t.

So we started spending a mere $20/day to drive leads to a sign up form where people can get more information on Dasheroo for Agencies.

Facebook Mobile Might Not Work for Your Offering

If you’ve got an app that appeals to a mobile audience, include placements on Instagram and Facebook Mobile. You should even set up separate ads so you can track each of them.

At Dasheroo we were getting a TON of traffic but no conversions because we selected our ad to be shown on Instagram and Facebook mobile.

Dasheroo Google Dashboard

So make sure you track where your website traffic is coming from. In this Dasheroo Insight we track Google Analytics by Device type. Just before the 16th of May you can see that our mobile traffic eclipsed our desktop traffic…weird.

Facebook Automatically Checks “Audience Network”. 

This means that your ad will be optimized for where it will get the most bang for your buck. However you might not get conversions from it. And that’s what happened to us.

From the graph below you can see that Facebook looked at the Cost per Result and found that the Audience Network was giving us a .08 per click. Nice but not when they don’t convert. And we found people were not converting from a mobile device. Less than 1% of our traffic was going to the desktop. Even though that Cost per Result was .54 cents they may have signed up for more information.


Facebook Ads Analytics

So now we went in and unchecked Audience Network!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 6.53.39 AM


Now we bumped our spend to $40/day. We’ll blog again when we see if there were any changes in conversion. Stay tuned!