Texas Christian University: How We Use Dasheroo to Measure KPIs

Dasheroo customer Texas Christian UniversityWhen we found out that Texas Christian University used Dasheroo to track their KPIs with our dashboards we couldn’t wait to talk to them to find how how and why. So we reached out to the TCU Assistant Director of Student Activities Brad Thompson. Here’s his story (and it’s probably a lot like yours!)

What’s Their Problem Anyway?

Brad Thompson is responsible for collaborating with the school’s marketing team, along with 30+ student volunteers, to launch more than 600 events per year. And with limited resources, this is a colossal undertaking.

As the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Brad is always looking for ways to build a bigger brand, generate more awareness, and more efficiently communicate with staff, students, and other on campus personnel.

Every week, Brad sends 10k to 20k emails while also managing a robust social media presence. His focus is simple: to increase student involvement.

Show Me The Money!

Within any university environment, there is regular questioning regarding KPIs, marketing efforts, budget, and return on investment (ROI). Brad had no data to back up his hard work. Having access to data helps with the following:

  •      Justifying implemented marketing strategies.
  •      Introducing new marketing channels.
  •      Calculating and communicating return on investment.
  •      Forecasting.
  •      Bringing credibility to what Brad is working so hard to do!  

What Did They Find Out?

Despite his best efforts, Brad was unable to find a solution to his biggest challenges. During the summer of 2015, however, he came across Dasheroo.

He said, “I found Dasheroo over the summer, right after their  launch. I had been dreaming of an business analytics dashboard for over three years and had yet to find anything. I had trials with a couple other providers, but ultimately found that Dasheroo offered the features I need and is also the easiest to use.We are now obsessed with Dasheroo!”

After connecting with Dasheroo, Brad soon experienced its true power. Early on, he used a Dasheroo dashboard to learn more about the email marketing service, Emma (an integrated partner of Dasheroo).

From there, the university jumped on board with Emma, thanks in large part to its Dasheroo integration.

Brad noted a variety of other benefits provided by the Dasheroo dashboard:

  •      It’s a simple integration, clean, and access to all metrics in one spot.
  •      It gives the ability to pull up information anytime, anywhere, with all data continually updated, even on a mobile device.
  •      It integrates with their much used applications; Emma, Facebook ads, Google Analytics, and other platforms.

With a focus on email marketing, Brad and his team have found the Emma integration to be a lifesaver.

“For email marketing, the response metrics are huge. Furthermore, we want to grow our site beyond students, and once again, a targeted email marketing strategy can assist with this.”

When asked about his favorite feature, Brad didn’t waste a minute:

“I love that we have all of our data in once place. We really value data collection, but it’s spread across so many platforms that it gets to be overwhelming. Dasheroo puts our data together, making it both intuitive to understand and easy to act on.”

Now What?

Moving forward, the TCU Student Activities department plans on doing more marketing for public events.

While most their current efforts revolve around Facebook, the team wants to expand their approach and touch on other social channels, such as Instagram.

Brad has taken advantage of many features provided by Dasheroo, while also using the dashboard to learn more about Emma. This will lead to the addition of other apps to help with events, surveys, e-commerce and more to have a true marketing dashboard.

“We’ve connected Google Analytics, Facebook, Facebook ads, and Emma. From here, we want to look into a payment integration for paid events, and will consider all Dasheroo integrations that may be able to help.”

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo for Agencies In December

It’s been another crazy week here at Dasheroo, building more for your dashboards by the minute, but that’s the life of a startup isn’t it?

We’re Working On It

We’re working on p20 and i20 releases. Remember “p” is for features we develop across our platform and “i” is for new integrations? We’ve got both in flight right now and it’s super nuts

And remember our release schedule is on or around a two week cycle so we’ll try for this week but it might be next due to the holiday. Speaking of have a wonderful Thanksgiving if that’s what you’re celebratin’.

On the backend Andrew and James continue breakthrough after breakthrough of getting us to optimize how we “call” for data from Twitter. You guys rock, thank you!

Dasheroo for Agencies…It’s ComingDasheroo dashboards for Agencies

I’ll call Dasheroo for Agencies in “beta”. It’s not visible to the masses yet but if you’d like to see a demo of it fill out this form and Mimi will get to you, we love all feedback. We’ll be releasing it with the ability to swap out the company logo for a few paid plans on the PDF dashboard export but you won’t be able to swap the logo out of the product, YET. That will be worked on shortly. Call it “white-label-ish”. And you’ll be able to manage all of your client’s dashboards from one Dasheroo location, a huge time-saver!

Dasheroo Gets Ink!

Our partner Emma wrote this article about a customer we found for them! We think it mighta been cooler to mention us more being that we found them a new customer but that’s the way the Oreo crumbles! Emma, you’re welcome 🙂 How university marketers can score a 60% open rate. SalesforceIQ was kind enough to include us in 12 Tools That Help Salespeople Work Faster and More Effectively. The wonderful Anita Campbell wrote 10 Ways Smart Business Owners Use a Business Dashboard for the SBA.gov site and included Dasheroo, how cool is that?!
I’m working on a 2016 revenue plan that is a big, bad, bear. We’re also working on a ton of content, we got accepted to write for Social Media Today and Janine was asked to write for Relevance by Chad Pollitt, there’s some really great content there! That was really cool, thanks Chad! Don’t forget to read the rest of her article she writes 2x/week for Inc.com, I know I’m biased but they’re pretty cool.
Have a great Thanksgiving! John at Dasheroo.

Dasheroo Business Dashboards In The News: SBA and Salesforce IQ

Texas Christian University Logo for a Dasheroo business dashboards storyOur partner Emma wrote this article about a customer who uses Dasheroo for business dashboards. We found them, Emma you’re welcome 🙂 How university marketers can score a 60% open rate.

Salesforce IQ logo for a Dasheroo business dashboards storySalesforceIQ was kind enough to include us in 12 Tools That Help Salespeople Work Faster and More Effectively.

The wonderful Anita Campbell from Small Biz Trends wrote 10 Ways Smart Business Owners Use Business DashboardsSBA logo for a Dasheroo business dashboards story for the SBA.gov site and included Dasheroo, how cool is that?!

Thanks everyone, every little link helps!

Track Our Startup! Release: Pinterest Analytics & More Google Campaigns

We got Pinterest out into the wild, so if you’re an avid pinner for your business you’re going to love the Pinterest analytics we’re giving you to track on your dashboard. Check out all that we’re offering here! Along with Pinterest we were able to also release a bunch o’ awesome stuff:

New Email Marketing Dashboard InsightsDasheroo email marketing subscriber dashboard

Now you can track email subscriber growth for each list in your account for: Campaign Monitor, VerticalResponse, AWeber, Emma, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Get Response.

New Google Analytics Campaign Insights

We dove back into Google Analytics and created a few more insights for Campaigns that users were asking for.

  • Top Keywords by Sessions Leaderboard – Bar charts tracks the different organic keywords and the revenue that these keywords brought in.
  • Top Campaigns by Sessions Leaderboard – Bar chart tracks your Google Analytics Campaigns by Sessions.
  • Top Keyword by Revenue Leaderboard – Bar chart that tracks the different organic keywords and the revenue that these keywords brought in.

We also fixed a few bugs that hopefully you didn’t see so I won’t list them!

What else is going on? Isn’t that enough? No.

So we’re in Austin today. So far the co-founders got together for the first part of the Mind Meld yesterdayRepublic of the Sandwich in Austin, today the whole team is together. We’re going to share a bunch of data with the team, then go out and have some fun in this amazing city. Watch out Austin, I’ll post some pix to Instagram. Love this town. Oh, Uchiko, here we come, that’s right, land-locked sushi, but it’s the best ever!

One more thing we’re pretty excited about on the food train, James went to school with the Thomas who started Republic of the Sandwich in Austin, yep, we got takeout. If you’re in Austin it’s awesome, check them out!

Janine wrote some killer articles for Inc.com this week, Want to Get to SEO Perfection? It’s Time to Revisit Your Keywords! and Stop Wasting Time–5 Important Tasks To Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

We got amazing mentions in Bill Brelsford’s blog for his marketing consultancy Rebar Business Builders entitled Getting The Most Out of Your Dashboard and we’re pretty stoked about it. He’s a great person who knows more than a thing or two about helping business grow by analyzing business analytics. Thanks Bill!

Ok, time to get back to the meeting! – John

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo Invited to the LAUNCH Scale Demo Pit!

We Launch Logowere so excited and proud that Dasheroo was nominated to host a demo table at LAUNCH Scale  as a Top 100 company most likely to scale! Holy Moly! We’re even happier to be invited to the Top 100 Demo Pit!! If you’re in San Francisco today or Wednesday (sorry for the short notice!) you should go to this event! Stop by and say hi to Josh or Alf.

Back to Scaling…

We are ready for Q4 I tell ya. We’re tracking our numbers for the early part of Q4 and it’s looking good as far as website visits, converted leads and new customers finding value in what we provide (i.e. paying us!) Onward and upward as they say.

New Stuff We’re Working On…

We’ve been working on a few new integrations like Pinterest. It’s not been easy and it’s our #1 requested integration but they recently opened up their API to give us data for your Pinterest analytics. So they’re up next!

For Pinterest you’ll be able to track business metrics like:

  • Total number of boards
  • Total number of pins
  • Total number of followers
  • Total number of re-pins
  • Total number of comments
  • Total number of favorites
We’re also working on dashboard insight for Pinterest Reach,  Engagement, New Followers, Engagement Rate, Engagement Rate by Boards, Boards Leaderboard, Highest Engagement Pins and Popular Pin Types. Whew!
We’ve been revisiting current integrations we have and adding additional insights for you to include on your data dashboard.

For all email marketing providers like VerticalResponse, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Emma, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and Get Response you’ll now be able to track growth broken out by each subscriber list.

Alerts (we had to put this feature on hold for a bit but it’s back!) –  You’ll soon be able to set an alert when a threshold is met on a KPI you track in your dashboard. For instance if you want to know the minute you hit 100 Likes on a given day on your Facebook page you’ll get an email!

We continue to work on our Partner program administrative functionality which we’d like to release soon. So if you’re an agency or you manage a larger team of people and you need controls over who sees what data, we’ve got you covered.

Our co-founder James developed the coolest way to export your data into a PDF. He’s calling it Drone and soon we’re gong to release it to all of our users and he’s going to release it as an open source application to the developer community. We’re pretty happy about that for many, many, many reasons!

Now back to work and back to LAUNCH Scale!

Track Our Startup Post Launch: Pricing, Press & People

We got right back into ‘hard at work’ mode after we launched last week. With the new business dashboards launch we gave our users mashups, bundles, dashboard templates, wider date range access, Facebook Ads and email marketing giant Emma insights, whew!

We passed the 2000 user mark and we’re starting to really gain traction with our growing user base! Please tell your friends because advertising gets expensive. PEOPLE ARE EXPENSIVE, however we’d rather spend our money on people working for you rather than ads to get new people.

Up Next?

We’re working on releasing Campaign Monitor and following that up Aweber. A number of users have been requesting these applications so that’s what we’re focused on.

image of Dasheroo's pricing offerUpcoming Pricing

Did you see our upcoming pricing? Get in on the early adopter special and tell your buds about it, it’s a great deal 🙂 That leads us to tell you that we don’t have a billing platform in place yet, but we’re excited to be using Stripe.

We got some great press from our launch and hopefully will continue to:

We’re hiring!

Does it matter where you live? Nope. We do have an office in Austin so if you’re an engineer in the Austin area even better but not necessary. We’re also looking for Product Managers and Sales too.

We’re off to Market New York to show Dasheroo off and get some really great feedback! Great feedback = positive OR negative to us. Stop by we’re at booth #200.