Track Our Startup: New Release Next Week + New Users!

We’ve got a lot going on at Dasheroo that we’re pretty excited about. We’re aiming to give you the best dashboard experience ever!

Release 27

All heads down on releasing a bunch of releases over the next few weeks. A few of the features include new Insights for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Instagram. We’re also getting ready to announce a new SendGrid integration plus a whole lot more.

We’ve actually released a few of these already “behind edge.” All that means to us is that it’s part of the live code so we can see that it actually works with our existing code, but users can’t see it yet until the rest of the release is ready to go.

Court our stud QA engineer and Nivi our awesome Product Manager have been killing themselves to get this out, thanks guys.

We’re hoping to get this live by next week, cross your fingers for us!

New Users!Dasheroo dashboard - SEO

We’ve been inching up the SEO scale for some pretty cool keywords. We use SEM Rush to track this. It’s pretty cool.

You can see from the image on the right that we’re in pretty good shape for Instagram keywords (page 1!) and climbing for “Twitter” and “KPI”. And they get a ton of search volume…woohoo!

Dasheroo dashboard feature requests

Our Zapier announcement continues to give us a ton of new users, and a lot of new integration requests. Check this out –> this was just in one hour. Alf has been BUSY!

Mimi our Sales Director is doing a killer job closing deals. She’s already at 6 deals for the month which we love. Dasheroo dashboard - Hot leadsAnd tons of leads have been showing up at our site. Check this out –> this was just in the last 5 days.

James has been busy with scaling our product so that it supports all of these awesome users and their dashboards!



Dasheroo Dashboard Feature: Slideshow Mode

Did you ever want to display your dashboard to your team or your boss so that everyone knew what KPIs were being tracked and where your team was in relation to where you need to be?

Now with the Dasheroo slideshow feature it’s easier than ever! You can have one dashboard no matter how long it is displayed in a number of different time intervals on a big screen. All you need is the Dasheroo Grande Plan or above.

In “Settings” simply choose Slideshow.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.28.15 AM

Then choose the dashboard (one ore more!) you want to show in your slideshow. If it is long it will be parsed so that portions of it are displayed at a time. You can also choose what time interval you’d like it to change.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.28.26 AM

You’ll now have your KPIs displaying the dashboards you want in the time interval you desire. Pretty cool huh?

Dasheroo Dashboard: Slideshow feature

Dasheroo Dashboard: Slideshow feature

Dasheroo Dashboard: Slideshow feature

Your beautiful KPIs will be ready for everyone’s viewing pleasure!


VIDEO: How to View a Dasheroo Dashboard in Salesforce

Need to view your dashboard in your Salesforce account? No problem! Alf our co-founder and VP of Customer Success is at it again, creating amazing videos helping you get the most out of your Dasheroo experience. This video in particular guides you through the set up process of how to view Dasheroo dashboards right inside your Salesforce account under its own tab.

Once again, this video is fantastically personal with the mellow sound of Alf’s voice.

Dasheroo Dashboard Set-Up for

Alf, thanks for helping everyone make the absolute most our of Dasheroo!

Track Our Startup: Talking to Customers Gives Us Clarity

Dasheroo talks to customers about dashboards

Josh’s feedback from talking to customers.

Lately we’ve been questioning the dashboard roadmap we laid out a half year ago to see if it matches where we’re at as a company now,which is a very different place! So Josh took to the phone (huh?) to actually talk to a variety of our customers to see who they are and what they’re trying to accomplish with their business and Dasheroo.

He specifically asked them about their current experience, what they liked and what they thought we needed to fix. And then asked them what they’d like to see in the future with Dasheroo. Of course these users were engaged enough with our product to actually spend time talking to us so next steps would probably be to try to get the users that are not engaged with Dasheroo to find out why and what they’d like to see. But it’s been a great eye-opening experience! Thanks Josh!

Dasheroo Dashboards - Google Analytics traffic

We’re so close, check out our Dasheroo dashboard for Google Sessions. Isn’t it pretty?

We’re a step closer to enabling users to push a dashboard into Google Drive. This is a real time-saver for people who copy and paste a bunch of data!

We got a nice mention inn Marketers Paradise, 7 Marketing Tools You Should Try This Week. Thanks guys!

Our Trek to 1000 Google Sessions/Day!
Our organic channel (search) traffic has been on fire since we really started paying mind to it last year. As a result it’s doubled in just a few months! Direct channel traffic has been growing like crazy too. Since we don’t spend an ad dollars (just a few on Facebook) these two channels growing is exactly what we need to see, great word of mouth! We’re almost there, last Monday we hit 937 sessions (visits) and based on our 10% conversion rate we’ll almost hit 100 new users in a day. Woohooo! Great job, great product, great sales, great marketing.

Social Selling: 5 Thing To Do to Get Started

When it comes to the overall sales process, social selling using your social networks can be your best friend and you want it to be. Any help to get to the “yes, I’ll take two” is a great channel for you to cultivate. Social selling is defined as: the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process. Today this often takes place via social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but can take place either online or offline.

Those who take the right approach to social selling continually generate positive results. And those who “hope something sticks” are not typically happy with where they end up.

Fortunately, social selling is not rocket science. It can be extremely simple and straightforward if you know what you are doing. Here are three ways to use social media to your advantage. At Dasheroo we take social selling serious and use all of these ideas when it comes to closing a deal.

Twitter Engagement for social selling

Using a tool like Hootsuite you can easily track what your customers are doing and ReTweet right from there!

Engage on Twitter

Once you set your sights on a target, you can use Twitter to search and find your target customer. The first steps to take:

  • Follow your target and their company (many times they have multiple Twitter accounts.)
  • Retweet their content.
  • Mention them in your own tweets and make sure you include their Twitter handle!

If your prospect is savvy, they’re looking at the emails they get from Twitter telling them who is Retweeting them and sharing their content. This will hopefully make them follow you back and take interest in what you’re putting out on Twitter.

Twitter is a powerful tool for those who are interested in social selling. You may be surprised at how much progress you can make with 140 characters or less.

Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Connections

Target your customer and connect with them on LinkedIn through the “company” search.

With more than 400 million registered members, LinkedIn is the place to be for person to person selling. It is the professional network, providing the opportunity to put your social selling skills to the test. The key is that you need to be “connected” to a lot of folks in your industry and in your target audience. So:

  • Search the company name on LinkedIn
  • You’ll see who are your 1st-3rd degree connections
  • Connect with the appropriate people
  • Also, identify your target prospects using the advanced search in LinkedIn. It’s incredibly powerful.
  • Send the person a connect request.
  • Follow their company.
  • Send them an InMail if the connect OR upgrade to Premium and you have several InMails/month to send

We have had so much great luck on LinkedIn at Dasheroo. Check out 3 Easy Ways to Use The Power of LinkedIn Marketing.

Facebook for Business

Many people look at Facebook and see nothing more than pictures of cats, DIY projects, and happy families. On the contrary, while Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, it can also be used as a P2P sales tool.

Getting started is as simple as liking the company page and liking, sharing and commenting on their posts. Over time, you can move the conversation from Facebook to another platform, such as LinkedIn or email.

Tools to Use

The best way to follow these people is using a tool like Hootsuite. They have a free version and you’ll be able to easily follow people on multiple social networks, see what they’re posting and react accordingly.

Google Alerts is a great way to keep tabs on what’s going on with the companies you follow. Then you can go ahead and post about their news.

Grow Your Audience

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.31.20 PM

Use Dasheroo dashboards when social selling to track your growth over time.

You don’t need a large following to achieve success with social selling, but it definitely helps. Be sure your audience is always growing, as this improves the likelihood of connecting with prospects who can one day be turned into paying customers.

With Twitter, for example, it is ideal for your follower count to increase day after day, month after month. This means more opportunity to sell. It also means more people listening to what you have to say.

What are your thoughts on P2P social selling? Are these tips enough for you to get started?

Track Our Startup: Easy Onboarding + Custom Data Dashboard

You may have heard that we have a Zapier integration that we’re pretty happy about. Why? We’ve got a ton of great users who want us to integrate with their applications but we just can’t do it all. So with Zapier, you can take a trigger from any app that they integrate with and point it to a Dasheroo graph…voila! You’ve done the integration yourself.

What Else is Going On?

We released a new onboarding process. We wanted to do a few things with it, namely make it easy to understand, easy to connect your data dashboard to  your data sources and easy to get to a custom data dashboard!

Now when you first come in to Dasheroo you’re met with the following screen designed to get you to the right place as well as highlighting our custom data feature for your dashboards:

Dasheroo data dashboard onboarding process

We also wanted to make it easier to find our custom dashboards – Now when you add an insight or connect to a new data source you’re met with a new screen:

Dasheroo custom data dashboard

So you can easily get your data into your dashboard from our Push API, a webhook or our new Zapier integration. Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve also redesigned our template gallery where we’ll be adding even more dashboard templates for you to start off with.

Dasheroo dashboards template gallery

You Want More? 

We launched with Infusionsoft dashboards, and since those insights are only included in our paid plans (not free!) we’ve decided to give you a free month so you can kick the tires. You need to use promotion code: infusionsoft-trial.

We’re planning an integration with Hubspot soon, we’re not ready yet but we’re working on it. We’ve also got Sendgrid you’ll be able to add to your dashboards as well.

Janine wrote a zinger for Inc. “The Door Isn’t Always Closed, ‘No’ Just Means ‘Not Yet‘”, she got published 0n for “3 Tips to Securing Inbound Links” and I got a piece on for “Nail Biting, Be Gone: 3 Ways to Avoid a Big Mistake When Making a Big Decision“. Check ’em out, they’re worth a quick read.

We’re planning on raising another round of funding. We’ll let you know how that goes. The environment ain’t great but we’ve got something great going on, at least our users think we do! We’re even thinking of extending our A round to get the right folks in.

We’ve got another board meeting to get ready for this week, here we go.

New Release! Infusionsoft CRM Analytics

This is by far our largest single integration with an app EVER! Bonus? We got help from the fine folks over at Infusionsoft to help with all of the KPIs we really need to be showing you in your Infusionsoft dashboard.

Infusionsoft OverviewDasheroo's Infustionsoft CRM: overview dashboard

The overview insight for Infusionsoft acts as a mini dashboard giving you a quick overview of the different high level insights
from your Infusionsoft account. This insight includes the following metrics:

  • Total leads
  • New leads
  • # of leads converted
  • # of orders
  • Total Revenue
  • Refunds

EcommerceDasheroo's INfusionsoft CRM dashboard: Revenue

Ecommerce Overview – Trending insight of total sales, net sales and refunds are plotted in this insight. Total sales, net sales, refunds, average revenue/sale are displayed as metrics in the insight.

Revenue vs. Refund – A pie chart comparing the net revenue and refunds for the given time period.

Subscription Revenue – Trending insight of the revenue from subscription plans in the given time period. This includes total revenue and number of subscriptions as metrics.

Subscription Revenue by Plan – Plot the revenues from specific plans in the given period of time to show any trends . The total sales/revenue from each plan is plotted in this insight. Choose up to 5 plans and compare the revenue from those plans in this insight.

Best Revenue Days – In the given time period, the days with the most revenue are listed and ranked. This includes both product purchases as well as subscription revenue

Product Leaderboard – Best performing products in the given time frame. The products are ranked based on the revenue generated.This will not include any subscription plans. Only products.

SalesDasheroo's Infusionsoft CRM dashboard: Contacts

Lead Source Leaderboard – View a leaderboard insight that lists and ranks the different lead sources in the your account based on the number of opportunities associated with each lead source.

Contacts by Lead Source – Trending insight of contacts growth filtered by the lead source chosen. You can chose up to 5 lead sources and compare the growth of contacts that are tied to those sources.

Top Sales Rep by Revenue – A leaderboard insight listing all the sales representatives and ranking them in the order of total revenue.

Opportunity Pipeline Funnel – This is an overview report of the your opportunities and shows the revenue generated by opportunities in the different stages of the pipeline.

Opportunity Revenue Forecast – Trending insight of the number of opportunities and the forecasted revenue from opportunities in a given time period.

Opportunity Sales –  This is a trending insight of sales generated from opportunities. The line graph includes lines for total sales (revenue), total orders (number of orders), revenue from subscriptions.

Contacts by Tags –  Trending insight of contacts growth filtered by tags chosen. You can chose up to 5 tags and compare the growth of contacts that are tied to those contacts.

Opportunity By Sales Rep – A trending insight of the opportunities by selected sales representatives. You can compare the performance of the sales reps.

Opportunity Pipeline Timeline – The average number of days an opportunity stays in a particular stage. The insight is displayed as a bar graph showing each stage and the average number of days opportunities stay in that stage. The stage with the lowest average number of days is displayed as “fast moving pipeline stage” in the graph

Contacts Growth – This is a trending insight of the number of contacts in the user’s Infusionsoft account.

These awesome Infusionsoft CRM Analytics are available with the Dasheroo Grande ($19/month or Venti $49/month packages

Track Our Startup: Notifications, Sendgrid, Dash Hits the Chrome Store + More!

We had some great meetings this past week even though it was holiday week. We also had some great times for the New Year and I can assure you at Dasheroo we’re really looking forward to it.

On the “You can’t see it yet” front…

James, our co-founder and VP of Engineering, has been heads down on a notification system which is awesome. This system is for you to use in the app and for us internally to use behind the scenes (we get notified if sh*t goes awry.) Notifications can happen for a number of reasons and in a number of ways. For instance you might want to know about a bunch of things happening with your data. You’ll be able to see that in a running notification stream. Additionally you can find out what’s happening via an email or mobile push. Internally this is a huge platform dev project for us to trace bugs. You’ll soon have an “inbox” of messages color coded for read vs. unread. You’ll also see what new product announcements we have. Look for this in late January/Early February. (Isn’t that right around the corner?)

Our stellar Product Managers Dharini and Nivi have been investigating Sendgrid and Mandrill as a possible integrations while the release that is currently in progress contains enhancements to Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Ads, GA and Stripe. And while all of that’s happening, we’re going to be talking to Mixpanel and Insightly as two potential integrations. Finally we’re working on a Hubspot integration as we speak. Whew, really?

Be on the lookout for an awesome integration we’ll talk about very soon. YoDasheroo on the Chrome Storeu can now see your dashboards in your account on your mobile device. And yes Infusionsoft is on the way.

We’re knee deep in mapping all of the things we need to work on in a timeframe over the course of the next year, a 5 year revenue plan and nailing pricing. We launched with what we think is great pricing to attract a ton of users, but now it’s time to really get a feel for revenue progress. And don’t worry, there will always be a freemium product.

Chrome Store Reviews Needed!

Dasheroo is now on the Chrome Store and we’d love to get more ratings. If you’re a Dasheroo user can you go here and take 10 seconds to give us a review? We really appreciate it!

100 Awesome Marketing Tools You Should Know

BlogMetric logoWe’re pretty excited to be included in the analytics portion of BlogMetric’s list of 100 Awesome Marketing Tools You Should Know.

We went down the list to see how many of the 100 tools we use on a daily basis here at Dasheroo:

Project management

AsanaAsana’s mission is to help teams to work together effortlessly, and they’ve created software that can bring your team together on countless projects. We use it to keep on track with all of our marketing tasks.

BasecampOften used by agencies to manage client work, Basecamp is a project management tool that’s simple and easy to use. Dasheroo uses Basecamp to manage departments and notes across various groups in the company.

EvernoteNeed to keep track of a project? Use Evernote, an advanced note-taking app, to write everything down. Dasherooers use Evernote instead of a pen and paper 🙂

We also use and love: Pivotal Tracker and GitHub

Team communication

These tools will help you communicate and collaborate with those in and outside of the office.

SlackSlack is a modern chat tool that brings all your team communication together. Send your coworkers GIFs and memes as you collaborate your way to success. Since Dasheroo is distributed we live by Slack to communicate.

Join.meNeed the perfect solution for virtual meetings? provides video, audio, and everything else you need to host successful virtual meetings.

We also use and love: Zoom for meetings and screen sharing. 

Calendars and appointments

These tools will help you seamlessly create calendars, appointments, and meetings.

CoScheduleCoSchedule is an editorial calendar built for content marketers that can help you manage in-house writers as well as freelancers. You can also post your content to WordPress and social sites from CoSchedule. We use this to CoSchedule to make sure our blog posts reach the right social audience in the proper format.

We also use and love: Google Calendar, Basecamp

Search engine optimization (SEO)

These tools will help you with SEO audits, keyword research, and SEO-driven content marketing.

SEMRushSEMRush is a competitive analysis tool that allows you to see the highest volume keywords as well as how your site ranks compared to competitors. We use SEMRush to give us ideas for more long-tail keywords and phrases.

YoastWhen publishing on WordPress, you want to make sure your tags are taken care of, and Yoast can help any content creator do that. Dasheroo goes for the Yoast “green light” to ensure we’re SEOing our content correctly.

Google Keyword PlannerGoogle’s free keyword planner will help you determine search volume around keywords so you can determine your plan of attack. We would die without this amazing tool.

WordStream’s Keyword Tool WordStream’s keyword tool is similar to Google’s in that it can help you assess which keywords are competitive and viable. Hats off to Larry Kim!

We also use and love: MozBar for checking out what other site’s domain authority is like. We use Moz for rank tracking. 

Content marketing

These tools will help you with content ideation, content planning, and general content marketing efforts.

BuzzSumo BuzzSumo allows you to find the most shared content for certain topics, which can help you find out what types of content and from which sources have performed well in the past. Dasheroo uses BuzzSumo to see who is writing about our industry, then we follow them and try to get in front of them. We also use BuzzSumo for alerts.

Reddit Reddit is an online forum that allows for upvoting and downvoting from members. It’s a great place to ask questions and find new ideas for content. We have been featured on Reddit a number of times, it’s a great way to get noticed by a community.

Writing & content creation

These tools will help you improve your writing and content creation abilities.

Google DocsGoogle Docs is the perfect cloud-based word processor. Its advanced commenting and revision features make it perfect for content teams. Dasheroo only uses Google Docs. Great for collaboration and sharing.

WordPressA favorite content management system and often considered an industry standard, WordPress allows you and your team to format and publish blog posts. Dasheroo’s blog is published on the WordPress platform, and we love it.

We also use and love: for creating infographics and HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.

Social media

These tools will help you share relevant content on social media sites.

Buffer – Buffer is a social sharing and scheduling tool that syncs with all major social media sites. Buffer is perfect for individuals, social media teams, agencies, and others.

IFTTTIFTTT, which stands for “If this, then that,” lets you set up recipes to automate tasks. For example, you can set up a recipe that shares a blog post on Twitter each time a new one is published. Alf our VP of Customer Success uses thie marketing tool religiously. We also use it when we post to Instagram, then it auto-posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Moz’s FollowerWonk FollowerWonk helps you explore your social media presence by helping you dig deep into Twitter analytics to understand more about your followers. Dasheroo loves to know what times of day to post to Twitter anf FollowerWonk tells us!

Tools we use and love: We use Hootsuite for posting to multiple accounts at once as well as scheduling posts.

Email marketing & automation

These tools will help you send beautiful, helpful, and timely emails, as well as measure them for success.

Campaign Monitor – Campaign Monitor provides elegantly simple email marketing software that makes it easy to create, send, and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns. Even though we come from VerticalResponse, we love our Campaign Monitor.

Salesforce Salesforce is a widely used, sales-oriented customer relationship management (CRM) solution that syncs with Campaign Monitor and other marketing tools. Dasheroo is a customer and we love having our data in one spot. Hmmm, maybe it’s why Dasheroo exists?

Web analytics

These tools will help you analyze your web visits– what visitors do when they come to your site, how long they stay, and where they come from.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics gives you insight into how many viewers come to your site, how long they stay, what pages they visit, and where they come from.

DasherooDasheroo is a free business dashboard solution that gives you and your team instant visibility into your KPIs. Um, seriously? We LIVE by tracking our KPIs in our Dasheroo dashboards!

KISSmetricsKISSmetrics is a person-based analytics solution that can help you better understand the exact makeup of your website visitors.

Customer engagement & success

These tools will help you communicate with your customers so that you can get feedback and improve the overall customer experience.

WootricWootric is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool that helps you analyze customer sentiment at important stages of the customer lifecycle. We love Wootric, and are honored to be on the same list as you guys!

Conversion optimization

These tools will help you optimize your website for conversions.

Optimizely – Optimizely is an A/B testing tool that allows you to test different iterations of pages on your site to see which is most successful. Easiest tool on the market for a quick split test of a headline, button, etc. Dasheroo loves Optimizely.

We also use and love: Mixpanel for telling us how people are using our app and sending emails based on paths they take. 

Public relations and promotion

These tools will help you promote your business, marketing campaigns, and other initiatives.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – HARO connects you with journalists who are writing about various topics and are looking for sources. Awesome for participating in stories people are writing.

Google AlertsGoogle Alerts can send you an email or notification when your brand gets mentioned in newly published content around the web. They’re ok, a little late, BuzzSumo does a better job, but Google is free. You get what you pay for?

CisionCision is a popular PR software solution that includes media list building, media monitoring, analyses, and more. Dasheroo uses PRWeb (a division of Cision) to distribute our press releases.


Facebook AdsFacebook Ads offer extremely impressive targeting capabilities that can help you get your brand– and your content– in front of a relevant audience. This is the only ad network Dasheroo advertises on, to get Likes and build our following.

So out of the 100 marketing tools we use 31 (plus many that aren’t on this list) and we’re going to use even more now that this amazing list is out. Thanks BlogMetric!

Happy New Year from Team Dasheroo!

All of us here at Dasheroo want to thank you for using our dashboards, reading our posts and emails and giving us your feedback. We wouldn’t be here if you don’t do all that you do for us and we very much appreciate it.

Let’s all have an awesome 2016 together!

Team Dasheroo - New Year

Team Dasheroo wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Clockwise top left: Alf, Dharini, Alex, Court, Andrew, Derrick, Janine, Kyle, John, Jen

Inside clockwise top left: Nivi, Mimi, Josh, James

Cheers everyone!