New Facebook, Google, Stripe & Instagram Analytics Dashboards

We’ve been on a new release tear. Our Product Managers Nivi and Dharini working closely with our integrations team are on fire pushing out new integrations and insights for you to add to your dashboards and this one is far from a slouch! This time we went back to a few integrations to add more insights to our growing list of metrics we track: Instagram & Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics and Stripe.

Also many thanks to Court, our QA Manager who works tirelessly around the clock testing our code, especially when we have this many releases we’re juggling.

Facebook AnalyticsDasheroo dashboard: Facebook analytics for Reach Impressions

  • Reach broken down by Organic and Paid reach over time – This is great to see if your paid performance does better than your organic, then you can choose how to spend your marketing dollars.
  • ​Impressions, Reach and Engagement on one insight together – Instead of viewing each by itself it’s great to see them together.
  • Post Consumptions by Type – This insight can provide a measure of engagement beyond traditional engagement metrics such as likes, comments and shares. There are 4 types of consumptions –  link clicks, photo views, video plays and other clicks. Other clicks correspond to likes, comments or shares that generate stories.
  • Negative Feedback – The number of times people took a negative action by 4 types – hide clicks, hide all clicks, unlike page, report spam. You can view when you’ve been posting and how often and match if people are ‘dis’ liking your content and act accordingly.


Hashtag Performance

Track your #hashtag performance right in your Dasheroo dashboard.

Instagram Analytics

  • Hashtag Leaderboard – A leaderboard insight consisting of the top 12 hashtags you use based on the engagement to let you know how to use them in the future.
  • Compare Hashtag Performance – Choose and compare up to 5 hashtags (in the last 30 days) based on engagement metrics.
  • Highest Engagement Filters – A bar chart showing the top 5 Instagram filters you use in decreasing order of engagement.

Google Analytics

  • Enhance ‘Top sources by medium’ insight to include email and social sources – we just should had those included, our bad.


  • Revenue by product name/product description so you can tell immediately what’s flying off the shelf.


  • Failed Transactions – A table that shows the list of failed transactions along with the reason for failure within the given time period.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and add them to your dashboards!

VA Staffer: Dashboards Help Us Save Time, Analyze Results & Act Fast

Dasheroo dashboards user VA StafferWe caught up with a Dasheroo user Jeff Hunter, Founder of VA Staffer, a global virtual assistant marketing agency that specializes in managing social media marketing for a number of clients. We always love when we get more insight on how our users really use our dashboards so we fired a few questions Jeff’s way.

How many employees work at VA Staffer?

Jeff: We’ve got 35 employees in total, 4 here in the US, 1 in India, 1 in Brazil, and the rest are in the Philippines. We’re truly global!

What did you use before you found Dasheroo dashboards?  How long did it take you to gather your metrics?

Jeff: We used the old method of logging into each of application separately, trying to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Stripe, Paypal, email autoresponder performance and list goes on. For us the time it took was a huge problem – probably a good hour or two to dig in, analyze, and then create actionable intelligence based from findings. With Dasheroo, we log in (PS. I LOVE the mobile app), and I can view our company’s key performance indicators immediately.

What were the most important features you needed in a dashboard for VA Staffer?

Jeff: Monitoring our social media dashboard for both social metrics and website growth are by far the most important. The convenience of our received payments for both paypal and stripe are very useful for me to quickly see how we’re doing compared to our forecasting.

Did you gain any new insight using Dasheroo?

Jeff: Absolutely, comparing social media campaigns and email campaigns was a huge benefit for us. It’s great to see how effective campaigns are in an instant, it gives us the intelligence to refocus efforts on what’s working, and not miss opportunities by wasting time researching our own data.

Does more than one team member use Dasheroo? What other functions in the company?

Jeff: We have several team members, and as a virtual assistant marketing agency we’ve rolled it out for a number of our clients. We have clients that have Shopify stores that love the instant dashboard portal, as well as the top products. We also manage several social media campaigns for dozens of clients and we’re able to review performance and offer measurable results with goal setting so it grows our relationships. It’s a huge selling point for our company, since social media is a huge mystery to even the most developed companies who have still failed to master measurement of success.

There you have it, another happy Dasheroo user, thanks Jeff!

Track Our Startup: New Dashboards Release

Dasheroo's Infusionsoft CRM dashboards: Contacts

Have you seen our Infusionsoft dashboards?

As you know we just released Infusionsoft CRM dashboards but we can’t stand still! Our team has been busy on adding new insights and metrics to current insights. So without further adieu:

Email Marketing Enhancements

Google Analytics 

  • Added goal completions to Goals by source/medium
  • Added goal completions to Goals by source
  • Added goal completions to Goals by medium

New Infusionsoft Insight

  • Goal Completions: A trending line insight that shows the number of goal completions for a chosen goal within a specific campaign for the given time period.

What’s Next?

Our team is going nuts on releases. In the hopper we’ve got our push API where any developer can push data into our dashboards because a business needs better data visualization. Hubspot dashboards, Google Apps Marketplace integration, Sendgrid integration are all on the way since we’ve gotten a lot of requests from users for this.

We’re working on error messaging which sounds kinda ho-hum, but it’s not. Setting expectations that an error will fix itself is important and would save a user from a) being annoyed and 2) wasting their valuable time contacting us.

Stuff to article - 21 blogs to read guaranteed to get you more customers

Janine wrote this killer article for  21 Blogs to Subscribe to in 2016 Guaranteed to Get You New Customers. It’s a great list to have around. She also wrote The Chief is Laid Up With an Illness, Is Your Business Prepared?

What Else?

We continue working on our 5-year revenue model which is a bear of a project but we’re close. Our team is looking closely at a new pricing model to come fast and furiously, especially as we’re in dev with a ton of new features so stay tuned! Back to my spreadsheets!

Track Our Startup: Notifications, Sendgrid, Dash Hits the Chrome Store + More!

We had some great meetings this past week even though it was holiday week. We also had some great times for the New Year and I can assure you at Dasheroo we’re really looking forward to it.

On the “You can’t see it yet” front…

James, our co-founder and VP of Engineering, has been heads down on a notification system which is awesome. This system is for you to use in the app and for us internally to use behind the scenes (we get notified if sh*t goes awry.) Notifications can happen for a number of reasons and in a number of ways. For instance you might want to know about a bunch of things happening with your data. You’ll be able to see that in a running notification stream. Additionally you can find out what’s happening via an email or mobile push. Internally this is a huge platform dev project for us to trace bugs. You’ll soon have an “inbox” of messages color coded for read vs. unread. You’ll also see what new product announcements we have. Look for this in late January/Early February. (Isn’t that right around the corner?)

Our stellar Product Managers Dharini and Nivi have been investigating Sendgrid and Mandrill as a possible integrations while the release that is currently in progress contains enhancements to Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Ads, GA and Stripe. And while all of that’s happening, we’re going to be talking to Mixpanel and Insightly as two potential integrations. Finally we’re working on a Hubspot integration as we speak. Whew, really?

Be on the lookout for an awesome integration we’ll talk about very soon. YoDasheroo on the Chrome Storeu can now see your dashboards in your account on your mobile device. And yes Infusionsoft is on the way.

We’re knee deep in mapping all of the things we need to work on in a timeframe over the course of the next year, a 5 year revenue plan and nailing pricing. We launched with what we think is great pricing to attract a ton of users, but now it’s time to really get a feel for revenue progress. And don’t worry, there will always be a freemium product.

Chrome Store Reviews Needed!

Dasheroo is now on the Chrome Store and we’d love to get more ratings. If you’re a Dasheroo user can you go here and take 10 seconds to give us a review? We really appreciate it!

Happy New Year from Team Dasheroo!

All of us here at Dasheroo want to thank you for using our dashboards, reading our posts and emails and giving us your feedback. We wouldn’t be here if you don’t do all that you do for us and we very much appreciate it.

Let’s all have an awesome 2016 together!

Team Dasheroo - New Year

Team Dasheroo wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Clockwise top left: Alf, Dharini, Alex, Court, Andrew, Derrick, Janine, Kyle, John, Jen

Inside clockwise top left: Nivi, Mimi, Josh, James

Cheers everyone!

How To Track GitHub KPIs On a Dasheroo Dashboard

Dasheroo dashboard: GitHub KPIsJohn sends an email to every Dasheroo user asking them how they heard about us and why they chose us. We get a whopping 20% of the people who get the email, replying. That’s huge. A week ago we got a reply from this awesome person Mikael from the Tunapanda Institute about getting data fro GitHub (an amazing open source project management system for software developers and product managers.)

He used to use a formidable competitor of ours until John emailed him back about our custom insights tool to get data from GitHub into an easy-to-read dashboard.

He wanted to track KPIs including a burndown chart, velocity, unassigned open issues.  

Then he published the “how-to guide” on GitHub for anyone to use.

Pretty cool, we’re going to probably use it ourselves since we’re big GH fans. Thanks Mikael!


Track Our Startup: Dasheroo Year in Review

We’ve been so busy this year creating new features for your dashboards we thought it would be fun to look at a year in review by the numbers!


Dasheroo data sources

27 data sources and counting!

Data sources for you to put on your Dasheroo dashboards.


Number of insights available for you to include on your dashboards.


Total number of major releases Dasheroo had in the past year.


Total number of all releases.


Total number of api calls made to data providers to get data for your dashboards.


Custom emojis in Dasheroo’s Slack.Dasheroo Slack emoji

Funniest one? :the_gun_show:


Total number of website sessions as reported by Google Analytics.


Total dollars spent on Google Adwords to drive website traffic. 🙂

Dasheroo Converse

They come in all shapes and sizes and look great.


Total number of pairs of Dasheroo orange converse worn.


Total countries we have users in.


Total number of employees at Dasheroo + one awesome intern.


Publications we guest write for:, Small Business Computing, Social Media Examiner and

2 Small Business Influencer - Dasheroo

Awards won: Top 100 Small Business Influencer, Owler Hot in 2015 Award


Dasheroo dashboards created.


Dasheroo Video: Adding Custom Insights

Watch some of the amazing videos on the YouTube Dasheroo Channel!

Total YouTube video views.


Total number of insights added to dashboards.


Total number of Dasheroo users world wide.

Most interesting placement of the Dasheroo sticker

Dasheroo Sticker - Austin

We don’t know how it got there, it’s just there.

Next to Beck’s signature at the Continental Club in Austin


Stories accepted in Pivotal Tracker.


of the stories were new features,


of the stories were bug fixes, and


of the stories were chores.


Dasheroo sticker all over the world

From SF, to NY to Paris, the Dasheroo sticker gets around!

Total number of code commits.


Places around the world the Dasheroo sticker has made it to which included San Francisco, Capri, Napoli, Barcelona, Formentera, Paris, London, Spain, New York, Austin, San Diego, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Lake Tahoe, Turks and Caicos, St. Kitts, Peter Island, Anguilla, Miami, Berlin, Copenhagen and Menorca.


Total number of customer service tickets resolved.

Derrick The Intern - Dasheroo

Eyes on the bowling prize!

Best Bowler

Derrick the Intern!


Total number of board meetings.


Social Media Traffic - Dasheroo dashboards

8% of Dasheroo traffic comes from social media and we couldn’t be happier.

Total number of blog posts.

5 demos to 5 countries in one day

Mexico, Norway, Brazil, Ireland and Scotland!


Total number of social media followers.

Track Our Startup: Infusionsoft KPIs are Coming

As usual we’ve been heads down on a ton of stuff here at Dasheroo. I won’t bore you with a long intro paragraph about it, I’ll just get into it.

Working On It

Infusionsoft websiteOn the integrations side we’re working on giving you a dashboard to track KPIs for our next application integration…wait for it…Infusionsoft! It’s pretty cool, you’ll be able to track everything from ecommerce metrics to sales opportunities to email marketing engagement rates. And all of this right next to all of the other applications you get your business dashboard to track. We’re excited. This will be a premium data source so you’ll have access to it if you have Grande or above plans. If it’s good enough for Daymond John from Shark Tank it’s awesome enough for us!

And remember our release schedule is on or around a two week cycle, we’re trying to get as much live before the end of the year as possible.

Josh has been working on a data refresh plan. See, we get users that sign up, take us for a spin and may never come back, but we still are pounding on Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, whatever data source you can have on your dashboards, to update that data. It’s a cost to us, so we’re figuring out how to limit any exposure we might have there in terms of cost. Not sexy project for you but hella sexy for us!

Dasheroo Internal…

We finally got published on Social Media Examiner. I wrote a step-by-step guide on How to Connect With Influencers on Social Media and it’s getting shared like wildfire. Janine’s Inc article 5 Content Marketing Myths to Boot Immediately is a great read. Small Business Computing published Ask These 5 Questions Before Taking Venture Money as well! Thanks guys!

We’re taking on a massive project of how we use internally. It’s a bear of a project but definitely the right time for us. More on our trials and tribs as we encounter them.

Finally we’re working pretty hard at taking our learnings from our first year and applying them to our go-to-market strategy…round 2. We’re knee-deep in really defining target markets, price points, pricing plans and competition moving forward. It’s been a great project to dig into.

Fun NuggetGoogle Analytics Logo - Dasheroo dashboards

Search on “Google Analytics Logo” on Google. Who holds the number 2 spot for the images? You guessed it. Thanks for creating an awesome logo Alf! You rock!! Never underestimate the power of creating great images and naming them properly.

Whew, there’s more but I gotta get back to work!

Dasheroo Dashboards Get Some Press!

Dasheroo dashboards in Entrepreneur.comEntrepreneur

Not sure if you saw this but Dasheroo dashboards made a pretty cool mention in an article on Entrepreneur from Sujan Patel 7 Marketing Tools Worth Trying in 2016. We’re there with the likes of Accuranker and Pagewiz…awesome!

RoundpegRoundpeg mentions Dasheroo dashboards

The fine folks over at Roundpeg were nice enough to write this great piece Tracking Your Social Media Efforts and included a mention of Dasheroo dashboards. Thanks Jennifer!

NextGen WealthNextGen Wealth's Tool of the Month - Dasheroo dashboards

Thanks to NextGen Wealth Dasheroo got their Tool of the Month! Thanks Clint Haynes!