Startup Lessons Learned: The Culture of Customer Success

I love Italy, my wife and I enjoy visiting every year. There’s one thing – in addition to the awesome pizza – that astounds me about screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-4-39-47-amthe country; the culture of service. It got me thinking: in this day and age of doing everything in a faceless business world, how can you have great service and ‘customer success’?

On the Isle of Capri there is a wonderful wine bar, Capannina Bar, it’s been there forever. It’s one of the only places open all year round. The island closes to tourists November to March so the locals need a place to go. On a recent visit, we were walking down the tiny street and we saw our friend Benny who is the bartender. She was delivering glasses of wine and chips to a local store owner for them and their customers. Wow, that’s double service, not only is Benny serving the store owner, the store owner is ordering wine for their customers. And it just comes natural to them. Try ordering a ‘to go’ delivery of drinks from your bar and see what happens!

What To Do?

As a business who develops apps we unfortunately don’t have a bunch of Bennys around. So how do you go above and beyond expectations to service customers who you may never talk to let alone see? It’s vital to instill a culture of customer success.

Here’s what we focused on at Dasheroo:

  • Alf, our VP of Customer Success, answers emails fast! Expectations these days are, you get an automated email then in about a day you might get someone to get back to you. Not Alf, he knows data is important to make decisions and people need answers…fast. We use Zendesk.
  • If anyone wants to talk to us we set up a Grasshopper phone system (cheap!) and it’s so flexible. You can forward to a live phone within certain hours or only allow folks to leave messages. When someone leaves a message an email is sent to multiple people so we can get back to them fast. Mimi, our Sales Director is like lightning.
  • Alf proactively reaches out to people who seem to need some help with Dasheroo (they created an account but are inactive) with Calendy. They can schedule time with him to go over any questions they have and make sure they get the most value from Dasheroo!

What is your service culture? Please share!

Startup Lessons Learned: Closing Your Feedback Loop

There’s about 10,000 cloud based business apps out there. So it’s near impossible to connect to each and every one of them to create business dashboards. So where to start? Well, here at Dasheroo bet on social media and that’s where we got a lot of traction and new users.

Then we moved onto email marketing, e-commerce, billing, marketing automation and more. Some of this strategy was based on our own experience, and some from our users who want to track KPIs from these applications.

We have a very active dialog with our users and ask at key points in their journey with us what ‘next’ app they’d like us to add to our Insight library:


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.25.18 AM

This is great input and we use it to help prioritize our integrations. But I think where we pay it off best is the simple text email communications Josh & Alf send when a requested application is added to our business dashboards:

Each person that requested the specific application receives an email letting them know we listened to them and delivered on it.

The lesson here is not asking for feedback we’ve covered that; it’s more in the targeted communication that closes the feedback loop on that item. Sure we could just include the news in our weekly email that goes to everyone, but this format really works and our folks seem to love it and it shows increased usage, conversion to paid plans and retention!

What are you doing to close your feedback loop?

Track Our Startup: Tracking KPIs + New Onboarding Flows

Even though last week was a shorty it didn’t stop Team Dasheroo. Plus we had a record day of users the day before Thanksgiving thanks to Duct Tape Marketing and Small Business Computing! Obviously you data geeks were NOT responsible for cooking the turkey.

In The Queue

We’re working to do our next release which is simply Dasheroo for Agencies. Mimi has been giving people “beta” demos of it. Fill this out if you want one. We just need one more feature to get it into your hands, that’s removing branding of a PDF or PNG export of your dashboards. It’s also a bunch of work to get the word out with new website assets, a press release, making sure the product is nailed and a video! Josh and team are also working on i20 (new app integrations) and after that figuring out where features like alerts and in-app messaging (so you know when we have new new features) fit in as well as a host of very large projects. It’s Dasheroo Mock up of first time user experience.tough because we want to get it all done this year but it just can’t happen.

Alf, our VP of Customer Success, sent around some new updated onboarding mocks and workflows. We’re trying to really nail a first-time user experience since we now have benchmarks of where people are getting stuck and falling off. We use MixPanel to identify and report on it. He also built a cool mock for “digests”. We would send you a business dashboard digest to your inbox so you know if there have been any changes, good or bad.

We’re working on a few case studies, they’re always great to point to when we solve a problem for a business that someone else is having. We’re also going to be doing some website testing, which is totally exciting! I’ll let you in on all of the results when they come in. We’ll be using Optimizely to do it.
We’re finsishing up our “What is a KPI” mini site. We thought a) it’s important for all of our users to track specific KPIs even if we don’t off the app integration…yet and b) it’s great for SEO! Here you’ll get Customer Service KPIs, Marketing KPIs, Sales KPIs and Social Media KPIs. Have at ’em!
We’ve got a board meeting this week so I’m off to finish up on my reporting for it. Cheers!
John at Dasheroo

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo By The KPIs

Ok, we’re getting ready to start our Q4 and we just had a great board meeting to go over our monthly growth, wins and challenges. Good news: we’re hitting some great milestones, and releasing new features almost every week and a half! Thanks to all of you who tell us what you like and more importantly what you need. And please, If you don’t see some thing you want just tell us what you want and we’ll log it in our feature tracker.
New Features
I’m sure you know by now we’ve got all new Google Analytics Goals dashboards and they’re awesome. Find them alongside the Google Analytics and Google Analytics Ecommerce insights for your dashboards.
We also released 5 new mashups where you can compare your ecommerce metrics to your Google Analytics website session growth. Pretty nifty, check them out.
Dasheroo by the Numbers
It’s been a while since we shared our some of our KPIs and since we’re all about the KPIs it’s time. Be sure to add the term “and growing” to the end of each number!

Dasheroo's Facebook Likes

# of website sessions since day 1 – 70,542

# of users – 7,000

# of countries we have users in – 117

# of applications we integrate with – 25

# of full time employees – 13

# of stellar Interns – 1

# of Facebook fans – 19,546

# of twitter Followers – 3,234

# of leads we got at Dreamforce this year! – 161

Whew, that’s a lot of key performance indicators, and we’re really happy to be going up and to the right!

What’s Up Next?

We’re attending Constant Contact’s OneCon as we speak. Mimi will give us the lowdown when she returns from Vegas.

We’re working really hard on developing a platform where we can partner with businesses that want to offer our dashboards as a service to their clients or team members in a branded (or not) fashion. Basically (and there’s nothing basic about it!) we’re developing administrative features so that users can invite and manage the data other users see. Andrew and Josh have been killing it on this project from what they’ve shown us so far.

Alf, our VP of Customer Success and Jenny, our Customer Success Manager have been working very hard on zero-ing in on where we need to focus messaging to our customers and at what specific time. Alf charted out our customer journey; that is, where users come to our site, where they click to make a decision on what to do and how long it takes to get them there. Now we’ll look at our user experience to see where we might need to insert new paths or new messages to avoid any confusion and get our users where they need to go…fast. It’s the best part of a SaaS job and one of the toughest but we’re lucky because he’s not only creative he’s analytical!

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of other stuff we’re working on but I’ll catch you up next week.

Track Our Startup: Tracking Internal KPIs + Customer Success

What are we working on? What aren’t we working on is more like it! As for product features we’ve had a bunch of stuff in the hopper. If you recall just a few:

  • Competitor Dashboards – we’re very close with these, look for them in a week or so!
  • Google Campaigns and Goals
  • Hashtag tools for Instagram Analytics
  • Exporting a data dashboard to a PDF so you can send reports, we’ve seen this work on our test servers and it’s very, very cool.

Features Further Down the Road…

  • Always more integrations with more apps
  • Speaking of more integrations, we’ll be helping get outside developers developing dashboards of their own with our internal tools
  • Ability to have an ADMIN user manage multiple users for agencies and larger teams
  • The ability for you to build your own custom insights for your data dashboard!

Customer Success

Alf, our VP of Customer Success was tasked with documenting our user’s journey and all of the touch points we already do as well as all of the ones we need to add and change. When it’s in a nifty data visualization it’s so much more clear where there are opportunities and improvements to be made. He’ll be working closely with Jenny to refine it and start acting on all of the things to make the customer experience the best it can be.

Bring on the Traffic!

Traffic was a bit flat this week due to just 2 blogs and referral traffic down. It’s what you get when you don’t write content for two week. THAT won’t happen again :-).

Speaking of traffic, we’ve been working on a mammoth SEO project. What we do know here is that SEO is a journey, not a destination, that’s for sure. And since we have to deliver reporting on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for you, we need to do if for us too and traffic driven by SEO is a huge KPI for us to keep a close eye on. Thanks to SEMrush and Moz we’ll start to work on getting those search results and traffic to spike.

Mimi will be attending Constant Contact’s OneCon next week, it’s where Constant Contact Solution Providers and Formula 1 Austin TXAuthorized Local Experts from all over the world are invited to network and learn from each other, Constant Contact executives, and small business experts. Seems like a cool networking thang.

What was I thinking? The two days I planned for a company offsite in Austin (where half of our amazing team resides) is the day after Formula 1, Austin weekend! Way to go, John!

Ok, more next week. Don’t forget to watch out for this week’s Startup Lessons Learned. Should be “Don’t book a meeting in Austin the day after F1” LOL.