New Features Offered by Dasheroo Email Marketing Partners

At Dasheroo, we take great pride in the fact that our dashboards integrate with many of the top email marketing platforms.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to email marketing or have been relying on this strategy for many years, there’s always room for growth.

In this post, you’ll see the newest features offered by Dasheroo’s top email marketing partners. Let’s get started!

Constant ContactVideo: what's new with Constant Contact email marketing

Last month, the Constant Contact team shared a blog post about a few recent changes and additions.

If you don’t have time to watch the video about the newest features, here’s a few to get excited about:

  • Next-Generation Editor
  • Advanced reporting features
  • New PDF Importer

Thanks to new features like these, it’s easy to see why Constant Contact remains a major player in the email marketing space.

Get your free Dasheroo dashboard for Constant Contact!


For many years, AWeber has been a top choice of internet marketing professionals and small business owners. There’s many reasons for this, including the fact that the platform is always updated with advanced features.

Most recently, the company announced two new features:Aweber feature: tags for email marketing

  • The ability to use tags to trigger multiple campaigns (more here) – What’s great about this is that if you want to target a group of people on your list you can use tags, you no longer need to spin up a new list every time you need to deliver a new series.
  • An update to the Broadcast Archive feature (more here)

These features, among others, have been rolled out this summer. And if you know anything about AWeber, you know its next announcement will be coming soon.

Get your free Dasheroo dashboard for AWeber! 

Campaign MonitorVidoe: Campaign Monitor Marketing Automation Email Marketing

Overlooked by some, provider for small businesses, in fact we use them from time to time here at Dasheroo.

You can review all of its features here, including those that have been recently added to the platform.

Recently, they released a few marketing automation tools for its users it’s pretty slick. Check out the video.

Campaign Monitor also introduced its new App Store with more than 200 partner apps and integrations.

Get your free Dasheroo dashboard for Campaign Monitor!

VerticalResponseVerticalResponse Pro feature - email marketing

For email and social media marketing, VerticalResponse is hard to beat. Not only is the platform simple to use, regardless of experience, its feature list is always growing.

They just introduced its Pro+ features. With this full service approach to email marketing, users can take advantage of many benefits:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Generate top notch results

If you don’t have the time, experience, or desire to manage your own email and social media marketing campaigns, Pro+ is an option to consider.

Get your free Dasheroo dashboard for VerticalResponse.

Remember, no matter which one of these email marketing providers you choose, you can bring your data into your Dasheroo dashboard, free!

Track Our Startup: Up Next? Google Sheets & Quickbooks Online

social media examiner article: track KPIs in a dashboardThanks to a HUGE mention in a Social Media Examiner article entitled: How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard, we got hundreds of users, a ton of quality leads (Mimi had 8 demos yesterday!) and we’re half way to our new customer goal and it’s only the 10th. Thanks Brandon Olson! He’s the Content Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of our email marketing partners.

UP Next?

Josh and Nivi have been working with James and our developers closely to gear up for our next release which will probably include a bunch of Google Sheets improvements. This will be great to add more metrics to a Google Dashboard along with Google Analytics KPIs and Google Adwords KPIs. We’re also working on a whole new integration with … Quickbooks Online! More on that as we finish up development but it’s going to be cool, very cool.

After that one of our most requested integrations will be released and that’s Active Campaign. For those of you who don’t know them they’ve got a killer marketing automation product which includes email marketing and CRM.


Nivi is going to spent this week looking at the Microsoft Excel API. Even though we’re huge Google Sheets users, there’s a ton of you who still heavily use Microsoft. Sigh.

Austin Food Truck: Muy Delicious

There’s Chef Rabin of Muy Delicious!

Austin Food Truck!!

Our own Director of Sales Mimi and her husband have opened up an awesome FOOD TRUCK in Austin called Muy Delicious and boy does it live up to its name. Food trucks are popular there, all kinds of amazing chefs have opened them. What to eat? The Giddy Up’s Burger is to die for, the chicken Rich Ranch Tacos are amazing and My Butler’s Boneless Chicken Wings are a must-eat. If you’re in Austin on Manchaca Rd., you need to stop.

Bye for now!

Social Media Examiner: Monitor KPIs In a Single Dashboard!

Social Media Examiner: Set Up a Single Dashboard to track KPIsWe just got HUGE ink in a great article from Social Media Examiner and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s all about tracking KPIs from a single spot. It’s an awesome read: How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard.

Writer Brandon Olson who is the Content Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of the world’s leading email marketing providers, walks you through how to choose the right tool for your business (so yes our competition is in there, we like them!) how to connect Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn social media KPIs.

And it’s not a surprise Brandon also talks about how to tie in Google Analytics KPIs as well as an email marketing dashboard.

Also check out his other Social Media Examiner article: How to Generate Leads With Social Media Quizzes

Track Our Startup: New Dashboards Release

Dasheroo's Infusionsoft CRM dashboards: Contacts

Have you seen our Infusionsoft dashboards?

As you know we just released Infusionsoft CRM dashboards but we can’t stand still! Our team has been busy on adding new insights and metrics to current insights. So without further adieu:

Email Marketing Enhancements

Google Analytics 

  • Added goal completions to Goals by source/medium
  • Added goal completions to Goals by source
  • Added goal completions to Goals by medium

New Infusionsoft Insight

  • Goal Completions: A trending line insight that shows the number of goal completions for a chosen goal within a specific campaign for the given time period.

What’s Next?

Our team is going nuts on releases. In the hopper we’ve got our push API where any developer can push data into our dashboards because a business needs better data visualization. Hubspot dashboards, Google Apps Marketplace integration, Sendgrid integration are all on the way since we’ve gotten a lot of requests from users for this.

We’re working on error messaging which sounds kinda ho-hum, but it’s not. Setting expectations that an error will fix itself is important and would save a user from a) being annoyed and 2) wasting their valuable time contacting us.

Stuff to article - 21 blogs to read guaranteed to get you more customers

Janine wrote this killer article for  21 Blogs to Subscribe to in 2016 Guaranteed to Get You New Customers. It’s a great list to have around. She also wrote The Chief is Laid Up With an Illness, Is Your Business Prepared?

What Else?

We continue working on our 5-year revenue model which is a bear of a project but we’re close. Our team is looking closely at a new pricing model to come fast and furiously, especially as we’re in dev with a ton of new features so stay tuned! Back to my spreadsheets!

Track Our Startup! Release: Pinterest Analytics & More Google Campaigns

We got Pinterest out into the wild, so if you’re an avid pinner for your business you’re going to love the Pinterest analytics we’re giving you to track on your dashboard. Check out all that we’re offering here! Along with Pinterest we were able to also release a bunch o’ awesome stuff:

New Email Marketing Dashboard InsightsDasheroo email marketing subscriber dashboard

Now you can track email subscriber growth for each list in your account for: Campaign Monitor, VerticalResponse, AWeber, Emma, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Get Response.

New Google Analytics Campaign Insights

We dove back into Google Analytics and created a few more insights for Campaigns that users were asking for.

  • Top Keywords by Sessions Leaderboard – Bar charts tracks the different organic keywords and the revenue that these keywords brought in.
  • Top Campaigns by Sessions Leaderboard – Bar chart tracks your Google Analytics Campaigns by Sessions.
  • Top Keyword by Revenue Leaderboard – Bar chart that tracks the different organic keywords and the revenue that these keywords brought in.

We also fixed a few bugs that hopefully you didn’t see so I won’t list them!

What else is going on? Isn’t that enough? No.

So we’re in Austin today. So far the co-founders got together for the first part of the Mind Meld yesterdayRepublic of the Sandwich in Austin, today the whole team is together. We’re going to share a bunch of data with the team, then go out and have some fun in this amazing city. Watch out Austin, I’ll post some pix to Instagram. Love this town. Oh, Uchiko, here we come, that’s right, land-locked sushi, but it’s the best ever!

One more thing we’re pretty excited about on the food train, James went to school with the Thomas who started Republic of the Sandwich in Austin, yep, we got takeout. If you’re in Austin it’s awesome, check them out!

Janine wrote some killer articles for this week, Want to Get to SEO Perfection? It’s Time to Revisit Your Keywords! and Stop Wasting Time–5 Important Tasks To Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

We got amazing mentions in Bill Brelsford’s blog for his marketing consultancy Rebar Business Builders entitled Getting The Most Out of Your Dashboard and we’re pretty stoked about it. He’s a great person who knows more than a thing or two about helping business grow by analyzing business analytics. Thanks Bill!

Ok, time to get back to the meeting! – John

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo Invited to the LAUNCH Scale Demo Pit!

We Launch Logowere so excited and proud that Dasheroo was nominated to host a demo table at LAUNCH Scale  as a Top 100 company most likely to scale! Holy Moly! We’re even happier to be invited to the Top 100 Demo Pit!! If you’re in San Francisco today or Wednesday (sorry for the short notice!) you should go to this event! Stop by and say hi to Josh or Alf.

Back to Scaling…

We are ready for Q4 I tell ya. We’re tracking our numbers for the early part of Q4 and it’s looking good as far as website visits, converted leads and new customers finding value in what we provide (i.e. paying us!) Onward and upward as they say.

New Stuff We’re Working On…

We’ve been working on a few new integrations like Pinterest. It’s not been easy and it’s our #1 requested integration but they recently opened up their API to give us data for your Pinterest analytics. So they’re up next!

For Pinterest you’ll be able to track business metrics like:

  • Total number of boards
  • Total number of pins
  • Total number of followers
  • Total number of re-pins
  • Total number of comments
  • Total number of favorites
We’re also working on dashboard insight for Pinterest Reach,  Engagement, New Followers, Engagement Rate, Engagement Rate by Boards, Boards Leaderboard, Highest Engagement Pins and Popular Pin Types. Whew!
We’ve been revisiting current integrations we have and adding additional insights for you to include on your data dashboard.

For all email marketing providers like VerticalResponse, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Emma, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and Get Response you’ll now be able to track growth broken out by each subscriber list.

Alerts (we had to put this feature on hold for a bit but it’s back!) –  You’ll soon be able to set an alert when a threshold is met on a KPI you track in your dashboard. For instance if you want to know the minute you hit 100 Likes on a given day on your Facebook page you’ll get an email!

We continue to work on our Partner program administrative functionality which we’d like to release soon. So if you’re an agency or you manage a larger team of people and you need controls over who sees what data, we’ve got you covered.

Our co-founder James developed the coolest way to export your data into a PDF. He’s calling it Drone and soon we’re gong to release it to all of our users and he’s going to release it as an open source application to the developer community. We’re pretty happy about that for many, many, many reasons!

Now back to work and back to LAUNCH Scale!

Track Our Startup: AWeber Business Dashboards Launched!

We had a pretty productive week here at Dasheroo. We wrapped up our time sensitive ’20 Years Free Grande Plan’ offer yesterday and wrote a blog post about our experience. We also had a brand spanking new business dashboard release, check it out:

AWeber Business Dashboard from DasherooRelease!

We launched AWeber business dashboards. You’ll be able to see:

  • Recently sent emails: A list of the most recent with the quantity sent, # opens, # clicks, # bounces and # unsubscribes, handy!
  • List health: view your subscriber growth over time
  • Engagement: track your trending open and click rates by day based on the last 30 emails you’ve sent.
  • Bounces and unsubscribes: track your trending bounce and unsubscribe rates by day based on the last 30 emails you’ve sent.


One week closer to releasing billing. It’s a nasty (but great!) project and we need to make sure we nail it right from the get-go. Great job to Andrew and Josh for relentlessly working this through.

Back Office

We had a great board meeting, they happen monthly and we love it. It keeps us all on our toes and there is no room for any surprises.

Don’t know if you heard but Ducksboard, a viable competitor who was acquired by New Relic, closed their doors last week, We have a nice home for you Ducksboard users, a very nice cozy new nest.

We’re getting ready for 3 new hires in a week and there’s computers to be set up, payroll & insurance to be done and a lot of work getting these awesome folks up to speed. Someone’s gotta do it, thanks James for keeping the computer wheels on the bus.


We’ve got two more very cool videos, using custom date ranges with your dashboards and uncovering Insight and metric details – what does what you’re looking at mean and what should you do about it? All answered here. Thanks Alf!

Video image for Dasheroo's custom date ranges
Video image for Dasheroo's Insight & Metric Details.


Dasheroo's "give feedback" link.We were kindly included in this great article from Hiveage:  Why You Need an Analytics Dashboard for Your Business by Kristi Hines, who writes some pretty killer marketing content for a ton of businesses.

We’re also putting together a marketing plan to get us to 30,000 users by the end of the year. Impossible? No, and you can help. We don’t want to pay a bunch of money for advertising, we’d rather build a killer product that you all love and want to tell your friends about. So your feedback is super important to us and telling your friends is too. Can we get a handshake on that? Click on Help > Give Feedback in your Dasheroo account. And while you’re at it, we’d appreciate a kind Tweet or Facebook post!

Track Our Startup: Notes From Our Offsite, AWeber Business Dashboards on Deck

Team Dasheroo all got together at Chez Hingley for an one-day all-hands meeting. We fit in our living room! James, Court and Andrew came in from our Austin office and Josh and Alf came all the way in from the East Bay.  It was awesome, we went through all of the great things we’re doing, prioritized what we need to do for an awesome customer experience and nailed an amazing dinner at Don Pisto’s here in San Francisco.

Team Dasheroo offsite!

James, Andrew, Court, Josh, Alf, Josh & James (again camera hogs), John!

We attended an event hosted by our lovely VC partners Cloud Apps Capital in The Battery. Guys that swank party was off the hook! Great to meet our “family” GoFormz and Insightly. Great to catch up with old Salesforce and Zuora buds as well.


New hire started this week…Mimi Daigle, welcome aboard! Mimi hails from Austin (that’s our 4th in that great city!) and is our Director of Sales. She will be scouring the earth to find the excited people that find so much incredible value in what we provide they want to pay us.

We’ve also hired 3 other amazing folks, their names soon to be announced. We’re officially up to 10 people!

Coming Up This week

Our upcoming release is scheduled! We are shooting for this week and it’s drum roll please…AWeber!! Eventbrite business dashboards is on the heels of it but we’re not sure we can get both out.

We’re still on the billing train, getting closer every day. We’re knee deep in figuring out our sales tax issue and our UI and user experience paths.

Oh, make sure you get your buds on the VIP list before June 15 so they can get the Grande Plan free for 20 years, it’s a savings of $6k, no lie.

Board meeting with Cloud Apps is this week. We’ll also be announcing a few fantastic board advisors in the next few weeks that we’re pretty excited about.

More VideosDasheroo video: Google Sheets dashboards

Alf is at it again with a blockbuster of a video, Getting Started with Google Sheets!! Get your popcorn out this one is a doozy, but it had to be because that’s what Google Sheets are. We’ve got a ton of ways to use Dasheroo to spit out some fine-looking charts and graphs so get cozy.


Alf is traveling to New York, John will be in the Caribbean, Josh is traveling to So Cal. Whew! Guys, send HQ some pix we’ll include them in next week’s post.

Track Our Startup: New Release + Nice Conversion Rates

We did another release, & we’re still on track to release every two weeks. From James in a Slack conversation: “Fun side note: We are averaging a milestone release every 2 weeks in 2015 so far.  That is not a small feat; keep up the awesome work everybody :-)”

Release Summary:

  • Sync new signups to Salesforce automatically – John was inputting each new user into Salesforce one by one, not scalable so the team really helped him out.
  • Mobile dashboard endpoints (consumed by iOS app)
  • Re-implementation of Mixpanel funnel events – This is going to enable us to really learn how people use our application and put things on the screen in the proper order.
  • Handful of bug fixes and UI blemish fixing!

Great job guys!

Next Up?

For your business dashboards pleasure we are working on:

  • Billing – We’re getting closer to releasing our billing system. We do have to charge some people something at some point to stick around for ya. That reminds me, if you don’t have your Dasheroo account you should get yours before June 15 and you’ll get the Grande plan free for 20 years. Tell your friends!
  • AWeber dashboards (aren’t we done with most email marketing apps yet?) – Getting these released in the next few weeks.
  • Eventbrite dashboards – We’re working on these next, they should be on “staging” very soon.
  • Goals and Alerts! – We’re working on a way for you to set goals in your insights so that when you hit one you get an alert, pretty nifty huh?

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.36.21 AM

Conversion Rates

For those of you who are geeky about conversion rates, from the point where people visit our website to the point they sign up for a Dasheroo account we get a whopping 20% conversion rate, that’s a hugely nice number for us.

Oh, btw, we use our Google Sheets dashboard to give us this data.


We continue to grow. We had a great interview with a salesperson who we really like. We also had some great conversations with a few engineers too.

We’re having our Onsite meeting today. Yep, Team Dasheroo all in one place. It’s been about 3 months or so since we all saw each other, so it should be a ton of fun not to mention doubling the amount of people in our living room! We’ll take some pix and share on Instagram.

More videos: Customizing Your Dashboard, and Commenting and Collaboration with Dasheroo.

By the way, we rely on Google Hangouts as our communications tool since we’re distributed all over the place. Either Google Hangouts suck, or Comcast, or both. We can’t tell! Let’s blame it on Comcast 🙂

Track Our Startup: Hiring, Billing & Videos, Oh My!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for team Dasheroo! After we released Campaign Monitor for your business dashboards last week we started work on our next integration with AWeber for email marketing (we’ve almost got the email marketing-sphere covered!)

Small Business Computing LogoWe got a HUGE review from Small Business Computing; Dasheroo Delivers Insight into Critical Business Metrics. What a great review we got. Thank you Jamie Bsales for a great and very thorough write up!

John is chairing a judging committee for the American Business Awards. It’s pretty cool. He’s got Kim Stiglitz from Campaign Monitor and Connie Sung Moyle from Hearsay Social recruited to be on the judging committee as well. Thanks guys, should be fun. Next year we’ll be nominated!

We attended Market New York and boy did we hear from a ton of businesses. Business owners want easy access to data, agencies want an easy way to manage their client’s data and business owners don’t know where to start with accessing data from the applications they use! Yay! Immediate feedback? People thought we were creating mobile apps. So we learned to tailor our message and we need to re-tool our messaging a bit.OzBargain site image with Dasheroo on it!

Someone put us up on an online shopping site in Australia called OzBargain and BAM got a ton of sign ups instantly. You Aussies are connecting insights like crazy so thank you for that!

John kicked off his “Startup Stories” weekly blog posting. Will be good because it’s pretty raw and transparent, like you all like it!


James and team have been busy interviewing candidates for our engineering position. Josh hired a wonderful person for our Sr. Product Manager position who starts in a few weeks, we’re pretty stoked!


We are diligently working on our iOS app so you can easily view your business dashboards on your iPhone. It’s in Apple’s hands now as we just wait. As soon as we know anything you’ll be the first.


Josh, Andrew and James are knee-deep in developing our billing platform. We need this for a number of reasons; we need to stay in business and we need to pay anyone who wants to resell Dasheroo. We think it’s at least a 6 week project so tell your friends about Dasheroo, for the next 6 weeks they’ll get the Grande plan free for 20 years!Dasheroo video: sharing your dashboards


Alf is working on a bunch of videos for how to use different features of Dasheroo. We’ll post them on the blog, on our YouTube Channel and on the site. We’ve already got “Getting Started with Dasheroo” and “Sharing Your Dasheroo Dashboard“.

We’re prepping for our 3rd China Hill “onsite”. Why do we call it an onsite? We don’t technically have an HQ, our only office is in Austin at TechRanch where James, Andrew and Court are jamming. John lives between Nob Hill and Chinatown in SF and he’s trying to rename that zip code. Good luck Johnny, it worked for the Tender Nob.