Startup Lessons Learned: Want feedback? Just ask!

We’re big fans of survey tools like SurveyMonkey as well as in-app NPS tools like Wootric. They are great ways to get intel to help improve the user experience. But our co-founder and VP Customer Success wanted more! Similar to the email that is sent upon initial signup, asking users where they heard of us, So he created a short & sweet text only email asking 2 simple questions:

Here's Alf's simple & straightforward email

Here’s Alf’s simple & straightforward email

About 1/2 the folks reply directly to the email and the rest click on the link, which pops this pre-formed email:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.34.17 AM

We get about a 4% response to this campaign, which is sent to users about 3 weeks after they sign up. They’ve had enough time to poke around, set up a dashboard or two and see what’s good and not so good. And this feedback is free and awesome! Sure it’s helpful to know what people appreciate but it’s way more valuable for us to know what’s missing for them. And in our case, we had a ton of common criticism about our original Google Sheets integration, specifically about the data set limitations. Here’s an actual email response:

Dasheroo Google Sheets feedback

Who knows, maybe we wouldn’t have thought to pose that question in a survey. We may not have ever found out that someone had an issue with Dasheroo and Google Sheets. But open-ended feedback rules! We’ll continue to build out these campaigns for additional steps in the customer journey to make sure we’re providing the best value and experience possible. What are your procedures and practices for doing the same, let’s learn from each other!

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