Startup Lessons Learned: Take a Weekend Off!

As startup types, we all tend to work pretty damn hard. And we need to, no matter how productive we are, there’s always more important stuff to get done. And I’m my own worst enemy, I support my folks in work/life balance but don’t ascribe to that too much myself. I’m lucky I guess that my wife (Janine our CMO) is the same way AND we don’t have kids. But that can lead to serious burn out and really a lack of focus that can sneak up on you. So last Friday afternoon, I just said “F it, I’m gonna shut down, have a glass of wine and chill.”Dasheroo tomatoes!

That extended into a full weekend of nothing but a quick check of Dasheroo email a couple times a day. So what’d I do with all this free time? Breathed! And gardened. Janine and I visited the best gardening store in San Francisco, Flora Grubb  and picked up some lavender, succulents, a ton of herbs and even some tomatoes (we were told they may not be able to grow on an SF patio, BOB:-). We spent the afternoon potting and planting. It was relaxing, therapeutic AND productive. But personally productive! By the end of the weekend our little deck was tricked out complete with a drip system.

The cool thing was the project actually had a clear beginning and completion with the installation of the drip system. Oftentimes in tech the ‘end’ never seems to come.

When Monday rolled around, I was more refreshed than usual, and very energized to dive back into all the cool stuff we need to do for Dasheroo.

This weekend? Well, we’re busy cranking out cool stuff for our users so I’ll be back on the Dasheroo weekend shift, but for sure taking some quality time to go out on the deck and tinker in our garden. On this Friday, consider winding down a bit early and putting some time into doing nothing, or doing something non-work related. And let me know how you feel Monday!

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