Startup Lessons Learned: Park Your Ego For The Success of Your Business

I caught up with an old friend of mine the other day, he’s the chef of a restaurant here in SF. He seemed pretty stressed and told Check Your Business Egome about a big issue he was having with his business partner.

My buddy Brad had recently hired a new sous chef against the wishes of this guy (who doesn’t know much about the restaurant biz.) The partner had a long time friend he wanted to put in that position, but Brad just didn’t get a good feeling when they met, and he had what he thought was a great person for the role.

The discussions got pretty heated, actually almost to the point of a split. Brad was supposed to have operational control of anything in the kitchen, so he made the move against his partner’s wishes.

At that point the partner threatened to back out, shut down the whole place. He was so incensed and couldn’t rationalize or accept that Brad knew what he was doing. Brad knew how to operate a restaurant let alone a kitchen, he’d done so successfully before, more than once.

Brad seemed to have made the right choice – recent Yelp reviews were very positive, the kitchen seemed to be operating smoothly and the new guy was also good at controlling food costs. But the owner just couldn’t handle the fact that Brad was in the right, knew what he was doing and knew more than him about the business.

So now, the partner IS backing out, leaving Brad to find new investors or shut down his restaurant. All because he let his own ego get in the way of something that really could have been successful.

My lesson learned? NEVER let ego get in the way of success!

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