Startup Lessons Learned: A Nurture Marketing Campaign

Do you have the need for a marketing campaign that nurtures people to a final sale over time? If you’re like Slack and you’re driving usage and getting them to pay you might not have to! But for all the non-Slackers out there, you should; whether to convert self-serve sales or to drive leads and demos for your sales team.

Here at Dasheroo we think we do a pretty decent job, and our growing auto-convert conversion rates and Monthly New Recurring Revenue from our sales team attests to that.

And I’ve learned over the years, that even though the times may change that 9 times outta 10 the timing of and a clear value proposition in marketing pipeline emails move the needle. But lately I’ve been seeing lots of ‘cutesy’ pipeline emails like this one:

Example of nurture marketing campaign

What do you think of these ‘cute’ marketing pipeline emails?

Cute? Sure. Loaded with personality? I guess. Clear WTF they do? Hell no!

That email really annoyed me. It’s an opportunity lost. I’m actually OK with the casual, semi-conversational tone, but please…I’m busy so cut to the chase.

Maybe these get an initial bump in open rates, but after the first one most people catch on and just trash these.

What’s your opinion on the format of this particular marketing campaign? And if any of you have done some A/B testing I’d love to know the results!

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