Startup Lessons Learned: Closing Your Feedback Loop

There’s about 10,000 cloud based business apps out there. So it’s near impossible to connect to each and every one of them to create business dashboards. So where to start? Well, here at Dasheroo bet on social media and that’s where we got a lot of traction and new users.

Then we moved onto email marketing, e-commerce, billing, marketing automation and more. Some of this strategy was based on our own experience, and some from our users who want to track KPIs from these applications.

We have a very active dialog with our users and ask at key points in their journey with us what ‘next’ app they’d like us to add to our Insight library:


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.25.18 AM

This is great input and we use it to help prioritize our integrations. But I think where we pay it off best is the simple text email communications Josh & Alf send when a requested application is added to our business dashboards:

Each person that requested the specific application receives an email letting them know we listened to them and delivered on it.

The lesson here is not asking for feedback we’ve covered that; it’s more in the targeted communication that closes the feedback loop on that item. Sure we could just include the news in our weekly email that goes to everyone, but this format really works and our folks seem to love it and it shows increased usage, conversion to paid plans and retention!

What are you doing to close your feedback loop?

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