Startup Lessons Learned: Always Be Testing

Glengarry Glen Ross is one of my fave movies, almost up there with Godfather 1 & 2. And Blake’s (Alec Baldwin) speech “Always be Closing” is a classic. A corollary to that awesome line is “Always Be Testing”. We test almost everything here at Dasheroo, looking to optimize all of our performance through the funnel.

We’re fortunate that we consistently get 9-10%+ sign up rates from our website. That’s pretty huge! A lot of folks would be super satisfied with that conversion rate and move on. But not Alf, our VP Customer Success & Janine, our CMO, they’re laser-focused on our KPIs.

They’d already done lots of signup form testing, but this time they wanted to test a completely new website, so I was all for it.

We decided on this one to go whole hog. Not testing little tiny bits like a button color or headline (we’d already done lots of that), but like I said a new site altogether. Then if we saw a decent testing variance in signup conversion rates, we could start to test out single factors.

Here’s the control above the fold homepage on the left, and the new much lighter weight site on the right:

Control on the left and the new site on the right

Control on the left and the new site on the right

So, any guesses?

The new site won. Not by a ton, but with a site already converting at 10%, we didn’t expect huge increases. Here’s our Optimizely results:

And the winner is...

And the winner is…

The new site improved our Users to New Signups conversion rate by 7.5% at a 81% confidence level. Sure we could have waited until it hit 100%, but we’ve been around the block enough times to feel confident in the outcome and we want to move the needle on our KPIs fast.

It’s important to note that although you always want a new winner, it won’t happen. And a losing test can mean you’re actually doing most things right. But…Always Be Testing!

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