Startup Lessons: How We Increased Our New Users Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool, first of all it’s free, but it can really help to get through data, if you know how to use it. It’s great at helping you get through web analytics data and give you insight as to what to make changes to to improve your KPIs.

Dasheroo enables you to have your own Google dashboard because we make deciphering your Google Analytics data easy and thanks to that we were able to track our web analytics using our own tool, make some necessary changes and watch our user-base soar!

Look At Most Visited Pages

If you see a page (other than your obvious home page) that is getting a lot of traffic you could be capitalizing on this. For instance at Dasheroo the page What’s a Good Twitter Engagement Rate for Your Tweets was getting a ton of traffic. We found that it was #1 for the search term “Twitter engagement rate”. Who knew?

Dasheroo Google Dashboard

Test a Change

Because our goal is to write content like this to get people to sign up for our free dashboards we decided to “pump up the volume” by adding some promotional copy to the blog post.

Dasheroo Google dashboard: popup

Secondarily we decided to insert a pop up the relates to the content with a clear call to action. We used Popup Maker, a WordPress plugin. They even let you target the content of the popup for the specific page!

Measure It

We took a deeper dive into Google Analytics to see if what we did had an effect. Bonus? You bet. We more than doubled our sign ups to 364 from a mere 144. For real?

Dasheroo Google Analytics dashboard increase in traffic

So between January and September we were getting 16 sign-ups per month.  From October to December we increased it to 73 sign-ups per month. 

Next Up?

Our traffic continues to grow as we keep publishing some great content, so we’ll be optimizing all of our content not only for SEO but for our call-to-actions as well. We’ll continue to watch all of our most trafficked pages using Google Analytics on our Dasheroo Google Dashboard to see how we can optimize them not only on our blog but on our website as well.

Are you using Google Analytics for all that it can do?

P.S. Get your free Google Dashboard to track and view data from Google Analytics, Google Sheets and Google Adwords.