Qwickbyte: Do You Know Your Google Pagerank?

Your website pages have a Google Pagerank (1-10, 10 being the highest or “Google’s Rank ”) which is an algorithm concocted by the Chief Googler’s a long time ago. Used to be that Google Pagerank was THE thing that ranked your page but now there are more than 200 ranking signals that blend to get you your rank. Inbound links also affect your Pagerank so you want inbound links but more importantly they should have a high PR and the content needs to be relevant to yours to have a + affect your Pagerank. One more thing, getting a pagerank from 2-3 is way easier than getting it from 6-7 so be patient.

To check your pagerank go here. It’s free.
To check your inbound links and their ranks, go here. It’s also free.

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