How To Create a Google Mobile Ad

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Our buds over at eMarketer say that mobile advertising spending is going to rise by 75% in the coming year! Holy cow! What does that mean for you? You need to be a part of that mix and Google and Facebook are on the forefront of the spending growth.

How to create your mobile ad from Google Adwords help:

Not sure if you’ve selected the “Mobile devices with full browsers” setting in Adwords so your ads can show on high-end mobile devices? Keep in mind that if you’re already using enhanced campaigns, your ads will be eligible to run across all devices.

Here’s how to check the device settings in your account:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Go to your Campaigns page and select the campaign where you want to have mobile ads.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. In the Networks and devices section, click Edit next to Devices.
  5. Select Let me choose…
  6. Make sure that Mobile devices with full browsers is checked.
  7. Click Save if you’ve made any changes.

Now you’ve got a mobile ad for Google. And if you’ve got a mix of mobile ads and regular ads, as far as we can tell mobile ads will automatically render if the reader is on a mobile device. One more thing, of course if mobile ads are on the rise so is there cost, check out this Forbes article.

How to Get Your CRM Sh*t Together

Customers make your business successful and you always want more of ‘em. Where do you get them? They’re probably sitting under your nose man!  Where to start? Take 30 minutes each day for ONE WEEK and do the following whether you’re just starting out or you’re a 10 year old company.

Day 1. Download ALL of your contacts from your email client. (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

Day 2. Collect all the business cards you’ve received over the years and put them in a spreadsheet (forget the address even! Input name, title, company, email and phone.)

Day 3. Download all of the people that may have purchased something you sold from your e-commerce system.

Day 4. EVERYONE IN THE POOL! Ok a spreadsheet works. Have one column for how you know them (i.e. purchased, tradeshow, BFF, Gmail, Family, etc.)

Day 5. VERY IMPORTANT – Flag “Influencers.” These are people who are gonna amplify your message to their friends and followers (they have a lot of them).

Day 6. Upload them into your contact manager or CRM provider so they’re in one freakin’ place. (Zoho, Insightly, Act!, Salesforce)

Day 7. Send them an email. Use an email marketing provider like Mailchimp or VerticalResponse so you can get any bounced email (you’ll have a bunch if you haven’t reached out in a while, don’t get discouraged. People move jobs, change email addresses!). Make sure you do a special email to your “influencers.”

Do this every month so it’s not so daunting. Then you’ll have one list of people who might just buy from ya because they can now see your sh*t.

Qwickbyte: How to Increase The Number of Webpages People Visit

Let’s talk visitors. They come your site every day but what do you know about them? Do you know how many pages on average they visit? If you’ve got Google Analytics the dashboard will tell you!

Especially if you’re an online retailer you definitely want to increase that metric. Your customers should be exposed to multiple products to increase your Average Order Size.

  • Somewhere on the page where you display a product or a service, feature a complimentary product or service.
  • Test inserting a modal window with a complimentary product as visitors check out.
  • On the page after they check out, test offering a product with a discount to get them back in!

 It gets your visitors looking at more of your products.

Qwickbyte: What is Facebook Reach and is it Important?

Facebook “Reach” is simple; it’s the number of unique people who have the ability see your post. While “likes” are important, you won’t get ‘em if people don’t see your posts. So, your Facebook reach is calculated by the number of your “likers” who see your post PLUS if they like, comment or share your post it’s the number of THEIR friends and followers who could see your post.

Bottom line? Post interesting sh*t so people will interact with your post and multiply your reach.

How Cheap Can it be To Start A Tech Company?

It’s amazing how affordable it can be to develop and support your new application in a world class way. Here’s how our brand-spakin’ new company Dasheroo (affordable, scalable and powerful business dashboards no matter your business size) is starting out!

We just completed the pro-forma budget for Dasheroo, and compared to what it would have cost even a few years ago, it’s amazing! A big shout-out to you, Cloud and SaaS! Buying and scaling your own servers & hardware? Nope, at least not in the foreseeable future, thanks to Amazon EC2. Time-consuming programming to develop web apps and make them mobile-friendly? Not with Bootstrap (yes, it’ll be free).  And then all the affordable business apps we’re using, or planning to when the time is right:

  • Agile product development tracking – Pivotal Tracker, $18/month

  • Front-end mobile friendly web development – Bootstrap, Free

  • Code hosting & collaboration – Github, $25/month

  • Product wireframes – Balsamiq, $12/month

  • CRM – Zoho or Insightly, Free to $12/month

  • Support – Zendesk or Zoho, Free to $25/month

  • Team Collaboration – Basecamp, $8/month

  • Billing – PaySimple or Braintree, no minimums! From 2.3% + $0.29 per transaction to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. (Note: make sure you really dig into revenue recognition capabilities before deciding!)

  • Google Apps – $5/month per user

  • Accounting – Kashoo, $20 per month

  • Payroll – ZenPayroll, $65/mo for less than 10 employees

  • Blog – WordPress, $10/month

  • Social – Twitter, Facebook, and well, you know use the ones most pertinent to your biz., Free + advertising costs

That’s less than a couple hundy per month. Plus, all of the above business apps have a free trial option, and many also have a free ‘starter’ plan for limited usage, so you can scale them as your business grows.

So at least big up-front costs don’t stand between you and your dream. There’ll plenty of other challenges for you to slay! That’ll be the model for Dasheroo too – affordable, scalable and powerful business dashboards no matter your business size!

Dasheroo – We Launched Our Business Dashboard Startup!

We’re so excited about our new company we’ve gotta tell you all of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff we’ve been working on. We want to get a young version of our product out the door fast with a short list of “Insights” you can put on a business dashboard. We’re using the name “Insight” instead of “Widget” because what we’re providing gives you real insight, we’re not a cog in a wheel.


Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 12.28.17 PM

We have a new logo, and we’re loving the colors and design! Do you? Feels professional, yet still approachable and friendly, the way you should look at your data and business dashboards. (Data is your friend:)

We launched a new blog where we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening and give you daily ideas (Qwickbytes) to help you manage all of the data you have access to.

Not so obvious…

Our amazing team got us our first Insight going. It’s going to be a very cool way you can easily connect an email marketing account you have in Mailchimp and tell you what’s going on in there. The geeky side of us? We also killed it with developing a data model so that we can give you Insights in a snap. On top of it we found some nifty charting software so that what you’ll look at day-to-day makes sense and is easy on the eyes.

We had great conversations with some potential investors. Right now we’re in bootstrap mode which is super fun, but it would be nice to get a real paycheck someday 🙂 Everyone we talk to is really excited about what we have to offer with our background and the team we’ve got so stay tuned. 

Next? More posts coming your way, Facebook and Twitter pages, our next Insight. Stay tuned.

Qwickbyte: Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Company Page

Take just 30 minutes TODAY and step on over and check out your LinkedIn company page. Make sure your page info is filled out. If you don’t have a LinkedIn company page go here. Why do this? You want to be high on the list when someone searches a company in Google. Your  LinkedIn company page needs to appear high in those rankings. Just make sure you got your info there, be like GitHub.