New: The Ultimate Mobile Dashboard Made Possible By Salesforce Lightning

We’re very excited about this release of our Dasheroo Salesforce Lightning component. Why? Because now you can view all of Dasheroo's Salesforce Lightning componentyour Dasheroo dashboards right within your Salesforce mobile account, free (for now anyway!)

You’ll now be able to track your KPIs for salesforce analytics, web analytics, email marketing, social media and marketing, in a great-looking free business dashboard in your mobile Salesforce CRM account!

A Real Time-Saver!

Logging into all your various apps, especially on a mobile device can be time consuming and a pain. And since Dasheroo dashboards are read-only, no fat-finger mistakes to be made! With the Dasheroo Salesforce Lightning component, you’re never more than a tap away from the pulse of your business. 

Install the Dasheroo Salesforce Lightning component into your org today – Here’s how:

1. Sign up for your free Dasheroo account, you’ll need it to get started.
2.Simply install the Dasheroo component into your org and you’re there!

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