New Release! Infusionsoft CRM Analytics

This is by far our largest single integration with an app EVER! Bonus? We got help from the fine folks over at Infusionsoft to help with all of the KPIs we really need to be showing you in your Infusionsoft dashboard.

Infusionsoft OverviewDasheroo's Infustionsoft CRM: overview dashboard

The overview insight for Infusionsoft acts as a mini dashboard giving you a quick overview of the different high level insights
from your Infusionsoft account. This insight includes the following metrics:

  • Total leads
  • New leads
  • # of leads converted
  • # of orders
  • Total Revenue
  • Refunds

EcommerceDasheroo's INfusionsoft CRM dashboard: Revenue

Ecommerce Overview – Trending insight of total sales, net sales and refunds are plotted in this insight. Total sales, net sales, refunds, average revenue/sale are displayed as metrics in the insight.

Revenue vs. Refund – A pie chart comparing the net revenue and refunds for the given time period.

Subscription Revenue – Trending insight of the revenue from subscription plans in the given time period. This includes total revenue and number of subscriptions as metrics.

Subscription Revenue by Plan – Plot the revenues from specific plans in the given period of time to show any trends . The total sales/revenue from each plan is plotted in this insight. Choose up to 5 plans and compare the revenue from those plans in this insight.

Best Revenue Days – In the given time period, the days with the most revenue are listed and ranked. This includes both product purchases as well as subscription revenue

Product Leaderboard – Best performing products in the given time frame. The products are ranked based on the revenue generated.This will not include any subscription plans. Only products.

SalesDasheroo's Infusionsoft CRM dashboard: Contacts

Lead Source Leaderboard – View a leaderboard insight that lists and ranks the different lead sources in the your account based on the number of opportunities associated with each lead source.

Contacts by Lead Source – Trending insight of contacts growth filtered by the lead source chosen. You can chose up to 5 lead sources and compare the growth of contacts that are tied to those sources.

Top Sales Rep by Revenue – A leaderboard insight listing all the sales representatives and ranking them in the order of total revenue.

Opportunity Pipeline Funnel – This is an overview report of the your opportunities and shows the revenue generated by opportunities in the different stages of the pipeline.

Opportunity Revenue Forecast – Trending insight of the number of opportunities and the forecasted revenue from opportunities in a given time period.

Opportunity Sales –  This is a trending insight of sales generated from opportunities. The line graph includes lines for total sales (revenue), total orders (number of orders), revenue from subscriptions.

Contacts by Tags –  Trending insight of contacts growth filtered by tags chosen. You can chose up to 5 tags and compare the growth of contacts that are tied to those contacts.

Opportunity By Sales Rep – A trending insight of the opportunities by selected sales representatives. You can compare the performance of the sales reps.

Opportunity Pipeline Timeline – The average number of days an opportunity stays in a particular stage. The insight is displayed as a bar graph showing each stage and the average number of days opportunities stay in that stage. The stage with the lowest average number of days is displayed as “fast moving pipeline stage” in the graph

Contacts Growth – This is a trending insight of the number of contacts in the user’s Infusionsoft account.

These awesome Infusionsoft CRM Analytics are available with the Dasheroo Grande ($19/month or Venti $49/month packages

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