New Release: Alerts for Your Dashboards!

We’ve beeDasheroo dashboards alerts featuren on a tear with feature releases for your Dasheroo dashboards release the first part of this year with Infusionsoft analytics, our Push API, our Zapier Integration with hundreds of apps to connect to and now Alerts.

An alert is simple; within a given day, if a metric you track reaches, goes above or below a certain threshold, you get an email. What is this good for? You might want to know…

  • If you’ve got an amazing day of website traffic, double what you would expect, or conversely you want to know if it dips too low.
  • When your Facebook Fans blow up.
  • When your revenue hits a given number.
  • When you hit your clicks in a given Facebook Ad campaign
  • When your Survey Monkey surveys hit a specific limit
  • When your Campaign Monitor open rate hits 20%

They can be found two ways: on the top of your dashboard you’ll see a new tile called ‘Alerts’.

Dasheroo dashboards alerts feature

Or within an insight’s “settings” menu you’ll see an alerts link.

Dasheroo dashboards alerts feature

Just a few examples of how Alerts are cool. You get one Alert with Dasheroo’s Tall package and more with the Grande and Venti packages.

Ok, that’s it for now, get on in there and play with ’em!

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